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(Fluff) helping you study


Short imagine of him (Yoongi) helping you study and some fluff content

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"I really missed you"

You had been studying non-stop for days now. Your finals were just around the corner and you were totally not ready for them.

Thankfully your boyfriend had been trying his best to help you though. He prepared pop quizzes for you and helped you with understanding the essentials of the chapters you had problems with since he majored in this two years before.

That was how you met, you found each other at a library while he was studying for his finals and you were still quite new.

The last few days you weren't really thanking him properly though, since you were quite stressed and easily irritable because you were really frustrated over a topic you just couldn't understand.

He handled that quite well, knowing how important these finals were to you. You insisted him to go out and spend some time with his friends and enjoy his own life instead of taking care of you all the time.

Upon your repetitive insisting, he gave up and went out with his friends. You already missed him.

You already realised how much he helped you, as well as how you never properly thanked him for all the times he brought you your fav drink and food, switched the light on when you needed it and how you fell asleep while studying but woke up in bed.

You felt bad about that. After gathering all your focus back to that one chapter and his notes he gave you, you started to slowly understand the basics of that topic.

When you looked at the clock, you realised that he should be back soon. So you cooked his fav food and set the mood for the movie, which he told you he wanted to watch just a while ago.

Actually you planned on watching it after your finals but you really needed to thank him now. After scrolling through social media for a while you heard him come in, so you went and hugged him

"welcome back! How was your day?"

You said happily while he was confused at your sudden change in behavior. Nevertheless he smiled out of amusement of finally getting attention from you again.

"My day was fine but i think someone missed me?"

He said teasingly.

"Yes, i did... I really missed you. Thank you for helping me so much recently"

He just smiled in response to that. Then he looked up confused and started slightly sniffling in the air.

"Is that...?"

"Let's go eat"

You interrupted him. He was starting to act really soft and goofy, which just showed how much he missed your presence.

You started watching the movie. Your head on his chest and his arm around your waist, you could feel each others body warmth and both of you felt really cozy and safe like that.

You could hear his heartbeat and it's rythmical sound did start to make you feel sleepier and sleepier.

That was until a little jump scare surprised you and you were wide awake again.

"you got scared?"

He said jokingly.

"Yeah... kinda..."

You said while giggling out of embarrassement as you scratched the back of your head.

Not long after, you kept yawning every minute for ten minutes straight. Gaining some looks from him after the 5th time.

"well... I think someone's tired"

He said sarcastically.


You said shyly, you suggested to watch it so you had to finish it. You couldn't just go to sleep when you initially asked to watch the movie.

"Let's go then"

He said while turning of the TV. You followed his every move with your eyes questioning why he's coming with you when his movie ain't even over. He noticed your confusion and said

"I am tired too anyway. Let's watch this movie again when you finished your finals. Just like we had originally planned."

His voice was so soothing and beautiful. It was audible how much he loved you, just by listening to his voice when he talks to you.

The whole night you slept in his embrace feeling loved and secure. He didn't need to say 'I love you' his actions showed enough.
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