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Fallen Heroine

Chapter 3: "The Murder"

Lila was sulking in class. She was furious that Adrien..,HER SO CALLED BELOVED FREAKING ADRIEN TOLD HER THEY ARENT FRIENDS ANYMORE! Thought lila as she sulked in class.

"Agreste, Adrien." Called miss bustier


"Lahiffe, Nino"

"Present" said Nino as he pulled out his headphones

"Lavillant, Rose"

"Heeeeeeerrreeeee!" Squealed Rose. Marinette stared and her. She seemed more excited then usual. It must be because of the whole "ladybug cat noir date thing"

"Dupain-Cheng, Marinette"


Marinette then drifted off into space not realizing that miss bustier Had called her name already.

"Giiiirrlll she called your name three times already!" Said Alya

"OH im sorry!! Im present!" Said Marinette. Totally embarrassing herself


Marinette sighed quietly as miss bustier finished up

"Maybe Marinette isn't from planet earth" said an annoying spoiled voice

Mari looked up only to see the bratty Chloe Bourgeois snickering at her

"Just kidding! Marinette is from Losertown!"

"Hear me? LOSSERR TOWN!!!"

Chloe let out a cackling laugh that sounded like a evil witch.


Chloe started to cough due to her cackling

"Chloe! Dont laugh like that! Do you need some herbal tea?" Said a sweet yet, Gullible girl voice

Chloe starred at Sabrina like She was the dumbest Red head ever

"Of course i need Herbal tea!!!! What do i look like??!! Im going to be ill!"

Cried annoying Chloe as she leaned back with her hand on her head as if she were sick

"Im very sorry Chloe! I must bow!"

Sabrina Tilted her head and lowered her body bowing to the spoiled rich girl who was her so called friend

Chloe Slapped The little redhead clear across her face

"What do i look like? A spoiled princess?!!! ALL IM ASKING IS A FAVOR AND YOU CANT DO THAT FOR ME?? BESTIE?!!!!!"

Sabrina was as speechless as the rest of the class was. Yet Sabrina was rubbing her smacked cheek as a tear rolled down her face

Marinette was shocked on how cruel Chloe was treating her. Mari didn't know what to say at the moment so she let out a quick word


Until miss bustier spoke up:

"Now now, class" said miss bustier, getting the classes full attention

"Chloe we don't smack our friends do we?"

Chloe starred annoyed at miss bustier

"Chloe can you please see the principal please?"

Chloe stormed out the class not saying anything. Chloe was greatly annoyed on how everyone was turned against her

Later on, Chloe returned and the class continued

Marinette starred at the clock, it seemed like class was lasting forever when it was just a few hours.

Until the school bell rang


After class

Marinette was on her way home, still worried about what was happing to adrien earlier. Marinette stopped suddenly and pondered. Would he ever love me? Will i ever tell him i love him? Those thoughts Flooded Her mind as she let out a deep sigh.

Footsteps approached and Marinette turned her head quickly only to see the last person she would want to see. Lila Rossi.

"Well hello there Marinette"

Lila said with a manipulative Shallow voice

Lila said it so evilly that Marinettes Curious face turned into a frown

"What do you want lila?" Mari asked firmly trying to cover up her Anger

Marinette saw a Snap in lila. Lila gave her the look of an evil murder.

"Since Adrien doesn't want to be my friend anymore and he wants to be yours..,"

A clap of thunder struck and brewed the sky, Marinette jumped up and got scared. Lila starred With evilness cracking a witch smile on her face

"Marinette Dupain Cheng, i promised id make your life horrible, didnt i?"

Marinette frowned hatefully at Lila, as the train came speeding through a tunnel faster then usual.

Lila took advantage of how close they were to the train track and said:

"Since i have nothing else to take, i guess i will take your life."

At that second Marinette was speechless and in shock of how Cold hearted and evil lila was

The train sped in, and The cruel hearted witch Lila shoved Marinette with all her might, making Marinette get hit by the train.


Lila screeched on top of her lungs:

"Marinettes committing Suicide!"
How wicked of Lila to lie. Lila is such a Murder.
Poor Marinette couldn't even think that. She was... dead

Adrien, Nino, And Alya and the rest of the school rushed outside due to Lilas screeching for help.

Alya shouted at the police


Alya was panting in tears

"Dont worry we know we saw the incident on the security camras"

The officer said

Lila was speechless. There wasn't anything to lie about now. Lila was proved a Lying witch.

Overlapping voices were shouting at lila

"How could you hurt Marinette?!!?!"

Cried rose

"We shouldn't have trusted this Wicked Witch"

Said Juleka

Nino was speechless. He started to hate himself for believing Lila all this time.

Adrien Spoke up loudly and said

"Wheres Marinette?!!"

Adrien turned to the ground to see a lifeless Girl who was once his friend


Adrien whispered as he rubbed her pale face

He turned her over and listened to her heartbeat

He could hear a faint heartbeat until it suddenly stopped

Tears rolled down his cheeks as he turned to look at his friends faces. He was terrified. Yet he managed to croak out:

"Shes dead"

Everyone burst into tears while Rose wailed hugging her best friend Juleka. Juleka shed Tears down her face

The police were feeling very pitiful and angry at the Murderer, lila. They took her away without saying a word

Lila tried to lie to them to let her go but it didnt work.

Alya couldn't take it. Her best friend was gone.

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