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It's Time To Get Overcharge


In this story you'll read that how a man grows up watching super heroes and he is a big fan of superheroes. In an accident he got super powers and now he saves the city. He became a super hero himself.

Action / Fantasy
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You know our world has several superheroes, few have similar kind of powers and few have powers which are totally out of this world. Whenever a superhero rise, a new supervillian wakes up too. Most of them are hungry of their powers and so as the same happened with me. This time, it was for me to stand up against the villain. Let the story began. Once there lived a boy named. Wait-Wait-Wait why my introduction is starting like a 90′s story. Let me start my story myself in a very much better way. So, I was sitting in a park wearing a cap and sunglasses (In such a manner that no one can see my face), all the people were doing their evening walk, the old ones are sitting and chatting like every day. Unless a man came in and started to open fire with his high-tech guns (which I wish I could also have one). So, everyone started running here and there it was a total chaos and suddenly an old woman who was in a wheelchair came right in front of him. He got a clear shot and he started shooting at her. He shot two times and then turned back. Then suddenly, I rushed towards her blocked the bullets and shouted, “Are you done already.” At first I thought he was a normal gangster but nope, he was totally cool jackass supervillian, I mean it’s true that whenever a superhero rise, a new supervillian wakes up too. He suddenly turned back and said, “Ah, you must be that superhero.” Then I said back, “Who do you think I am, douche bag.” So I hit him with a lightning strike from my hand and he fell at least 5 meters away from where he was standing and he fell making a big hole in the ground. When I got there he was fainted.

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