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Extraction -M.Y


"Why are you protecting me? You know my background... So why?" "Because you fucking deserve it" "But-" "You said I know you right? So trust me. I do." What happens when an unimportant person gets kidnapped for unknown reasons? An extraction will happen. Hyerin, an unimportant person goes through that trouble. With that the person who is leading the extraction is non other than the world famous agent Min Yoongi. When they two meet, memories will start flowing back. Various truths will come out. Will they both be able to handle it all?

Action / Romance
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Chapter 1

I was running down an unfamiliar path. My feet taking the initiative of dragging me somewhere.

I seem to be running from something?

Or someone?

I’m not so sure anymore.

Panting, I ended up taking a wrong turn, having me stand in front of an enormous wall.

“No! This can’t be happening.”

Hearing the footsteps behind me abruptly stop, I slowly turned around to see a tall eerie man. His face features are unknown as I cannot see much due to lack of proper lighting, but he seems frightening.

“Don’t think you can run away this time bitch!” His deep voice intimidates me, giving me shivers. Raising his hand, I now realize that he is holding a sharp knife, I closed my eyes in fear of what’s going to happen to me.

However, the weirdest thing is I did not feel any pain...

Instead, I jolt up and sit on a smooth surface, panting. Looking around to see if danger is anywhere near me but it’s just me in my bedroom and I am on my comfy bed.

“It’s just a dream Hyerin. Just a bad dream.” I lie back down, look at the clock that says 5:25 in the morning. Too early! Knowing that I can’t sleep after waking up, I start making my bed and get ready for work.

Dressing up, after freshening up, of course, I prepare my coffee in my kitchen and look outside. The grass and plants look beautiful with the dew sticking to the top, with a little bit of that fog dancing down on earth. Hearing the coffee all ready, I head to the dining table to see an already prepared breakfast for me...like always...with no one.

Sighing, I take my seat and take small sips from my coffee...like always.

“Good morning Hyerin-shi! I see that you’re all readily eating your breakfast. Hope it is delicious.” My assistant (also babysitter), Song Surin yells as she rambled her way to the table, taking the seat beside me. The reason why I say babysitter is all because of my parents. I don’t know why my parents hired her just to see how I am doing. They could contact me themselves. My parents aren’t really my ‘parents’. Biologically yes. But mentally they’re not. They’re just too busy and always on the understandable move. After all, they are partners of a software protection company in Seoul: A.R.C. I can’t blame them. They’re trying to make the company more profitable, and this is why I am appointed as the current C.E.O. of the company.

Finishing my coffee and putting it in the dishwasher while Surin rambles about the upcoming meetings and appointments. Grabbing my purse, coat and house keys, I walk to my Audi A6 and sit in the driver’s seat with Surin beside me of course. When will she stop rambling?

The gears in reverse and she finally stops. It’s either she realized that I am not listening to her, or she wants to do something...Oh never mind she turns on the radio, singing to whatever’s playing.

The company’s building appears as I quickly park and step out. I can no longer handle her off-tune songs. It’s so early in the morning!

Seeing the elevators being full of other workers, I rushed to stay away from her. Squeezing myself in, the doors finally shut. Finally! Peace and quiet. As people reach their designated floors, I proceed to the meeting room. As I am 15 minutes early, I recheck every document I have for my presentation, my thoughts later taking me back to that dream.

He sounded so familiar. But why can I not remember who it is? His deep voice gives me shivers every time I remember it. The place, however, doesn’t look familiar. It might be an alleyway. Is it possible that something will happen? No no Hyerin. Get it together! It was just a nightmare. Nothing more.

“Hiya Hyerin! There you are! I thought you were in your office so I headed there first. Instead, I find you here.” One of my coworker, and close friend, Zen says as he sits beside me.

“Sorry, Zen-shi! I thought I might as well come here since the meeting is going to start soon.

He giggles. “As expected from the C.E.O...However, it isn’t 9 yet.”

“I arrived early. Just needed to collect my thoughts.” I answer.

“Ahh. Well, I hope I am not intruding you with your thoughts...”

Giggling, I reassure him that he is not.

A few minutes later, the rest of the staff arrives, randomly taking their seats. The meeting has officially begun.




Two hours later, and the meeting has finally ended. “That’s all there is today. Thank you all for attending today’s meeting. Although it was a bit early and was notified yesterday, I am glad to see everyone here. Let’s all work hard on this new release and please take care of yourself!” Everyone thanked me back and one by one, they left the room.

“That was a good meeting,” I say to myself and start collecting all of the documents. The door suddenly opens, Surin appears once again.

“Hyerin-shi, there is some paperwork that needs to be looked at before I hand it in to the marketing branch. Please look at it as soon as possible. They are already on your desk.” I nodded and thanked her. With that, she bowed and left the building.

Sighing, I head to my office. As Surin mentioned, the files are neatly stacked in the middle of my desk, seeking attention to be looked at.

Time to dive me into work.

The curtains automatically rise up after flicking the switch, showing other fascinating companies around this structure. 30% of the population flooding the streets heading to their work. The baby blue walls reflect itself as the natural light seeps in.

Sighing for the umpteenth time, I look at the clock showing that it’s lunchtime. I’ve only completed two files and still have one more to go. The door suddenly opens, one of my close friends pops his head in.

“Hey Hyerin, ready for lunch?” Jimin asks eagerly. Nodding, I grab my lunch bag and head to the cafeteria. “How have you been? Anything new recently?” He winks after I laugh.

“Please Jimin, I haven’t found anyone to date with cause I just stay at home watching various K-drama. If there is anyone I would date right now, it would be one of the characters from the shows.” I key in both of us as we enter the staff room, Jimin laughing his ass off at my remarkable comment.

“You’re the C.E.O. of a company. You’ve dealt with difficult meetings and you can’t find yourself a suitable man?! I thought you already would’ve found someone in this building by this time.”

“They’re not my type.”

" Ohh! Since when did you have a type?” He rhetorically asks.

“Before I met you, you moron.”

Jimin clutches his ‘heart’ as he acts as if sharp arrows pierce him. “Ouch! My feelings and love for thou drowned within thy wrath!” I burst out laughing by his Shakespeare.

Heading to our usual spot on the terrace...after warming our food, of course, I start chewing my granola bar while he munches on his enormous burger. Knowing Jimin, he didn’t have time to prepare a proper meal, so he might’ve bought something from this one restaurant, that specializes in burgers. Apparently, they have the best burgers ever...or that’s what he states.

Thinking about Jimin and his love for burgers, I fail to notice him giving me the weirdest look. But it isn’t about me staring at him.

“Is that your lunch?” I look at my half-eaten granola bar and nod.

“I didn’t get to pack my lunch. The morning wasn’t that great.” I answer, not mentioning the nightmare, or about overworking myself. Unfortunately, Jimin knows me more than myself which I sometimes find it creepy.

“WHAT! Why didn’t you tell me first?! I could’ve ordered another burger for you.”

“It’s fine, don’t worry. I don’t think I would even want to eat your burger.”

“How could you?! Don’t listen to her my love, she’s just saying this to hurt you.” He coos his burger which makes me smile at his idiotic behaviours. How on earth is this guy my childhood friend, is something that I don’t know.

“I do need to worry about you because you don’t. If you haven’t noticed, you look dead tired. I bet it’s from overworking yourself and not giving yourself a break that you deserve.” Damn it, he found out.

Sighing, I ask what he wants me to do. With that, he slowly smiles.

“Wear a pretty dress, I’ll pick you up at 7.”

“Where are we going?”

“There is a party I am invited to, I can bring a plus one. No ‘buts’! You are going to attend this party whether you like it or not.” He prevented me from going against the idea by shutting me up. That prick. Sighing for the umpteenth time, I agree to his invitation which makes him give off the brightest smile. I can barely see his eyes as he resembles a five-year-old Jimin getting ice cream.


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