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AvNeil Mumma's Boy


A mother longing for love. A son with fear and insecurities. A forbidden love between a mother and son which makes there relation more pure. How will they survive in the society.. Avni as mom and Neil as son.. It contains mature scenes.. An erotic story with pure love.. Please don not read if u have problem with the story.

Erotica / Drama
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Avni Khanna: A 36 yr old woman. MD of khanna industries. wife of Prakash Khanna and mother of Neil khanna. she loves him the most. Not in good relation with her husband as he is always abroad for meetings. Even in her 30's she looks very beautiful and sexy. All the men in the business world just want to have a glimpse of her but for her everything is her son.

Neil Khanna: A 17 yr old mumma's boy. He loves his mumma to the core. Close to his mumma as his papa is always travelling. So naive and innocent. An introvert because he was kidnapped when he was just 11 by some business rivals and was kept in a dark room for a week and that incident had a huge impact on him. Afraid of darkness.

Prakash Khanna: A 45 year old business man. Always travelling for business. He married Avni when she was just 19. Loves his business. He wanted one more baby but Avni never accepted saying Neil's attention will be divided.
Swetha Khanna: Mother of Prakash Khanna. Lives in village. A strict lady.
Neela Khanna: Sister of Prakash Khanna. Like her mother. Live his village.
Praksh Swetha and Harleen are not much important characters.

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