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It's been two years the murders have occurred.. Gwangju has been the quietest yet mysterious city... People disappearing without without a trace and no leads to finding them. Bodies and body parts found in lakes. Who would do such a thing? This story contains: Mentioning of killing, violence, abuse, and swearing. Please read at your own risk.

Fantasy / Romance
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{Mina's pov}
I had lived in Gwangju for 6 years and to me it was like home but to others it was a living nightmare.

I had just got home from a party at a club and I was completely wasted but not drunk enough to not realize that someone had been in my house.
My TV was turned on, my light was on and my bedroom was a mess. I panicked I didn't know what to do as for this has never even happened to me before.
But before I could even register anything that was happening something hard hit the side of my head causing me to fall to my bedroom floor unconscious, I then felt my body being dragged across my floor but I couldn't do anything.
10:05 A.M.
I had been out for quite a while but when I awoken I saw that I wasn't in my house anymore but in a dark place that seemed like a trunk of a car with my hands tied behind my back.
"SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!"
I screamed as I hoped someone would hear me but to my dear fate no one came but the car came to a halt as I smelled gasoline and tobacco with peppermint.
It was a guy that had abducted me.
When the car came to a stop, footsteps was heard approaching the car then I was thrown to the wet hard concrete ground.
"My my my you sure are a beautiful one aren't you?"
"And you're a creep!!!"
I yelled at the male as he chuckled, the sound resounding through his chest all the way up to his mouth.
"And you got attitude as well, I see."
The male said as he approached my body but I attempted to crawl away only to be dragged back by the male and stabbed once in the back.
I screamed out in pain as he just kept on stabbing me over and over again until I started spitting out blood, he was wearing a mask so I couldn't see who he was.
Then he took off his mask as my eyes widened in fear.
"Nice to see you too Mina." He said with a smirk on his face before bashing my face into the concrete killing me on impact.
{End of Mina's pov}
{Jungkook's pov}
I smirked as I killed her, she deserved it. She done all kinds of bad things, she was my ex but ex's aren't worth it so I murdered her with my own knife and I know I'm going to go to hell but I obviously don't care.
Once I had finished my job I walked off into the woods going to my next victim.
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