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Lee Taeyong is a cold hearted vampire boy who is frustrated with his vampire life, he waits for the time for ending his life. Shelly is am ordinary girl who unknowingly peaked herself into taeyong's life and......

Mystery / Romance
Shaida Urmi
Age Rating:

Chapter one

Lee Taeyong was 20 years old cold hearted boy.Just for some personal reasons he has to transfer from america to south korea.
"Taeyong baby come down stairs .the breakfast is ready." Taeyong's mom called him
" No thanks..i am not hungry," he replied
" I made it by myself," his mom said softly
" why? did i asked you?" taeyong replied in irritation
" Taeyong!!!" she screamed
" stop it mrs lee.. I am tired of all of this...you know this isn't our food then why do you cook this? just for showing off?" he screamed back
" Stop it taeyong... what kind of manner is this? " mr lee screamed from behind
" You take your manners with you", Taeyong left home in anger and directly headed to his college..
He got on a bus , took a seat. He looked around for a moment and then opened a packet from his bag.. He started to suck..
" How long I have to do this? Realy this life is sucking me off." he huffed in irritation.

" look at that boy. Awwwwwww,,he is so hot,,"
" such an icey skin.. I wish I could touch it"
" Who eats tomato sauce like this??"
Taeyong heard this and looked at the girl... He got up and went forward to her.. Hee blood smell went to his nose and he was about to transform his real form.. But suddenly the bus stopped and the girl got down..
Taeyong understood what he was trying to do... He somehow controlled himself and pressed the stop button.. He instantly got down and started running into the forest..he fall down and started to scratch the ground..
" I need to control..control..control.....", he started breathing heavily....
" I need blood right now.. hu...human blood...." he was breathing heavily.
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