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Thief (18+)


~SMUT~ do not read if you are not over 18 this book is mainly smut every chapter. there is major kink and rough scenes in this book, so please read at your own discretion if that is something that you are not into. currently editing this book ❣️ reader x namjoon reader x jungkook reader x jimin reader x yoongi reader x taehyung reader x jin reader x hobi reader x ot7 you can follow me on Instagram @ejtt95four I also post these updates on a03 under the username @ejtt954

Erotica / Romance
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You tripped and slightly stumbled towards the ground. “Fuck,“ you silently whispered to yourself. You thought of where you could go to stash the phone, to keep the game going. You glanced around quickly and put it behind a plant pot sitting on the floor. No sooner had you done that then did he come bolting around the corner. You laughed and started to try and regain your balance, but it didn’t take long for him to catch up with you and straddle your body as you were struggling to get up.

“Give it back. Please.” He smiled at you thinking he had won.

“Namjoon, I have no idea what you’re talking about. I don’t have anything.” You teased back. You shot him a playful grin and he tsked his tongue at you.

“Oh lying now, I see? You do realize I watched Jimin throw it to you. I know you have it.”

“Hmmm. You must have thought you saw something else. Now if you don’t mind moving so I can get up.”

And with that, he started moving his hands down towards your pockets, which were achingly close to your core. You began reaching down to try and stop him from searching you. He quickly grabbed the both of your wrists and pinned them above your head with one hand.

“Hey! Stop!” You laughed at him. “It’s not in my pockets, I swear!”

“Well that sounds like something someone would say who most definitely does have it in their pockets.” He retorted.

He brought his hand down and felt the outside of each front pocket. Not being satisfied, he reached into your right pocket first. You could feel his fingers moving around your upper, inner thigh, searching for something that was not there. But as he was doing this, you felt a familiar sensation erupt from deep inside of you. You felt your core tighten up with anticipation.

Y/n stop it. Nothing is happening. Relax. Once he realizes it’s not there, he’ll stop and you can excuse yourself to go use your vibrator.

You calmed your body with these thoughts, but it was getting more and more difficult to keep yourself from getting horny as he moved to your next pocket.

Fuck. That feels so good.

It felt as though he were teasing you, even though you knew he had different motives behind this frisk. Or did he? You slowly felt his fingers move about your pocket but suddenly he got unbearably close to your core. You let out a small gasp and he looked you right in the eye. His eyebrows raised and a slight smirk crept onto his face. You could feel his cock getting hard at your core.

“Hmmm. Seems it isn’t in your pockets.”

“I told you!” You said breathlessly back to him, ready for this to be over so you could go home.

He suddenly flipped you voer so you were laying on your stomach and he was now straddling right below your ass. Again, you felt his dick poking into you, threatening to slip inside of you were it not for the layers of clothing between the two of you. He pinned your hands behind you at the small of your back.

“Hey! What are you doing?! They’re not in my pockets, now let me go!” You said this half seriously half jokingly. You wanted this to stop but it was quite fun.

“Well I still see two pockets back here that need to be checked.” He said back to you. You could hear the smile in his voice.

He kept your hands pinned as his free hand slowly traced your ass. His fingers moved around until they settled on your first pocket. He ran his hand unbearably slow over the pocket until he was satisfied that nothing was there. Then, he did the same to the other pocket. The whole time you were wiggling around under his weight trying to break free.

Without warning, you felt the absence of his hand and then a harsh slap onto your ass.

“Fuck!” You shouted. “What was that for?”

“Stop squirming. You’re making this incredibly difficult to make sure I am thoroughly checking.” Again, you could hear the hint of a smile in his voice. But, something was darker about the way he said it. And you liked how it felt. You felt your core tightening up once more. You didn't know how much longer you could be teased like this and keep up a conversation. You felt your mind wandering. And then you felt another slap come down onto your ass.

“Namjoon!” stop! I'm not moving anymore!”

“I know. That one was for taking my phone. Now tell me where it is . please baby.”

You moaned quietly at that word. The mood shifted. “Well I didn't take your phone. Jimin did. Go ask him about it.”

“Y/n. I saw him give it to you and then you started running from me! I know you have it.”

You had no response to this as you both knew that this was the truth and the game would soon be over. You felt yourself starting to accept the fact that you would have to tell him where you stashed it…

But then, he crouched down and whispered in your ear. He pulled your hair towards him so that your head would crane back in his direction. You noticed his bulge again pressing into you harder this time.

“You are being such a brat right now, baby.”

His breathy, low tone made his words have a deep impact inside of you. You felt your panties getting wet and you pushed your thighs together trying to get some sort of friction. Well, now you definitely weren’t telling him where it was.

“Tell me where it is.” He said calmly.

You just shook your head no in response. With that, he flipped you back over staring you in your eyes.

“You really won’t tell me where it is? Well fine, I guess I’ll just have to make you tell me.”

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