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Hero world


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Adventure / Scifi
Rodney Monroe
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The legend Return

Once there is a legendary hero who defeated the demon lord James. He vanished without a trace. Each hero try to find the legendary hero but no chance at all. The legendary hero name was unknown to all. Goku was sparing alone when he felt the ground shook. The ground opened up and a boy came from the ground. Goku picked him up and flew off. He got to bulma place and saw bulma was with whis. Bulma saw the boy and hurry to the goku side and look him over.

"Where you find him?" Asked Bulma.

"He came front the ground." Said Goku.

"I see. I wonder he is the legendary hero everyone talking about." Said Whis.

"Who's that?" Asked Goku.

"He's the one that save the world from demon lord James. He vanished from earth." Said Whis.

"He's must be strong." Said Goku.

"Indeed goku. He's must be higher then Zeno himself." Said Whis.

"I run his blood and I never seen anything like it before. He not human nor alien." Said Bulma.

"That redundant isn't it?" Asked Beerus.

"Maybe it is and maybe not." Said Bulma.

"What we gonna do about him then?" Asked goku.

"We pray that nobody finds him." Said Bulma.

A boy sat in the middle of the void waiting and watching earth x got it's savoir. He stood up and smiled and he flew off with speed. He was speeding toward earth x. Zeno felt a huge amount of power and he felt really scared shitless. Zeno told Grand Priest to take him to earth x right now. Grand priest bowed and took Zeno hand and vanished. They got to earth x and saw people looking at them. Zeno and Grand Priest flew toward Bulma place where goku was. They landed and Trunks and Goten saw both Zeno and Grand Priest in the flesh. They told goku and Vegeta. Both ran up and saw Zeno and Grand Priest.

"Zenny." Said Goku.

"We have a problem." Said Grand Priest.

"What is it?" Asked Whis.

"I felt something strong coming here." Said Zeno.

"What is it?" Asked Bulma.

"I'm afraid it's the creation of all." Said Zeno.

"What!" Asked all.

"Yeah. And it's want the legendary hero." Said Zeno.

"We can fight it." Said Beerus.

"You can't." Said the legendary hero.

"Why?" Asked Beerus.

"The creation power is limitless." Said the hero.

"We all doomed." Said Beerus.

"Relax it's not coming here to fight." Said the hero.

"What it's here for?" Asked Goku.

"Me." Said the hero.

"Why you?" Asked Bulma.

"Because I'm the creator first creation in history." Said thr hero.

"Wow." Said all.

"Hello Jonas." Said a young voice.

"Hello father." Said jonas.

The creation landed and hugged jonas. They saw the boy hugging Jonas. The boy check jonas over. Jonas was embarrassed now. The boy stood up and looked at Zeno and Zeno bowed before him. The boy smiled and looked at Goku. Goku held his hand out for the boy. Jonas gasped. They watch as the boy looked at Goku. He shook Goku hand.

"Nice to meet you." Said Goku.

"Yeah." Said the boy.

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