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IQHQ Profile

IQHQ is a south korean girl group formed and signed ubder IQHQ Sound. The group made there debut on 15th May 2020. The group consists of; Jookyeong, Seyoon, Danielle, Harin, Marin. Sohee left on 1st June 2020.

Jookyeong's Profile

Birth Name: Kal Jookyeong (Jookyeong)
Hangul: 칼주켱 (주켱)

Birthday: 1st Jan, 2001
Place Of Birth: Seoul, South Korea
Home Town: Daegu, South Korea

Height: 166cm

Position: Leader, Lead Rapper, Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Visual

Trainee Period: 5 Years & 5 Months

Former Company/ies:
Pledis. Entertainment - 3 Months
MBK. Entertainment - 2 Months

Role Model: Haebi (ShinyLight12)

- She went to school in Canberra, Australia
- Her
- She is fluent in English only
- She is a fan of SEVETEEN
- She is a fan of RainbowVelvet9
- She is a fan of ShinyLight12
- She has a room to her self in the dorm
- Her best friend is Somin from Sound Monsters (@jeonsomin35)

Seyoon's Profile

Birth Name: Lee Seyoon (Seyoon)
Hangul: 이세윤 (세윤)

Birthday: 14th May, 2003
Place Of Birth: Daegu, South Korea
Home Town: Daegu, South Korea

Height: 157cm

Position: Lead Vocalist, Visual

Trainee Period: 3 Years & 1 Month

Former Companies:
JellyFish. Entertainment - 1 Month
Dragon Empire - 2 Months

Role Model: Luna Moon Yuna (LovelyLadies15)

- She went to school in Perth, Australia
- She had met Jookyoung on a school camp at Canberra
- She is a fan of BTS
- She is a fan of Seventeen
- Her favourite Nobody To Idols book is Aurora
- She plays alot of Pirate101
- She is fluent in english only
- Her famiky miragted to Australia when she was only 2

Danielle's Profile

Birth Name: Danielle Oono (Danielle)
Hangul 다니엘레온으 (다니엘레)

Birthday: 15th May, 2003
Place Of Birth: Canberra, Australia
Home Town: Canberra, Australia

Height: 160cm

Position: Vocalist, Rapper

Trainee Period: 2 Months

Former Companies: None

Role Model: Yeonha (Nightmare7)

- Her father is half japanese half american
- Her mother is half thai half taiwanese
- He is the only member born and rasied in australia
- She goes to the same school as Jookyoung
- She used to share a room with Sohee, now she has a room on her own
- She has two older brothers and two younger ones
- She fluent in english only

Harin's Profile

Birth Name: Son Harin (Harin)
Hangul: 손하린 (하린)

Birthday: 6th June, 2004
Place Of Birth: Cailforna, America
Home Town: Cailfornia, America

Height: 162cm

Position: Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Maknae

Trainee Period: 1 Year & 8 Months

Former Companies:
Dreamcatcher Company - 1 Year

Role Model:

- Her twin sister is fellow member Marin
- She and her sister was bullied by former member Sohee
- Her and her sister met Jookyoung on a holiday to canberra once
- Her mother is polish-korean while her father is scottish-korean
- Her english name is Hannah

Marin's Profile

Birth Name: Son Marin (Marin)
Hangul: 손마린 (마린)

Birthday: 6th June, 2004
Place Of Birth: Cailfornia, America
Home Town: Cailfornia, America

Height: 162cm

Position: Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Maknae

Trainee Period: 2 Years & 10 Months

Former Company:
Cube. Entertainment - 2 Years

Role Model:

- Her twin sister is fellow member Harin
- Her father is scottish-korean while her mother is polish-korean
- Her and her sister met Jookyoung on a holiday to canberra
- She and her twin was bullied by Sohee
- Her english name is Michelle

//Former Member\\
Sohee's Profile
//Former Member\\

Birth Name: Han Sohee (Sohee)
Hangul: 한소희 (소희)

Birthday: 5th July, 2004
Place Of Birth: Seoul, South Korea
Home Town: Seoul, South Korea

Height: 160cm

Position: Vocalist, Rapper, Maknae

Trainee Period: 1 Week

Former Company:
SM. Entertainment - 2 Days
Champion Company - 2 Days

Role Model:

- She comes from a higher up family
- She had bullied members Harin and Marin
- When she had left she had told everyone that the members bullied her but the company spoke out and said Sohee was the bully

Who's your IQHQ bias?

주경 - (5)

세윤 - (5)

다니엘레 - (5)

하린 - (5)

마린 - (5)

소희 - (1)

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