Wish you cared (PJM)


(Y/n) has never been the popular girl that people wished and hoped to be. She's never been the person to have someone care about her, or that's what she thinks... This story is about bangtan kidnapping her and falling in love with her...well every thing This has language, some steamy moments lol, self harm, abuse, panic attacks and all that good stuff ;) I hope you like this story :) Just a heads up, the first few chapters I didn't read over so there will be some spelling and grammar issues. I would go back and fix it but I'm too busy streaming dynamite as you should be.

Drama / Romance
Age Rating:


"Mom, I'm coming home right now. Yes, I ate it's 9:30 at night! No, I don't want ggomak I just had food. I have a flashlight on my phone mom. Mom, it's ok there are a bunch of street lights. Ok I have to go, okay?" I said ending the call with my mom.

My mom is a VERY talkative person, you tell her one thing and she won't forget it for as long as she lives. She nags 24\7 but never raises her voice. She is very beautiful, inside and out. Unless you are rude, if you even mutter something mean she will make sure what you said isn't even thought about anymore.

"Excuse me ma'am? , I seem to have lost my glasses whilst getting something in my van. Can you please help me find them?" A handsome guy asked me.

" U-Um why can't you sir? " I asked in the most polite voice possible.

The thing is, where I live everyone knows everyone and in ways that is helpful but in most ways it sucks. There are a lot of elders in this town and like my mom, they do not take being rude lightly. And if you are rude then they will give you deadly glares and talk bad about you behind your back. They are old but they see themselves as the kings and queens so they can be rude and get away with it because they are old.

"Well I did lose my glasses so I can't see ma'am" he said with a hint of rudeness but quickly smiled so I of course smiled back slightly.

His smile was very... Sinister.

I won't lie, it did scare me but if he goes home and tells his mom or grandma I didn't help him then my mom would be totally pissed and scold the hell out of me so I did the only thing I could do to avoid getting scolded...

"Y-Yes sorry, I-I'll help you" I stuttered out wishing i was in my bed binge watching horror movies while snuggling up with my stuffed animals.

"Thank you so much" he said as he smiled and opened the back door to his very scary van.

"H-Hey there are 4 guys in your-" I said getting cut off by the back door I entered in through getting slammed shut and blindfolded.

"What the fuck man!?" I yelled kicking around hoping to kick this asshole in the dick.

" Now now princess, stop yelling or I'll put a gag on that pretty little mouth of yours" he quickly snapped confusing me.

"Pretty? I am probably the most ugly person you'll ever meet dude, maybe you should find those glasses of yours then we can talk" I said scoffing

" Hyung, tell her she's cute. But don't tell her I said it" I heard someone faintly say.

"My friend said to tell you you're cute" I heard the voice say.

I could tell he was smirking which pissed me off even more.

"Tell your so called 'friend' that I'm not at all cute and I'm ugly as hell" I said turing my head and biting my lip.

"Who told you you were ugly?" A small soft voice asked

"Sorry dude, but I don't want to go into my past and current life with kidnappers" I said biting my lip harder.

I bite my lip either as a habit, when I'm embarrassed, anxious or trying not to cry. And currently I'm biting my lip for all those reasons.

"Why?" The small voice questioned

"Cause I'm ugly and not important. Now just shut up." I said tears threatening to fall

"If you don't tell us we'll-we'll kill you!" I deeper voice said as I laughed

" oh my gosh! I'm so scared! " I said jokingly

"Shoot me then, you'll be doing me a favor" I said

"Joon, check her arms" I heard a deep voice say

"Joon I swear to fucking God of you lay even get near me I will break your arm off and shove it down your dick sucking throat! You understand?!" I yelled angrily

" F-Fine" I heard probably 'Joon' say softly

"Good choice, Joon" I said leaning back

"Where are you even talking me?" I asked

"Home" someone said

"Mine or-" I began to ask but got cut off

"Our home you dumbass" a deep voice said

"Well excuse me Mr.Puberty but you can cut the attitude before I cut your tiny noodle dick off" I said trying not to laugh

"Ok, we're here, slut" the deep voice said

"D-Don't call me that" I said my bottom lip quivering

"Why? Slut!" The deep voice said louder as I began to drench the blindfold in tears

"I-I said don't!" I yelled slightly

"Someone get the slut, she'll probably break one of the tires if she's in there too long" the deep voice said

(If you haven't realised it yet, the voice that is being mean is yoongi :p)

"S-Stop" I said softly sniffing

"Are you crying, slut?" The deep voice said again

"No, fuck face" I yelled getting a slap on the face...

a hard slap...

"Don't you dare talk back to me, Slut" the deep voice said

"G-Go to hell" I cried out I then felt someone pick me up roughly and throw me to the ground.

That same someone got on me and started punching me as I cried.

"Yoongi, you idiot stop!" I heard the same small voice say

"Are you alright?" The voice asked

" Let him on me" I said soft and faintly because I was crying...

A lot...

"N-No!, You'll die!" The voice said softly grabbing my face

" I know" I said as I felt someone picking me up bridal style

"Wh-Where are you taking me now?" I asked confused as hell

" Inside, I'm gonna tell at yoongi for hurting you so bad" the voice said angrily I then heard a door open and close.

I felt a wave of warm air hit me and I shivered as my body tried to get used to how warm it was.

I was then set down and my blindfold was then takin off and I quickly covered my nose down with my hands.

"Take your hand off will you, Slut" I heard the deep voice say.

I looked up at the owner of the voice and he was a very short mint haired handsome man.

Her had sort of like a cloak on, black ripped jeans, dangly earings and a black shirt of that had big block letters that said 'YG'.

"What are you looking at, whore?" He spat with a glare

"Oh! How rude of us. How about he introduce ourselves!" One with black hair and plump lips said

" I am jin or seokjin" the black haired one with plump lips said

"I'm joonie or namjoon" a tall one with brown hair said

"I'm yoongi or suga" the mean one said "Sugar?" I asked jokingly

" I'm your hope! I'm hobi" one with red hair said doing aeygo

"I'm tae or V" one with one mono and one double lid said

"I'm jungkook or kookie" the one with the soft voice said

"And jimin is gone, but he will probably be back soon!" Jin said

"Why did you guys kidnap me?" I asked

" oh, well you where the only girl that fitted out likings, the other girls looked and acted the same. " namjoon said

"What do you mean 'other girls'?" I asked starting to get scared

"Yeah hyung, what do you mean?" Jungkook asked jokingly receiving a soft punch on the arm from namjoon

"Well, um.. We kinda looked all over town and we kidnapped a whole bunch of girls and none of them where to all of our likings, so we looked and looked and looked until we found you. You are beautiful, smart, funny and all we could ask for (y/n)." Namjoon said blushing softly and hiding his face slightly

"Are you sure you have the right (y/n)?" I asked chuckling

"I mean, I'd hope. Because If you aren't the right (y/n), then we will have to kill you." Jin said laughing like A wind shield wiper, and when he finally realized no one was laughing his laugh began to slowly die down and he coughed

"S-So um... How are you?" Jin asked

" I am so amazing jin, thank you so much for asking" I said sarcasm obvious in my tone

Jin laughed softly and smiled at me.

I didn't smile back though, why? Well if you are asking why then you must've forgotten who these men are to me...If you forgot then let me remind you, they are kidnappers. They are people who ruin families, they are people who steal other humans for their own sick pleasures, they are people who kill people for unknown reasons... And they couldn't care less about the hostages mental health...

"Um well uh" namjoon said twiddling his fingers

"Is there anything we should know?" Jin asked with a faint smile

"N-No" I muttered lowering my head

"(y/n)? Are you sure there isn't anything?" Jin asked

"Hyung, if she doesn't want to talk then don't make her" Jungkook said

"You're right kook-ah" Jin said turning to Jungkook and flashing him a soft smile

Just then the front door was opened and slammed shut.

"Jimin come here, (y/n) is finally here!" Jin said excitedly

"And I should care why?" Jimin sneered

" Yah! Who do you think you are speaking to me like that? " jin asked

"Well, on my birth certificate it says 'Jimin', did that answer your question?" jimin replied rudely

"Jimin, you need to drop that attitude." Jin said

" You're the one that threw it" jimin said

"Go to your room, I will come in there soon to scold the hell out of you" Jin said

"Please, I will roast you like a chicken" jimin chuckled and left to his room

"I swear that boy hasn't even heard the word manners" Jin sighed

"Ok, let's get down to business. (Y/n), I need to have your phone." Jin said

" HA that's funny. Good luck with that buddy" I chuckled softly

"(y/n), I can't risk it. Please give me your phone. I'm not joking." Jin said holding his hand out

"Nope" I said

"(y/n), don't make this harder than it has to be, now give me the phone" Jin said

"Fuck off Jin" I said rolling my eyes

" I can do whatever I want to you, I can kill you if I want. Give.me.the.phone" Jin said

"Fine! Just, turn around first." I said

" Why? " jin asked

"Just do it" I said

"Ok fine but you better not try to escape" Jin said as all of them turned around

I quickly took off my case and took my blade and tissue and put the case back on.

"Ok, here is my whole life." I said giving jin my phone

"Thank you for cooperating." Jin smiled

" yeah yeah, so um. You aren't going to check my pockets right? " I asked

"I don't know, should we?" Jin asked raising a brow

" N-No" I said

"Hyung, I think we should." Jungkook whispered

" Jungkook, I'm not deaf. " I said

"Oh..." He said

" (y/n), empty your pockets" namjoon said

"I already gave you my phone, what more do you want?" I yelled

"Just listen to me" namjoon said

"Um, you said you know everything about me. Right?" I asked

"Yes, now stop stalling" namjoon said

I sighed and pulled some wrappers out of my pocket, making sure I didn't pull out the tissue or blade by accident.

"See, (y/n) Can be trusted" Jin said turning to Jungkook

"S-Sorry (y/n)..." Jungkook said

"Sure" I said

Jungkook then went up to me and rest his hands on my shoulders and looked at me in the eyes..


"STUPID SLUT!" Haechan screamed

"Wh-What happened? " I asked Haechan

"YOU, YOU STUPID SLUT!" He yelled striking his hand across my cheek

"Wh-What did I do?" I asked trying not to tear up


"I-Im sorry, I w-was in the sh-shower... " I said

I then felt both of his hands gripping on my shoulders tightly...

"I guess you'll have to make that up. won't you, you little slut" Haechan whispered in my ear

"Y-Yes" I said faintly

I've learned over the years not to defy or fight back with haechan, because if I do he just gets worse and worse...

He then began kissing and licking my neck like a dog, leaving unwanted hickeys on my skin...

"I bet you love it when I bite your neck, don't you you little slut." Haechan growled

" Y-Yes... " I said tearing up

"Yes what?" Haechan growled

" yes d-daddy... " I said tears pouring down my face


"D-Don't touch me" I mumbled

"Why?" Jungkook asked

I tried to speak but words didn't come out...

I began to shake thinking of the things Haechan did to me that night...

"(y-y/n)?" Jungkook asked

Again, I tried to speak but no words could come out...


" FINE, I'M COMING! " yoongi yelled

Not long after yoongi came down the stairs, and as everyone looked towards yoongi I fell to the ground.

"What happened to make her like this?" Yoongi asked as I started hyperventilating and shaking more

" W-Well, Jungkook put his hands on h-her shoulders and she asked kook to not touch her and he didn't stop and then that happened" Jin said pointing to me

"Can you please leave?" Yoongi said

" Ok, bye (y/n)... " Jungkook said as I heard 5 pairs of feet walk off.

"What happened?" Yoongi asked

I tried to speak again but nothing came out

"Ok um well , try to not think about it much." Yoongi said biting his lip

"H-H-Hit" I said

"Hit? Did-Did you get hit?" Yoongi asked

"Sh-should-der" I said

" Well, I honestly have no clue at what you're saying (y/n). So I am going to calm you down and then we can talk, yeah? " yoongi asked

I then nodded, because I could barely think straight.

"Good, now. Um" yoongi said grabbing my shakey hands in his soft ones and began to run his thumb on my hands

"Calm down, just a heads up this is a one time thing. Or whenever you have a anxiety or panic attack" yoongi said

" W-Why? " I asked

"Cause one of the guys, I won't say who, he watched his mom have a anxiety attack, and then a few hours later she died. The cause still unknown" yoongi said softly

~23 minutes later ~

"Ok, I think I'm fine now" I said

"Good, now what where you having a anxiety attack over?" Yoongi asked

"I'd rather not say, sorry" I said

"Yeah, ok don't let anyone touch you. If they try to tell them I will personally choke slam each and every single one of them through the floor. And I'm not saying this because I care about you , i just don't like dealing with this stuff when jimin is around. He is small but he can be rude." Yoongi said walking off, leaving me alone in the floor .

"You guys can come back now!" I yelled

I didn't yell that because I actually missed those dorks, but because I was bored and lonely, and because I'm afraid I might do something I will regret...

"H-Hey (y/n), I'm sorry for um for uh...touching you?" Jungkook said rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly

" Yeah, um about that. Yoongi said something about that if any of you touch me he will personally choke slam each and every single one of you through the floor. So...yeah" I said

"That boy is almost worse than jimin. Where did I go wrong in raising these children" Jin sighed while clutching his heart VERY dramatically

"To answer your question, no he did not raise these kids. While, I guess he kinda did but for the most part he didn't" namjoon said

"How dare you! Kim namjoon, I work my ass off for this family and this is the thanks I get?" Jin said

" it's best if I just act along, if I don't it last longer than it should... " namjoon sighed

"Work? You call that work? All you do is sit around the house with a glass of wine in your hand watching TV" namjoon said

"Yeah, the TV I'M paying for!" Jin yelled

"Oh please! I go to work everyday, and I come home to this mess? What do we live in a barn!?" Namjoon asked and yelled

"And scene!" Jin yelled

"Ok quick question, what the fuck just happened?" I asked

"First of all, don't curse under my roof. And second of all, acting" Jin said

"Ah, so where will I sleep?" I asked

" follow me, m'lady" Jin said in a old-timey kind of way

We went up a flight of stairs and then we were faced with a big white door.

"This is your room, do you like it? We tried to make it to your liking and we put some makeup stuff on the dresser" Jin said opening the door.

It was a big room with baby pink walls, the floor was made of black wood and there was a big bed that had white pillows and a black blanket. There was a pink rug in front of the bed that matches the walls. There was a white dresser with a big mirror and there is a big bin of makeup.

"Jeez, you really thought this thru." I said walking in the room looking around in awe

"Well i'd hope, me and bangtan spent a LONG time on it" Jin chuckled

"Thanks" I said

"No problem (y/n)!" Jin said with a bright smile

" J-Jin! " I heard probably namjoon he'll

"Yes namjoon!?" Jin yelled back

"Come down here! Code orange!" Namjoon yelled

" Shit! " Jin yelled as he quickly locked me in my room and ran down stairs.

How do I know he was running down the stairs?
Because of the loud ass cow hooves clumping down the stairs.

But in all seriousness, I wonder what 'code orange' is?
I wonder what they did to those girls they previously kidnapped?

I have so many different questions and I need them answered as soon as possible....

~3,108 words~

(AN: ok lmao I can't write to save my life but here. I haven't seen many fan fictions out there like this so I thought I'd make one.
Ok so I'm going to explain some stuff rn, if you don't want to read this then by all means go to the next chapter if there is one lol.
(Y/n) HAD a best friend named yunha, she had some mental issues so she killed herself, she basically thought (y/n) hated her because she wasnt responding to her. The whole thing with the looking at other girls is, so you know how people post their face on social media? That's what I was talking about. I'm sorry if you don't like this story but hey, don't ruin it for the other guys. If you actually like this story and have some ideas PLEASE comment. Don't message me, because I won't respond 👌✌
I would do smut I guess but not if it doesn't work with my plans for that chapter. Honestly, if you like this story say something, because I have a bunch of other story ideas, so if you like this then you might like my other stories I've written on paper. Just a fyi all of or a good chunk of my stories include self harm and other triggering crap. Okey bye I love all of y'all that read this °•❤💕❤•°)

Ferrari - The Neighbourhood

For every chapter I do, I'll give you a song recommendation.
Now it's 3,359 words.

(ANOTHER AN: I was kidding about the smut thing lol)

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