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Fallen Heroine


After Marinette is hit by a train, Adrien finally realizes his love for her and that she was the love of his life the whole time. "If only, if only, she were here."

Romance / Drama
Essies Stories
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Chapter 1: "Its not how it seems!"

It was a normal day. Marinette got up and ran downstairs, a little faster then usual.

"Marinette you are going to be late!" Cried her mother. It seemed as if Marinette always ran late.

"Im sorry!! Im going!" Marinette cried as she ran out the door.

*At Class

Marinette walked in the classroom and found a seat next to alya. Who was watching a video on her phone. Marinette turned to see her screen.

"Oh hey girl!" Said alya noticing marinette staring at her screen.

"What are you watching?" Asked Marinette only to see a news reporter stating facts about ladybug.

"Oh just a weird news Flash about Bug!" Said Alya turning to watch the vid.

"Who knew ladybug and cat noir were dating!" Screeched alya in excitement

"Who what?!?!? Let me see!!" Said rose stampeding to her phone.

Marinette gulped as everyone watched the news reporter say:

"Onlookers nearly miss a Ladynoir moment at the park! Only to find Cat noir and ladybugs date!!"

Oh great. Thought marinette

*A day earlier*

Cat noir was showing Ladybug a robot that he "built" Ladybug stared curiously at the wacky machine

"Watch this!" Said cat noir

Kitty boy turned it on date mode and a romantic scene burst in reality. Setting up tables, flower arches, even romantic music.

"Neat huh?!" Said cat noir excitingly thinking ladybug would fall for him.

"Very funny Kitty" Ladybug continued "i thought you were showing me your preschool science project. Not asking me on a date."

Cat noir laughed Loudly

"Milady it took me a while to set this up! I thought you would at least like it..."

Cat noir looked at her with pitiful kitty eyes

"Oh come on you know im joking Cat! Its pretty cool!" Ladybug said

"Ha! I knew youd fall for me!!" Cat noir said leaning on the machine button.

Cat noir turned around quickly and noticed the button was hit.

"Uh oh" he said as a pink steam burst out of the machine.

"What the?!?" Ladybug said as it started to take over her lungs

Cat noir panicked and shouted "I SWITCHED IT TO ROMANTIC MODE!!!"

At the moment it controlled everything they did

Yep. You know what happened.

*Back to reality

Marinette, alya, Rose, Juleka, and the WHOLE class was soon watching the Frisky News flash!!!

The news girl stated,

"We will be asking ladybug and cat noir questions about the SEXY occurrence TOMORROW On INEWS! Dont be amused! Its just Da Newssss!!"

Alya turned to marinette excitedly like she was the happiest in her life.


Shouted Alya on top of her lungs

Marinette then started to protest

"It could have been a misunderstanding!! Some things happen you know... its not how it seems!"
Marinette said

"But its so ROMANTIC!!" Screeched Rose uncontrollably Enthusiastic.

Soon overlapping voices were shouting across the classroom like a bunch of Banshees!

Until Adrien came in the class.

"Hey guys whats the yelling about?" He asked with sweet curiosity

"Dude..." Nino said happily "Ladybug and Cat noir are DATING!"

Adrien had a shocked look on his face

Marinette looked at him and his eyes were bigger then dinner plates

Marinette dug her head in her knees.

"WHAT!?!?!?" Screamed Adrien as the teacher came in the classroom

"Students! Students! Whats all this racket?! Its classtime!" Mrs bustier announced:

"Alya is up for show and tell first, and she has something to show you all!"

Marinette groaned as alya stepped up and played the same video

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