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"I'll die without you baby~" "I'm here~" "I love you." "I love you the most, My Princess~" ___________________________________________ Mafia au! Started : 2020 Ended :

Fantasy / Romance
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Have you ever witness a scene in your life where,a person that (in your or almost everyone's eyes) can never change.A mere person who has done plenty of things that are totally and definitely unbelievable and unforgivable.


On the either side;a peson,completely opposite from the upper one.
With kind intentions and a golden heart.
Weak physically but.........?
Can make you lose in blink with the power her words and actions holds.

A fan fiction story which comes with outstanding thrills of romantic fantasies.A bit of crime.Where Jeon Jungkook,a most wanted criminal,falls in love with a girl named Janael♡.
From there on,bridges of romanticism started to build. An air of few tortures blows and a river of lust bursts up.
Further on,there are struggles and acts between love of both of them.

Criminal's Love♡

I will introduce the rest of the casts further into the story.
See ya~°
The caption from " A fan fiction to acts between love of both of them" completely belongs to
I loved this so much!

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