we all know bigg boss 14 has started but our love for bigg boss 13 nhi gaya, specially for love of sidnaaz. toh main kuch kuch twist and turn karka bigg boss likh rahi hun.. it will be season 14 jaha reality jyasa seniors ko laya jya ga. but ismain sive sidharth gauhar aur hina hi sive senior nhi honga balki asim riyaz bhi honga. aur is bigg boss main senior 14 din kaliya nhi rukanga.. woh log is pura season main rehanga aur contestant ko help karenga. woh log ka pass bohut sara power honga jo contestant ka uper istamal kar sakenga.. it will some kind of mixed match of roadies but not totally.. u will get to know in which part.. toh main ay hai ki idhar shehnaz contestant bankar ayengi. aur sidharth uska senior. kyasa hoga in dono main pyaar? kya sidharth shehnaaz ko pasand karengi? kya shehnaz bigg boss jit payagi aur dono ek ho payenga.. to know peep in to see. and there are many mature content. those who r not comfortable plez don't read. i won't take any rubbish think.

Romance / Erotica
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Bigg boss 14 senior list with power in bigg boss house~

1) sidharth shukla- power in bedroom area(character is same as reality)

2) gauhar khan- gauhar is a good character thouth she has commented bad things about sidharth during bb13 but after meeting they sort it out.. and become good friends.. and as sidharth doesn't get any bad vibes from her he accepted her as a friend.Power in kitchen area. ( character same as reality)

3) hina khan- hina is not in good character. She wanted to become one of the famous actress in that industry. As sidharth is now most famous actor so she wanted to come in good books of sidharth and wanted to create a relationship bond. But sidharth knows her plan so he always ignore her and talk very less. power in mall area

4) asim riyaz-sidharth and asim are good friends. They treat each other like brothers. Whatever happened in bb13, they have sort out after bb13.
power in gym area and wash room. ( charecter same as reality)

Bigg boss 14 contestant list~

1) shehnaaz kaur gill (character same as reality)

2) paras chhabra- paras is a play boy. In past He was in spitchvila and played with many girls to win the show. Here also he came with his playboy strategy.

3) mahira sharma- mahira is also not in good character. She thinks she is only one who can get special treat. She called herself as a special child. She thing she only girl who look beautiful and boys drool over.

4) sara gurpal- sara is shehnaaz's brother sister in law. She is sweet girl. Love shehnaaz alot. They both were in the same college. Shehnaaz help alot to come in panjab industry as she wanted become and actress. She came here to help shehnaaz as shehnaaz is shy girl and don't talk much.

5) arti singh- arti is actress. Did many serials but didn't got the name. Thats the reason to come in bigg boss. Met sidharth once in a party after that there was no contact in them but says everyone that they r friends. Likes sidharth and wanted to come in a relation. And she is very clingy. She declare herself as independent, doesn't take any one else but she is not.

6) jaan kumar sanu- jaan is a sweet guy. Came here to make her own name. Doesn't like to argue with any one. He think agar chuo hona sa jhagra kam jai toh chup ho jana jyada accha hai.

7) nikki tamboli- nikki is most irratating girl. She also think she is most beautiful girl. She likes to break hearts of boys.

8) vishal aditya singh- a nice boy. He is dancer. Winner of nach baliya though he had not earn that much of popularity so came here to get some popularity.

9) nishant malkani- nishant is a smart boy. Have a intelligent mind. He love to flirt with girls but in a positive way. Came in bigg boss to be popular.

10) eijah khan- eijah is a quite person he doesn't like to communicate with any one. He just wanted to win.

11) jasmin bashin- jasmin is a good actress. she is sidharth's friend. They both have worked together. Knows every thing about sidharth. Strong girl. Know how to give back. Straight forward girl.

12) rubina dilak- rubina is rude girl. She needs every thing perfect. She is not so power full girl. Choti si choti batt usko dil main lag jati hai.

13) avinav shukla- avinav is husband of rubina. Come bigg boss for his wife wish. Doesn't give a damn in the task.

14) pavitra puniya- pavitra punia is ex girl friend of paras.
She is nice girl. But don't like if any one shout and talk to her. She is straight forward girl.

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