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The nightmare


what happens to kagome after she finds her family. why is this guy constantly coming to her rescue? Can they figure out why this happened and who did it?

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Chapter 1

The Nightmare

Chapter 1

She ran as fast as she could. Too scared to look back, she pushed her legs as fast as they would carry her small body. She was finally able to build up enough courage to look behind her. To her surprise, the men that had been chasing her before were nowhere to be seen. She ran one last block and looked still no sign of the men, so she slowed to a jog then to a complete stop. Trying to catch her breath, the teenage girl leaned forward with her hands on her knees, trying to gain control of her breathing.

She stood there for a while then looked around,

“Where am I?” she thought.

This was nowhere near her neighborhood.

" I guess I could go back the way that I came, but what if I run into the men that were chasing me? What should I do? ′

She just stood there for a moment,

“I guess I have no choice but to go back that way; I’m sure mom would be mad if I were late again. At least now I have a good reason.”

She started walking in the direction that she had only moments came from. She began walking slowly to blend with the people around her. She was young to be walking alone, but it’s not uncommon to see someone her age walking around by themselves. She looked around to see that she was already home.

′ How did I make it home so fast? I don’t care how I’m just glad that I did.′

The girl ran up the steps and flung the door open, and yells, “Mom, I’m home!“.

Walking farther inside, she smelled something burning in the kitchen, ” Really, mom, you’re burning the food again. You’re going to catch the house on fire.” she thought as she shook her head.

Walking around the counter, she sees her mother lying there motionless on the floor in a pool of her blood. She steps back only to slip and fall; she smacked her head on the corner of the table. She felt a twinge of pain above her left eye. She tried to get up only to fall again. Then she heard the footsteps of someone coming down the stairs. She slid herself under the table to hide. She peeked out from under the table and saw the limp body of her little brother, like her mother was dead. They were both covered in crimson red blood. The vision of them would forever haunt her. Her vision started to get blurry from her unshed tears. She waits until she hears the voice of the vile man who had been chasing her earlier that day. Just moments later, the men’s shoes came into view.

" I could have sworn that I heard someone.“said the evil man” you hear things, now let’s go. We can’t get paid till we kill that brat.” said a second voice.

“What is wrong, Naraku, sir?” said his partner.

“I thought I saw something.” said the man identified as Naraku.

′ I can hear the men going back upstairs. Why do they want to kill me? Did they do this to my mom and brother? I have to get out to get help!′, the girl screamed in her head.

Taking a big breath looking over at her mother then her brother, she jumped up from under the table. BAM! the chair beside her fell to the floor with that; she ran out the back door. Finding her footing was a little tricky; her feet were slick from Whatever she fell in. She looked down at the bodies of her family and gasped when she realized that they had been completely opened up. Tears formed in her eyes; the last coherent thought she had was run.

“What was that?“Naraku yelled at his partner. They ran back down the steps to the kitchen and seen the overturned chair. Looking out the kitchen window, “The girl is in the back yard!” yelled Naraku as they ran out the door.

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