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A book full of marvel head-canons in one place. ⚠️Important: I didn’t make these head-canons up. I copy them word for word but sometimes I have to change the punctuation or layout. I write each chapter up to 500 words or over.⚠️ Sorry is I repeat some of the head-canons.

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Head-canons 1-11

Stephan: We must prevent Thanos from destroying the universe.

Peter: ...?

Tony: *sigh* ...We have to snatch Thanos’s weave and yet him outta existence, kid.

Shuri: *applauds in the distance*

Stephan: ...


Meanwhile in the soul stone:

Bucky: I gotta get back to Steve and help him.

T’challa: I need to make sure my people are safe.

Groot: I am Groot.

Strange: I hope Tony can pull this off.

Peter: I literally did all my homework for nothing last night.


Loki: Stark! I need to borrow your 3D printer.

Tony: Whatever for?

Loki: I plan to trick my brother into thinking I’m worthy of ruling Asgard.

Tony: And your asking permission to use a 3D printer?

Loki: Well, I’m actually just giving you a warning so you’ve got time to set up cameras so we can stream it.

Tony: You know what? I’m on board

Tony: So what are we 3D printing?

Loki: Mjolnir.

Tony: I’ll get Pete to hide the real one.

Loki: What an excellent idea.


*Clint at his farm, sees the Avengers and Thanos fighting in the distance*

Clint: Nah

*Takes out his hearing aid and locks his front door.*


Tony: Everybody seems to be having a midlife crisis at 16.

Peter: Since I don’t know which part of my life is in the middle, I’ve decided to have an ongoing crisis.


Nat: Have you all seen Thor’s braids

Steve: Yeah they’re pretty

Carol: Cute

Thor: Thank you guys

Nat: You’re going to be so surprised when you learn who did them

Carol: Oh? Who

Bruce: Me!

Carol: Oh cute


Thanos: I finally restored everything and brought balance to the universe. There is not a single person who can stand in my-

[Ground starts shaking, an army of undead zombies come barrelling in, “Ride of the Valkyries” is heard in the distance, Fenris the wolf is seen carrying Hela on his back.]

Hela: [Lights a cigarette] Alright little brother, who was it that hurt you?

Loki: [peeking over behind Hela’s cape and points to Thanos]


Peter: *coming home 11.5 minutes past curfew*

May I’m home!

Tony: *a dramatic dad sitting in the dark* Hi home I’m diSaPPOINTED.


Nat: What are you doing?

Bucky: [digging though a jar of M&M’S and putting some in a separate bowl] Sam really likes the green ones, so I’m separating them.

Nat: Aw, that’s so sweet!

Bucky: What? No. I plan to eat them in front of him and then run.

Loki : *grabbing Peter by the back of his neck in the Spider suit like a puppy* Who is this? He wasn’t with you guys when I attacked you before?

*Irondad panic button going off in the background*

Peter: Hi, I’m new. Nice to meet you.

*Tony waking up in the middle of the night to see Peter an inch from his face*

Peter: So we had this id- stop screaming- so we had this idea

Tony: what the Who’s we?

Shuri: *Directly beside his face* We had this idea

Tony: Christ there’s two of them

*This chapter had so many Tony and Peter ones but I’m just using the ones that come up on my page first*

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