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Black Butler: Book of Madness

His Butler, Regretful


"But, Theo.." The man started.

"No! Don't call me that! Get out of my chambers, now!" I screamed, tears streaming down my pale face rapidly. I hear my bedroom door open and look up to see Salem standing in the doorway, clenching his fists and glaring at my client with anger and disgust.

"He said for you to leave, sir. I would implore you to obey his request," my butler said, calmly. I could tell he was holding himself back from tearing the human apart. Gerald laughed under his breath and grabbed ahold of me by my hair, making the sheet I was holding to cover myself slip out of my grasp as I gripped his hand to claw at it. As much as I clawed at his hand he didn't loosen his grip on my hair and just tightened his hold, making me gasp in pain. I looked at Salem and saw him smiling, allowing his sharp canines to peak out from his plump lips. His eyes had turned red, his scelara black and his pupils were now slits as he giggled eerily at the man holding me. I started shaking and closed my eyes. I knew he wouldn't want me to watch him showing his true self.

"Let go of him." Came his distorted voice. I cringed and closed my eyes tighter, trying to shrink in on myself the best I could in my current position. I felt the air thicken and the room go silent as I was dropped back onto my bed like a ragdoll. I covered my ears when the screams of anguish filled the room that had once been quiet. After a few moments I uncovered my ears and heard a thump. I felt a hand touch my naked shoulder and shrunk away from the cold flesh. The person sighed and I opened my eyes a fraction to see who it was. My green eyes met the almost clear blue eyes that had green vines woven in them and I sighed in relief. I leaned on Salem's chest and gripped his hips tightly. I felt him stroke my hair and hum a lullaby to sooth me.

"I'm sorry," I said. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry Salem. I'm so sorry..."

"Shhhh..." He cooed. "Rest now. I forgive you."

I wanted to stay awake and make sure he knew I loved him, but my eyes betrayed me and I drifted into a peaceful slumber filled with my caring butler.

'Oh Salem, I wish I could tell you how I feel...'

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