Iris Jackson and the family Reunion


This is a story about Iris Jackson, Percy's younger sister, but only by a year. You might think that living and breathing the same air as his is nice, but let her tell you what it's actually like...Will she fall in love with the enemy? Will she die? read on to find out...

Other / Fantasy
Cassandra Carboni
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

I walk into a bare blue room, the room didn’t have windows, instead, it had water and fish.

Suddenly, a beautiful woman, with shining hazel eyes walked into the room. Her walking didn’t seem grand like the sea palace, or her clothes, on the other hand, she was all wet and full of seaweed.

Another woman walked in, she looked like she fit into the place perfectly, she had minty, turquoise white hair and a bright blue flowy dress. She glided across the aquamarine floor holding a little ball of water with a little fish inside. She looked at me annoyed. She was my step-mother, Amphitrite, Queen of the sea.

Next, a guy, roughly my age, dark hair, accompanied by a girl called Annabeth Chase, the guy had to obviously be my half brother, the famous Percy Jackson, alive and breathing, unfortunately. Then my other half brother stumbled in, a cyclops, Tyson Jackson, also adopted by Sally.

I wondered where my mother was or if she was even going to show up. Then, my father, the mighty Poseidon came waltzing into the room. Shortly behind him came the last woman of the family, Aphrodite, my mother. I’m not sure how dad managed to drag her down to see me but I was sure glad.

I smiled at Aphrodite but she didn’t look at me, I knew that to her I was an embarrassment. No, I wasn’t stunning and radiating with beauty like all of my other half-sisters.

“Hey,” I manage to say, Percy rubbed his eyes as Tyson’s smile grew,

“Percy, Tyson, this is your new sister” Poseidon smiles nervously.

Tyson came and gave me a big hug and started telling me how fun this family was. All the gods and Sally nodded their way out of the room and into the discussion lounge, where us little demigods aren’t allowed because big adults were speaking.

Percy came up to me with a slight smile. I could tell he wanted to know that I was his sister when I arrived at camp Half-Blood, but dad gave Chiron instructions not to tell anyone.

“H-Hey, Percy, right?” I asked, he nodded.

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