The Adventures Of Edward & Bella


Just some pointless fluff between Edward and Bella. Not one full story. Has many different stories. All are EdwardxBella. Set in different timelines in the Twilight Saga

Romance / Other
Rosalei N. Bock
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The Cliff Of Control

Disclaimer: I advise you to read the Twilight Saga before reading this short story. I DO NOT OWN TWILIGHT OR ANY OF THE TWILIGHT SAGA

EPOV- Timeline: After Eclipse, Before Breaking Dawn, Event: Meadow

----Bella lay beside me, her long, slightly wavy, brown hair flowing across the grass like a river. The sun shines above us, making her hair a unique reddish-brown color. My skin sparkled unnaturally in the sunlight, and reflected off her skin. Her eyes are closed, and her hands folded on her stomach. Her breathing is quiet, her chest rising and falling in a even pattern. Her heart-beat was the most significant sound in the world, the soft thump, thumpa, thump, filled my ears. If I could sleep, her heart-beat would be my lullaby. Her face looked so peaceful, relaxed. I reached out and caressed her cheek. Her eyelids fluttered, but did not open. With both of my hands, I cradled her face. So soft. . . so warm. . . I marveled at the warmth of her skin. It was as soft as silk, and as warm as a sunrise peaking through the trees, causing a a-ray of colors to break free in the sky. Red, pink, orange, purple, yellow. As I gazed down at her, my need for her to be in my arms grew. I gently wrapped my arms around her and pulled her closer to my chest. Her heart picked up speed, sending vibrations through my body. I sighed happily and buried my face into her hair, inhaling her heavenly scent. Freesias and strawberries. I tightened my embrace around her, never wanting to let go. She moved slightly and gazed at my face in awe. I smiled, resting my forehead on her's.
----We were in our meadow. Our safe haven. The only place where we could escape the world. Just her and me. Me and her. She reached up and stroked my cheek with her tiny hand. I closed my eyes and leaned into her touch, purring softly. I heard a tiny gasp and I opened my eyes slowly. Her face was a expression of curiousness and shock. I leaned down and kissed her gently, but passionately. Our lips moved with perfect synchronization. Sun against moon. Ice against fire. I moved my lips down her jaw, neck, throat, and stopped at her collar-bone. I rested my head on her chest, listening to her frantic heart-beat. My purring grew louder. Another tiny gasp. I looked up and found Bella's face staring down at me with curiosity.
----"What is it, my love?" I murmured into her chest as my fingers trailed down the flawless curves of her torso. Before she could answer, my purring grew louder as I snuggled deeper into her warm, soft, beautiful body. I breathed in her scent, as if I needed it to survive. I did need it to survive. I couldn't live without my Bella. Life would be pointless without her lying down beside me.
----"Are you purring?" My wonderful, marvelous, Bella asked with curiosity. I smiled lazily and nodded into her chest. I could feel Bella's warm lips kiss my forehead. Her hands ran through my hair, mindlessly playing with strands of my bronze locks. "May I ask why you are purring?" She asked. I looked up and my eyes locked with her chocolate brown irises. I kissed her jaw and sighed. Bella shivered. I grinned.
----"I'm purring because I'm completely relaxed and blissed out," I whispered, staring deeper into her eyes. She smiled and embraced me. My purring filled the meadow, soft and low humming sound. I hugged her back, sighing at the warmth. "So warm. . ." I murmured quietly.
----"I love you, Edward," Bella whispered into my hair. My dead, frozen heart soured at those simple words.
----"As I love you, my Bella. Forever," I breathed. "No words can explain my love for you. I will love you, always and forever. Until forever ends." Bella's hands cradled my face, hot against cold. I leaned in slightly at her touch. Her face was determined. I cocked an eyebrow and she laughed. I smiled crookedly. Her laugh. . . It's like a soft, sweet melody of a never ending song. . .
----"I love you more," She stated. I shook my head.
----"Impossible, my love. You could never love me as much as I love you. Ever," I purred, leaning in closer. Our noses were barley touching, and our lips inches apart. "I need you like the beach needs its ocean, and a rainbow need its colors. I need you like a book needs their words, and a piano needs its music. I need you more than you realize. After I left. . . " I stopped when a strange, strangled sob came from my chest. I remembered the night Rosalie told me Bella had died. . . the hole in my chest cut open, causing me to hiss in pain quietly. I closed my eyes and inhaled sharply, letting Bella's scent fill my nostrils. She's here and she's safe. She'll never leave you. She will always be there for you. . . Forever. . . I sighed and slowly opened my eyes. Bella stared at me for a moment before crushing her lips to mine, kissing me passionately. I replied back eagerly, my hands wrapping around her waist, pulling her closer. I kissed her with more passion than I ever had. She gasped into my mouth. I moaned quietly. I slid my tongue into her mouth, wanting to taste her. She tasted so good.
----I collapsed on my back, allowing Bella to hover above me. Her long, brown hair made a curtain around us, but sun still managed to shine through. Her hands were placed on my chest, which was rising up and down rapidly, do to my ragged breathing. I grabbed her and pulled her lips down to mine, and flipped her over on her back. I kissed every inch of skin that was visible.
----"Still think you love me more than I love you, Mrs. Cullen?" I whispered huskily in her ear. She swallowed, then sighed.
----"Fine," She said, just as breathless as I was. "You win." I smiled in victory. I kissed her nose before laying down next to her. As usual, she snuggled up against my chest. I wrapped my arms tightly around her and kissed her head. I looked up at the sun and smiled sadly.
----"You know," I said. "The sun should be really jealous of you right know," Bella laughed.
----"Why?" She giggled.
----"Because, you are the only sun that has ever seen the moon. You are also the only sun to steal the heart of the moon, after all." I smiled down at her. She looked confused for a moment, but then realization flickered across her face.
----"But, why am I the sun?" She asked, sounding confused. I sighed. She never does see herself clearly. . . I thought to myself.
----"Because, my Bella, you are everything the sun is and more," I paused. I nuzzled her neck with my nose, placing a soft kiss on her neck. "You are warm. So, so, very warm. . . and you shine brighter than anything else in the world. You are beautiful. You are the only sun that will never set." I murmured against her collar-bone, after placing butterfly kisses everywhere. She sighed. I looked up, a worried expression on my face.
----"And I suppose you are the moon?" She asked. I smiled sadly and nodded. She smiled. "Yes, you are the moon. You are the light in the darkness. And without you, there would be no sun," Bella whispered. So selfless. . . I smiled gently and kissed her lips softly.
----"Thank you, Bella." I murmured. I looked at the sky. The sun was setting, and colors were fading across the sky. I sighed. "You remind me of the sunset. Bella. You were the ending of a dark, lonely existence, and the beginning of a life I'd never thought I'd have. A life where someone didn't care that I was a monster, a vampire. A life were I was loved more than anyone else in the world." I said, my voice thick with emotion. I turned to Bella, who was staring intensely at me. She grinned.
----"That's right, I love you more than anyone or anything in the world," Bella whispered, buried her face into my chest, inhaling my scent. I smirked and kissed her hair. Suddenly, Bella shot up and stood. I gazed up at her in confusion. My arms felt empty, like I was missing something vital. And I was. I quickly stood and wrapped my arms around her, breathing in her floral scent.
----"Edward, please let go," Before she was done with her sentence, I had slowly backed away, with a hurt expression on my face. Bella saw it and frowned. "I didn't mean it like that," She reassured me, stroking my cheek. I purred in delight. Bella giggled. I smiled. She grinned back and bent down, and picked something off the ground. In her fingers, she held two flowers. One was a soft lavender color, and the other was a light sky blue color. She smiled wider before handing the flowers to me. I raised an eyebrow, tilting my head to the side.
----"What exactly do I do with these flowers?" I asked, slightly amused. She just laughed and sat down, her back facing me, and her long, wavy, brown hair flowed carelessly down her back.
----"Bella?" I asked, more confused now. Bella sighed and glanced at me from over her shoulder.
----"You're going to braid my hair," She stated, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. I stood there, imagining Bella with her long, coffee-colored hair braided beautifully down her back, with purple and blue flowers clinging to her hair. The flawless bare skin of her shoulders. . . and the smooth skin of her arms. . . and-- "You know how to braid, right?" She asked, her voice breaking my thoughts. I laughed gently.
----"Of course I know how to braid, my love. But can I ask why you want me to braid your hair?" I questioned. She blushed, and looked down. I smiled crookedly and bent down and raised her face with my finger. I stared deep into the bottomless depths of her unique chocolate brown eyes, letting myself get lost. "Why do you want me to braid your hair?" I asked slowly, trying to dazzle her. It worked.
----"Well, uh, I thought you would like it. . . I always notice how you play with my hair all the time. . . " She blushed. I cradled her face in my hands, feeling the warmth on my hands. I purred nosily. I leaned in and kissed her lips gently, and slowly moved down until I got to her throat.
----"You never fail to surprise me. Everyday there is something new that makes me love you more than the day before," I murmured against the skin of her throat. She shivered. I smiled slightly and leaned back to see her face. Her face was dazed, her eyes closed. "Open your eyes, please," I pleaded softly. Her eyes snapped open, focusing on my face. "That's better." I whispered as I caressed her face, tracing patterns on her skin. I kissed her nose and then I stood up quickly, faster than the human eye could see, and sat down behind her. I heard her heart-beat thump crazily in her chest, her breath coming out in tiny gasps.
----"Edward?" Bella squeaked, looking around for me frantically. I leaned and pressed my cool lips to her shoulder, smiling when she yelped. I gently grabbed the fabric that covered her shoulders, and slowly pulled it down, revealing the bare skin. I kissed the skin, purring loudly. I made my way down to her shoulder blade and back up to her neck.
----"Fishtail or Finnish Plait?" I purred in her ear, kissing the skin right below her ear, making her shiver. A small smile played on my lips. Her heart sped up, thumping widely in her chest. My hands trailed over the curve of her hip, torso, then finally I got to her chest. I place my hand over her heart, feeling the loud thumping beneath my palm. "Shh, relax. . ." I breathed. Bella inhaled deeply, then exhaled slowly. Her heart-beat slowed, and her breathing was becoming even.
----"Finnish Plait. . . ?" Bella said, her answer sounding more like a question. I chuckled and kissed her neck.
----"Good choice," I murmured. She swallowed loudly. I ran my fingers through her hair, feeling the strands touch my skin, and sighed. I held the strands of hair in my hands and started to braid. I didn't pull on her hair, I did it as gently as humanly possible. Her hair was fragile, just like the rest of her body. I braided as much hair as possible. I picked some flowers and put them delicately into her hair. I stepped back and gazed at her in awe. She looked so. . .alluring. Stunning. Beautiful. Elegant. Lovely. Wonderful. Magnificent. Not even those words could explain how marvelous she looked.
----"How do I look?" Bella's sweet voice broke my thoughts. I stood, unmoving. Frozen. My control was wavering. I was dangling from the cliff, just about to slip off the edge. . . Bella turned around, and looked at me with a confused look. The wind suddenly picked up, blowing Bella's hair in the wind. The flowers swayed around her, and the trees rustled, causing the leaves to break free from the branches. The leaves and flowers danced around her. And in the back round, the sunset was peaking behind the trees, the colors fading in the sky. I was suddenly falling from the cliff. My control was shattered. My legs moved without my permission and I tackled Bella to the ground. I was careful not to hurt her, so I made her impact on the grass as gently as possible. I gazed down at Bella, who looked. . . slightly frightened. I leaned in pressed my lips to her neck, sucking lightly. Bella gasped.
----"My love, you look simply delicious," I growled, my voice thick with lust. It wasn't bloodlust that made me want her, the bloodlust for her was gone. After 24 hours thinking she was dead. . .It was lust for her body that was drawing me in. . . "Bella, love, it should be impossible for someone to look so. . . appealing." Bella stared at me with wide eyes. Her heart-beat accelerated, her breathing came out in uneven patterns.
----"I-in what way?" She shuddered. To answer her question, I crashed her lips roughly to mine, darting my tongue into her mouth. I moaned at the sweet taste of her. Bella gasped and dug her hands in my hair, pulling me closer to her. Before I collapsed on her, I shot my arms out underneath me, holding me up. My hands were placed on both sides of Bella's head. I crushed Bella lips to mine, quicker than she could blink. She moaned quietly into my mouth, causing me to growl.
----Suddenly my hands were at Bella's shirt, about to rip it off of her body. My breathing was rapid, fasting than Bella's. It took all my strength to drop the fabric from my hands. A gazed down at her, breathing heavily. I leaned down slowly, and kissed every part of her face. Forehead, cheeks, jaw, neck, throat and finally her lips. Before she could deepen the kiss, I pulled away quickly, and collapsed beside her. My hands were balled into fists at my sides, my body rigid. I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply, slowly gaining back my control. Calm, Edward. Control yourself. You cannot hurt her. You will have her after the wedding. . . I could feel my body gradually relax, my muscles untensing. Bella stayed quiet the whole time. Which was a wise idea, just the sound of her voice makes my control shake. . .
----"Edward, I'm so sorry. I-" Bella started, but I quickly stopped her by bringing my finger to her lips.
----"Shh. This wasn't your fault. It was mine." I whispered. "Bella, my self control is not as strong as you think it is. It took all of my strength to not rip your shirt off. . ." I paused, imagining her bare stomach, her hips, her torso, her chest. . . her br-- STOP! I closed my eyes and breathed in deeply. I opened my eyes when I felt something warm touch my face. Bella hands traced over my features. My lips, my cheek-bones, my jaw, and down to my collar-bone. I shivered visibly when her hands trailed down the planes of my chest over my shirt. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as her hands traveled down my torso and hips. I closed my eyes tightly shut. "Bella," I rasped. "Please stop before I. . . I. . ." I begged.
----"I think we should move the wedding up," Bella suggested as she rested her head on my chest, wrapping her tiny arms around my waist. I pulled her closer to me, for my body was begging for contact. One of my hands rested on the small of her back, while the other was playing with the flowers in her braided hair.
----"I thought you didn't want to get married early," I whispered into her hair.
----"Well, if we get married earlier, we get to have a honeymoon earlier. . ." Bella paused, letting the offer sink in. It was so tempting. Getting married earlier wouldn't hurt. . .
----Say yes! I heard Alice's mental voice scream at me. My head snapped up, scanning the trees.
----"And I know you want to." Bella added. I stared down at her, frozen in shock. Was it really that obvious? Well, Bella did have a point. . .
----"I would like to get married to you sooner, my love," I murmured. Bella broke out into a brilliant smile that left me breathless. Well, as breathless as a vampire could be. I looked at at the sky. It was dark. I sighed and looked deep into Bella's eyes. Time to dazzle the human, I chuckled mentally. "Bella, you have to go home know. . ." I spoke slowly and softly, my golden eyes staring intensely into her's. Her breath caught in her throat and her heart-beat became erratic. She nodded, speechless. I chuckled gently and carefully picked her up, bridal style. Bella squealed. I smiled crookedly and kissed her forehead before taking off into the woods towards Bella's house, running at lightning speed.

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