A bullied high school student goes on a quest to make everyone who treated him wrong pay with a little guidance from a friend

Horror / Thriller
Anthony Richmond
Age Rating:


Billy... Billy... Hey wake up, it's time for the quest of a lifetime hurry up get dress the clock is ticking. You know what we have to do today right, what we've been planning for a year now... yes that plan now there's a rifle over there in the closet, you will come back for it after school.
HUH once again your police MOMMY can protect and serve but cant fix you a decent FUCKING breakfast too bad this will be the last time she lives, now go grab that kitchen knife in stab her 3 times in the stomach 1 2 3 good job kid you're a national get ready for school the clock is ticking.
HMMM well well well look what we have here prom night starting at 7:00 pm best time for the plan I promised, kid this will be the greatest night of your life.... what the hell this fucking kid again fucking Lester or is it molester hehe, go give him a nice hit to the jaw "POW" nice one kid you're a pro at this now go to class the clock is ticking.
Finally, it's over that dam English teacher fucking BITCH is definitely on the list ok ok I'm calming down ok paul now it's 4:35 pm we have 3 hours before they start prom. head over to the old man's house first I believe he has a stock of c4 in his basement, there a small window you can fit through, Good job kid you're almost done with the quest now go back to the house and grab the rifle for the closet. Oh, fucking hell something stinks in here oh yeah it's because MOMMY is lying dead on the kitchen floor alright kid go grab that rifle you have 2 hours before people show up, Ok great we made it in time now set up the 8 c4s around the gym... good job now we wait.
OK now let's see you have your bulletproof vest, the rifle, and planted all the c4 around the gym this is going very while I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm proud of you kid. Yes there all here look at them having a good time but will never give you an apology it's time to go outside.
HAHAHA now, Ok kid hit the red button three two one "kaboom" that's an explosion, look at that view kid you're going to the top, you should be proud of yourself. Uh oh, sims like the timer went out the police are here now kid point the rifle under your neck in pull the trigger I'll be with you till the end Billy tick tock... "BANG".


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