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Fallen Heroine

Chapter 2: "Adrien vs Lila"

Hi Guys!!! Sorry the last chapter i made was short!! I tried to make this one longer! You can check out my VERY FIRST story on wattpad! Entitled: "sonouge- just a friend" (if your a sonouge fan i guess hehe) i may someday return to wattpad to continue my stories but i plan to make more on inkitt!! So enjoy this chapter!

-Electronic Essie

After watching the video Alya stood over
excitedly happy near mrs bustier as she announced:

"Thank you Alya! Now we can move on to Marinettes show and tell!"

Adrien Was covering his hands on his face and started to make whining sounds even though he was smiling. Adrien was excited that Everyone thought cat noir and ladybug were dating. (More like overjoyed) but Adrien couldn't risk being Excited for the sake of his identity.

"Dude whats wrong?" Nino said noticing him

Adrien still had his hands on his face

Adrien took his hands of his face and had a smile! Rose noticed it before he pretended to be crying.

"He's smiling!!" Rose shouted

"Dude why are you..." Adrien interrupted Nino:

"Im just happy for my Two favorite Superheroes!!! Yeah its... ya know!!! Haha..."

Nino looked at adrien as he stammered and soon everyone was starring at Adrien

Nino was going to say something but Adrien announced to the whole class:

"I uh need to go to the bathroom!"

As Adrien got up, there was a frail Fart coming from his bag, Adrien hoped no one would notice. Until it got louder.



Everyone starred shocked as adrien ran out the class door, every step he took made a loud Fart.

When he reached the bathroom he noticed no one was there so he dumped out his bag ferociously and screamed at plagg:


Plagg calmly said: "i was trying to make you able to have an... ummmm.... excuse!!"

"ABOUT WHAT?!?! DIARRHEA?!!! Shrieked adrien

Meanwhile Lila rossi was spying on his conversation outside the door.

Plagg continued: "Look im sorry about the gas but you have to get used to me if you want to be Cat Noir!"

Lila gasped as she listened


Adrien was interrupted by Lila who said:

"I know who you are now"

Lila said it with a evil voice

Adrien was Completely mortified at the moment and said:

"i was uh talking to... my um..."

Lila sinisterly interrupted:

"You dont have to lie to me! Now i know that you are cat noir...."


Adrien freaked and let out a bellowing scream


Back at the classroom, that scream was loud enough to hear and rose shrieked:

"Hes pooping!"

Marinette was weirded out at the moment but was worried about adrien

Back at the bathroom adrien walked out the bathroom door and faced Lila. She was smiling sweetly trying to cover her evilness.

"We aren't friends anymore Lila."

Adrien said firmly

Lila said "what did i do adrien? I was trying to be nice and..."

Adrien yelled at her "you just want to lie to everyone and tell them a Lie!" Adrien didnt really know what to say at the moment but he wanted lila to believe that he wasn't cat noir.


Adrien stormed off as lila was left in anger

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