His Anpanman


Can best friends really become lovers after years of not seeing each other?

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A day in the life of Min Yoongi

“Min Yoongi get back here!” Yoongi ran as fast as he can. He was so close to the door he could practically smell the freedom now. He reached for the door and slipped right in front of it. “Got you, you are not leaving without a family Yoongi” The lady said lifting Yoongi by the back of his shirt. “You cant make me stay here for much longer I will get out soon just wait” Yoongi said crossing his arms over his chest.

Yoongi was 6 years old and all he wanted to do was get out of that orphanage and find his real mom. The sisters say that no one ever saw his mom they just got a letter telling them that she would be back for the young child before he turned 3. They did not let anyone try to adopt Yoongi until they got a call saying that the woman had been killed. They never told the young boy that his mom was not coming back.

“Hey Eun-jae let me tell you something” He whispered to the boy. Eun-jae came closer to Yoongi. Yoongi started to talk “Do you know why you don’t have any parents” he asked and look Eun-jae in the eyes. “No, why” He responded “because you are a bastard and your parents didn’t like you” He laughed when Eun-jae started to cry at the thought of his parents not wanting him. Eun-jae ran away leaving his cookie behind, ‘bingo’ Yoongi thought as he ate the left over cookie.

“Yoongi come here” Yoongi stood up and walked over to the sister. “Yes sister noona” he said innocently. “Did you call Eun-jae a bastard and tell him his parents did not want him” she asked with a straight face. “yes I did but its true if his parents wanted him he would be with them and not in this hell hole” He bad mouthed. Sister sent Eun-jae away and grabbed Yoongi by the back of his shirt lifting him up and caring him to his room. Yoongi got his own small room away from the other kids and close to the main office. “Yoongi I understand that you know why your here and why everyone else is here but its not nice to go around calling the other kids bastards” sister spoke softly while Yoongi just crossed his arms and turned the other way. She gently stroked the bad of his head knowing that it would calm him down. Yoongi soon let his arms fall to his sides as he look at the sister with teary eyes. “I don’t want to be here sister I don’t want a new family”He said as he started to cry silently. She put him on her lap and held him until he fell asleep, She felt so bad for Yoongi he was so smart and knew where he was and why he was there and she knew how difficult it could be to tell others how you feel and for Yoongi it was like taking his own heart out of his chest. She knew what was wrong with Yoongi, Its not that he is a bad kid its just that he doesn’t know how to express himself and that’s ok.

She would like to teach him and help him understand why it is so bad to always say the first thing that comes to mind but even if she tried to teach him he wouldn't listen. He is so headstrong and stubborn that he will barely listen when they tell him to eat. Sister loves Yoongi like her own son and would love to adopt him but if she did he will hate her for the rest of his life. She promised him his mom would be back for him, but sadly she won't and no matter how much she wants to tell the boy she cant stand to break his heart more.


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