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The Girl and The Clown Boy


I am finally walking home from school, man school is soooo tiring. Oh yeah, I have to find that clown, I have a plate for him.He was somewhere around.............. there he is! I walked to the clown and he was still doing his performances as usual.I watched him for a little bit, he was good. I dropped some money and put down the plate. He looked at me with a confused expression, he probably wasn't used to people giving him food.
That's Yours, I said to the confused clown.
Oh, Ok, Thank You, your a beautiful girl y'know~
Stop it, I ain't all that special, I said while my face turned into a tomato.
What is your name?, he asked while glaring into my eyes.
Esther, I said.
The name is Feste~
I was then thinking about William Shakespeare's comedy "Twelfth Night", There was a fool named Feste. The boy in front of me was actually pretty handsome.
How old are you?, I ask
17 darling~
When he said darling, I was kinda used to it because my aunties used to always call me sweetie and stuff just so I could do chores for them. I just simply laughed and did what they wanted.
I am 16 actually, I said.
Well, I guess I will be seeing you later then Esther~
I was slowly walking away and waving. I was thinking on what he was saying "seeing you later". Eh, he might come by later or something, I don't mind. As I was walking home I went into an empty alley and I was alone. I had my pocket knife in my pocket and I had pants on, I make sure that everyday after school, I change into my pants, there are pedophiles around so yeah.
As I walked into the alley, I heard a scream from a girl, so I ran after the sound. I then saw some shadows from the distance, so I ran to those shadows. Then I saw some gangsters huddling over a girl about a year younger than me, and they looked at me.
What do you want, you stupid girl, said 1 of them.
I want you to let go of that girl right now, or something bad will come your way, I said in a serious tone.
Then one said, Oh, looks like somebody is gonna cry hahahahahaha.
Then, somebody ran after me attempting to punch me. I dodged and moved swiftly against them, I then hit a spot on there neck that made them fall, and I dodged another one. Then someones leg came towards my face and I was too slow, then got hit. I fell to the ground, and then The girl was getting picked to be taken, then I saw something fly in the air, A CARD!?
It hit one of the guys and blood was on the ground, then someone whispered in my ear, Everything's Fine Darling~, then I fainted from the dizziness in my head.
Everything turned pitch black
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