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The Dragonian


Cro sets out with Bulla to do some shopping and then he encounters a strong new enemy.

Action / Adventure
Robert Rumery
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Chapter 1

The Gravity chamber was turned up to about one thousand. A normal human might find this daunting. But for Cro, this was nothing just another training exercise. The Gravity chamber was in his backyard and he had gotten this device from Bulla Briefs, Vegeta’s daughter. This Bulla was an adult from another timeline. They were sorta friends.

She hated how much he trained and he assumed that it reminded her of her father. He didn’t care. He needed to get stronger, that was his ultimate girl. His battle aura pulsed around him as he fought the laser turrets inside of the gravity chamber. One of the lasers had hit him.

He growled. “Either they’re getting stronger or I’m getting weaker.” He flattened out the palm of his hand threw an energy ball towards the lasers shooting at him. On impact of the energy ball the lasers blew up. He growled again. Kakarot and Vegeta were stuck in the tournament of power. Which meant he had to defend the Earth while they were gone and if Kakarot or Vegeta didn’t win this tournament for their universe, this universe would be wiped from existence. No pressure, right? He had an odd feeling today, something seemed off, real off. A few more rounds with the lasers and then the lasers shut off and so did the gravity chamber, he was sweating more than usual and he hadn’t gone Super Saiyan in this training session, maybe he was getting stronger. He walked out of the gravity chamber. He huffed for a moment. Then he felt it, an energy, a rather strange energy. He could tell it was Saiya-jin, he just didn’t know where it was and the ki signature was unfamiliar to him.

It wasn’t uncommon for new warriors to show up on Earth. The Dragonballs always seemed to attract people to the planet. He liked it when strong warriors showed up, he could test his skills on them and gauge how strong he has become as well. That was fun to him, what wasn’t fun was the repairs to the city that needed to be done after he went all out against an opponent.

He walked into his house and headed for the shower. He stripped off his clothes and turned the shower on and turned it on and showered. After he got done showering, he got out and dried himself off and put on some street clothes. Maybe he would go over to Capsule Corp to see if Bulla had anymore training gear for him. He wanted to be the strongest in this world so he could defend it. He knew Kakarot, Vegeta and The Z-Warriors were not going to be around forever. This world would needed to be defended and he knew that he could do it. Might not be able to do it now, but maybe after training for a little longer he could get stronger to become on of Earth’s Strongest Warriors.

Cro growled as he felt the energy. “Shiitake, that better not be you.” He didn’t have the time nor the energy to deal with his former love interest. The truth was that he had been in a pissy mood for the last few days, he didn’t know why and he wasn’t going to try and find out why either. He didn’t want to search his feelings or any of that bullshit. Maybe the thought of him being seen as a ‘Good Guy’ by the people of earth was getting to him. Something was getting to him. Yeah, he was going to go over to Bullas. Yeah, thats what he was going to do. He frowned for a moment.

Another thought came into his mind, what if he was pushing himself for nothing? Kakarot and Vegeta were gods now. What was he? Nothing compared to that and there was no easy way to claim that kind of power. He wasn’t letting some dark wizard put a spell on him so he could attain power. At least he got that, he was going to do it on his own.

He made his way outside and he looked up to the sky. He always hated doing this, he hated flying, he hated walking, he hated driving. There were very few things that he actually liked to do. Fighting was the thing he loved the most to do. As a Saiya-jin male he needed to be the strongest to protect his family. He channeled his ki and floated up into the air and flew in the direction of Bulla’s house, The Capsule Corporation. He could still feel that energy, it was strong and it almost knocked him off his course to his girlfriends house. He wanted to fight it. That wasn’t a good idea.

After a few minutes of flying he had arrived at Capsule Corp. He landed in the backyard. As his feet hit the ground you could hear a thud and that had made the security system go off. There were giant lasers pointed at him and a siren went off. It only lasted about half-a-minute then it was shut off. He watched Bulla come to the backdoor. She had her hands on her hips as the back door slid open and she walked out. Cro rolled his eyes.

Bulla crossed her arms over her chest and gave Cro a smirk. “Don’t you know how to make an entrance, huh?”

Cro shook his head. “Oh be quiet, Bulla.” It was true that he wasn’t in the best of moods, but he always liked seeing Bulla and he didn’t really care what anyone else thought of the relationship. If anyone looked at Bulla the wrong way he’d blast them.

Bulla smiled at Cro and looped her arms around his neck and looked at him deep in his onyx colored eyes and she smirked. “Looks like you’ve got to take me to the mall.” She pressed her lips to Cro’s and kissed him and she giggled playfully. He kissed her back and when she pulled away, he scowled.

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