A J.Jk Apocalypse story "A Outbreak Virus has been reported, people trying to survive. Only 7 boys left or so they thought.."

Action / Romance
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Chapter 1

“News Report: There’s been an outbreak, I repeat an Outbreak. We dont know how many people how been affected. STAY at home I repeat stay-” The reporter got cuff when a deformed, rotting creature popped out and started to attack her. Her screams were all that was heard until the last one which then the tv went static.

???: ” Holy shi- HYUNG COME HERE!!” The young man yelled throughout the house calling the others. There were stomping and running down the stairs until the six boys came out.

???: ” Jungkook Whats wrong?!” The boys came running and circled Jungkook

JK: ” Namjoon, T-there’s been an outbreak”

NJ: ” Outbreak what the Fuck do you mean?!”

JK: ” I know it sounds insane but ZOMBIES HYUNG FREAKING ZOMBIES”

???: ” Oh god we’re gonna die”



MY: ” We will, if you don’t calm the F down!” They started agruing and yelling at each other until someone interupted them.

???: “Guys, deep breaths we need to think rationally”

???: ” Uh.. Jimin look outside”

JM: ” What do you mean Tae?”

He walked over to the window beside Taehyung. There were buildings on fire, shattered buildings and shops. People running and screaming as they were turning into more creatures. It was the definition of the world ending.

JH: ” Oh god!” he started to freak out seeing what was going on around them.

???: ” Hobi calm down”

JH: ” Jin! everything is on fire down there, people turning, and we're all gonna die! So how the hell am I supposed to calm down”


JH: " YES WE ARE!!" They started up again

J: " Guys! Shut up or imma gonna hit you with a spoon!" He yelled as the younger men got quiet.

J: ” *Sighs* Joon you’re pretty quiet, whats the plan?” Namjoon sighed rubbing his temples thinking hard about what was to come and how to handle it.

NJ: ” Well, for now we stay inside, then find anything useful because eventually, out of all of us we would run out of food and would need to go out. We need to set a Patroling system and barricade the doors, find weapons, and we need to ration.” He finished off as everyone nodded, agreeing with the plan. going their seperate ways to get supplies.

Jungkook went to his drawer finding his gun. He may seem innocent but he says that it's better to be prepared.

Taehyung ran to his room to get his baseball bat. And ran back to Namjoons room

TH: ” Hyung you got any nails left from building?”

NJ: ” yeah, here” He handed Tae a box of long metal nails

TH: ” Thanks”

Taehyung used the nails to make a STRANGER THINGS nail bat sort of thing. Jin was sharpening the kitchen knives while Jimin and Jhope were bording up the front door and windows, and Yoongi was on lookout.


???: ” Oh god.. GUYS!!” all 4 girls ran to the 22 year old.

???: ” Y/n what’s wrong?”

Y/n: ” Lisa there’s an outbreak, it was on the news” She wasn't really all that scared about it.

LS: ” Outbreak? of what?”

Y/n: ” Zombies, infected people” she said calmly

???: ” Oh shit, Guys! we gonna die!”

???: ” Jisoo we’re not, okay!”

JS: ” But we’re girls Jennie!” She said freaking out

JN: ” Wow that’s not sexist at all” she said sarcastically

???: ” Guys we just need to calm down and come up with a plan”

Y/n: ” Rose’s right”

LS: ” Yeah, but before anything we need to baricade any openings”

Y/n: ” Yeah and then find food and weapons, Lisa we could use the bow and arrows from last spring”

JN: ” Yeah, and we also can use the so call decoration sword, because its actually real. Thanks Jisoo” she said in a sarcastic yet thankful tone.

JS: ” The man at the market said it was fake don’t blame me” She said all innocently. Y/n was pondering whether to tell them about the weapons she hides in her room. She has alot of secrets, even tattoos that no one knows about and scars from back then.

Y/n: ” I never told you guys but.. I have two guns in my room” All of them widened their eyes

JN: ” Well that’s conveinent” Lisa laughed alittle

JS: " I swear you sound like you're high"

JN: " Maybe I am" Everyone chuckled at that when Rose interupted.

RS: ” But why?” she asked confused and worried

Y/n: ” Like I said I have a dark past not just to protect me but you guys as well. But don’t worry I have my rights.” They all made an 'oh' face, understanding not to push it. Lisa then changed the topic.

LS: ” Ok, we’ve made a plan, now let's get to it" They all nodded and went to bring supplies and started barricading the doors and windows with wood and nails from the bookshelfs and cabinets. As all of this was happeing they didn't pay attention to the outside focusing on their tasks.

That was 5 months ago.

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