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It's Time To Get Overcharge


Oh! I almost forgot. Now you must be thinking why the guy in the mask is attacking such a handsome guy like me, not because of he is jealous of me but he wants my power. It’s flashback time. You know the villain is fainted so I wouldn’t be interrupted in between for some time so it’s a perfect time for a back story. Everybody in this world dreams of becoming a superhero. In my story I never expected this would happen because I never dreamed of becoming one, but everything doesn’t work on our belief. Sometimes it is beyond our thinking. So let me tell you how it all began.

When I was a baby my father, named Clark Russo, kicked my butt out of the house. He said, “What kind of baby is he, he can’t talk, can’t walk, he’s bald, can’t chew and always keep crying. He’s so useless.” (well technically he’s right but no, he’s wrong) My mother, named Maria Russo, got so surprised and angry that how can anyone say like this about his child, so she left him. She named me Thomas Russo (my friends called me Tom). We lived in Victoria, Australia. My mother used to do farming. One day when she was digging in the backyard she found gold biscuit (I know, it’s a jackpot). Now she is the head of a gold mine. I was good in academics also I was fond of superhero comic books (so yeah, you can say I am a nerd) so, she send me outside for my high school, we bought a house and used to live there. It was in Queensland, Australia. My mother had to go back to look after the mine. Now I live alone. I joined the school in between. It was my first day after summer vacation I had no friends until I found one. He was new so I was the first one to go talk to him and now we are best friends, his name was Daniel Peterson, his parents had to leave the city for work and now he lives with me. We lived happily like a king, parties every day, games all day, but then also first in the class. Everything was perfect. But, one day we both argued. Whenever I am sad or angry I used to come and sit in the park. So as always, I was sitting on the park bench (it was raining). Suddenly lightning struck on me.

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