A Thousand Years


Edward Cullen never thought that he could love someone with such a passion as he had once held for Bella. That is, until a special red haired, mysterious girl with her family moved into Forks and he couldn't get her out of his mind... but she is more than what he expected. (rewriting coming in the next year or so!)

Romance / Fantasy
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Turn it up!“ Alice chirped from the back seat.

Emmett grumbled and turned the music up higher. He then turned his attention back to driving the jeep, trying to not run into any other cars that were pulling into the high school.

Alice began to bounce to the music, earning a grin from Jasper and a roll of the eyes from Rosalie. Just when the lyrics began to come in, Alice stopped and noticed that something seemed off. She noticed Edward sitting on the other side of Jasper, his face resting against his hand, his elbow resting on the sill of the window. He was staring out the window with his piercing golden eyes, a faraway look in his eyes.

‘Edward?’ she asked through her thoughts. ‘you okay?’

Edward shook his head just enough for Alice to notice.

‘Something on your mind?’ she thought

Again another nod.

Alice pursed her lips in thought. How could she get a decent answer without him speaking?

‘Something about school worrying you?’

This time Edward shrugged and Alice smiled. Of course, Emmett noticed when he looked in the rear view mirror and he rolled his eyes.

“If you two want to talk, you can do it aloud so we can all talk,” he remarked.

Alice groaned and all eyes turned to her and then to Edward.

“Let me guess, something’s on your mind,” Rosalie remarked sarcastically.

Alice shot her a warning look before turning to her adopted brother, “Really Edward, what’s wrong?”

Edward shrugged, “You guys are never nervous or anxious when starting back up in school…Because when you go in you already have someone at your side…. someone you know…”

“You know us,” Alice pointed out but Edward shut up. His face darkened but only Emmett knew why.

“Hey Edward, sorry…. we didn’t think of that,” he whispered.

“Think of what?” Jasper whispered to Alice who seemed just as confused.

Rosalie seemed to catch on too and her face at once showed compassion, “Look Edward….I know you still haven’t found your soulmate but maybe this year you’ll be lucky. Maybe you’ll finally meet her.”

“After over a hundred years of searching?” Edward asked, losing his patience. “What would make this year different?”

Emmett sighed as he pulled into the parking lot. They knew that the conversation was done, even though it seemed to have ended in a stalemate.

Alice and Jasper climbed out one side door while Rose and Edward climbed out the other. Emmett of course climbed through the open roof of the jeep and jumped down, trying to not show off his vampire abilities to the world of humans.

Jasper grabbed their backpacks from the back of the jeep and tossed each to their respective owners. He had just tossed Rose her’s when his eyes caught sight of something.

“Hey guys, does that car look familiar?” he inquired.

All eyes turned as a large family fifteen passenger van pulled into the parking lot. It was a dark blue family van with black tinted windows and large jeep size wheels. They couldn’t make out anyone inside, not even the driver but they could faintly make out the shapes of people inside the van.

Suddenly, a small face squashed it’s nose against the window and they could faintly make out a head full of bright red curly hair and piercing blue eyes. Jasper and Emmett both had a right mind to point out that the little girl who had pressed her nose to the window was incredibly attractive for a human when Rose beat her to it.

“I didn’t think humans could be so beautiful,” she whispered.

Edward and Alice shared knowing looks. The only time Rose complimented someone on their looks was if she was really close to them like family or if it was a child. However, they all had to admit that the red haired little girl was incredibly beautiful.

Even through the dark window of the van they could tell that her pale skin reflected the sun perfectly, her blue eyes were brighter than the sky and her perfectly shaped mouth was a deep ruby pink and her face perfectly shaped.

Suddenly, the car pulled up into an empty parking space and the five Cullens held their breath. They were glad that there were people walking from the parking lot to the school so that no one noticed them staring at the van.

The first door to open was the driver’s and out stepped a tall man with jet black hair. There were few people who came within the same height as Emmett, Jasper and Edward who were the tallest of the Cullens but this man was without a doubt, at least as tall as Emmett who stood at least 6′5’’.

He had the bluest eyes that the Cullens had ever seen but there was something about them that seemed otherworldly. While the little girl in the van had perfectly bright blue eyes, his almost seemed halfway between natural blue and unnatural blue. For a split second his eyes passed towards the Cullens and they were sure that they saw his eyes glimmer…. like stars.

His features were finely chiseled even under the neatly trimmed jet black beard that he had. His nose was straight and slightly long but it suited him. His face was slightly long with a sharp jaw, firm chin and stern brown. His height came mostly from his legs which were long for a human but not too long that he looked unbalanced.

His hands were firm and strong but what really caught the Cullens was his pale, untouched skin. While there were a few humans in the world who had perfectly features and practically untouched, perfect skin, none of them had the absolutely perfect proportions, features and fairness of vampires…. but this man did….

Jasper seemed to tense as the man walked around the front of the van to the side door. None of his siblings knew why except Edward who read his thoughts. Jasper had noted the outfit that the man was wearing which gave a sense of determination…. but also mystery. Edward found nothing suspicious about the man’s outfit: dark blue jeans, black shoes, black t-shirt underneath a leather jacket…. however Edward knew that Jasper was experienced with all kinds of people.

He couldn’t tell what really ticked Jasper off about the outfit but made a mental note to ask Jasper about it later. He turned his attention back to the man who had unlocked the van and had opened the large sliding door.

Every single one of the Cullens jolted either obscurely or inwardly at the sight that poured out of the van. The van was packed to the brim with kids and there was no doubting that they were related. Almost every single one of the kids had bright fire red hair except for three of the boys and one of the girl who had dark brown hair.

There was also no doubting that the man was their father for many of them shared his perfect, not to mention that every single one of them had perfect features, pale skin and piercing eyes. Most of them had his perfect blue eyes and while they were a natural bright sky blue… there was still something about them that seemed too perfect.

The first child to leap out of the car was the small girl who had pressed her nose to the window and Edward heard Rose suck in a breath. Now they could get a good look at the little girl who couldn’t have been more than seven….and now in the light, it was evident that this girl was beyond beautiful.

The girl wrapped her arms around her father’s neck with a bright smile, earning a chuckle from her father which surprised the Cullens. When they had first laid eyes on the man, their first impression was that he was a cold, hard man…. but that laugh was so bright and light hearted that all their first impressions disappeared… at least mostly.

“Why can’t I go to high school daddy?” the girl inquired, putting on a pouty lip.

The man chuckled and kissed his daughter’s cheek, “You’re not old enough Nevaeh. In a few years. Dale, help your sisters get their backpacks from the back.”

The boy, Dale, jumped out of the car and rushed to the back of the van to pull out his older siblings’ backpacks. The boy looked to be about ten with the brightest red hair that the Cullens had ever seen which covered most of his forehead and his eyebrows. His eyes were bright blue and while his features still looked human, it was like every single one of the children was perfect.

Edward caught a sense of Rose’s thoughts and looked at his adopted sister to see her squinting at the car. He read her thoughts and smirked, realizing that she was looking for the mother.

“Considering how otherworldly the kids look Rose,” Edward remarked in a low voice, “I’m sure the mother is the same.”

Rose rolled her eyes but nodded in agreement.

Just then, Jasper elbowed Edward and he turned his attention back to the van. Right then and there, Edward felt his whole world freeze. Seven of the children had filed out of the van. They were all teenagers, the oldest probably about Emmett’s age and the youngest about thirteen if that.

The two oldest boys had dark brown hair and held striking resemblance to their father. the three youngest were girls and all looked like they could be triplets but they weren’t. The twelve year old had straight red hair pulled up in a loose bun. The thirteen year old had wavy auburn hair and a rare eye color that they had never seen. it looked like she had shades of blue, amber and green all mixed together. The fourteen year old girl had golden wavy hair and truly was a beauty.

Above the three girls was a boy with bright blond hair, arching eyebrows like his father and firm lips and pointy nose. The only thing he didn’t inherit from his father was the blond hair.

However, Edward hadn’t taken any notice of them (Rose had of course). His eyes had fallen on one person and one person alone….the eldest girl. She was no doubt at least seventeen with long red hair that billowed about her pale shoulders and almost to her waist. Her eyes were so pale that for a moment, Edward thought they were pale blue or grey…. until he realized that both her eyes were different colors. While her right eye was a pale green, her left was a pale amber color.

Edward felt his eyes widen slightly and his mouth part as he took in every feature of the girl. Her pale skin was pale like her father’s but still had a tint of color to it just like her siblings, making her seem human… but not quite human. Her eyebrows were thin but full of expression like her father. Her nose wasn’t long and straight like her father’s but petite and small but perfect. Her chin was slightly pointed and upturned just slightly with a dented upper lip. Her lips were perfectly shaped and not too full nor to thin nor were they too red or too pale…. but a perfect rosy, warm color.

As Edward took in the rest of her features, he felt his head spinning and his legs began to feel weak. She was of slender build and wasn’t tall nor short but about Alice’s age, probably exactly the same height. Her slender, long legs (which she got from her father) were garbed in slender black jeans and a pair of high brown leather boots with a slight heel. She wore a white tank top that brought out her perfect curves, slender waist and perfect sized upper body while over that she wore a matching leather jacket similar to her father’s but hers was decorated on the sleeves with embroidered roses.

“Holy,” Emmett whispered. “SHe’s something.”

Rose was too busy staring as well to box Emmett but even if she did, everyone knew that Emmett only had eyes for Rose but there was something about that girl that refused to let any of the Cullens look away.

They watched as the father reached over and hugged each of his children, shaking his sons’ hands and kissing his daughters on the head before they headed off across the parking lot towards the school.

The father hustled the rest of the kids back into the van, closed the door and drove off. The CUllens had been so busy watching the teens that they didn’t notice the van drive past them until Edward turned and his eyes caught sight of the man. He was looking in his direction.

The first thing that popped into Edward’s mind was to read the man’s mind….but he couldn’t…the man’s mind was blank…. it was like something was holding Edward back from reading his mind. he tried reading the minds of all the kids in the van….but all he got was a soft singing voice and the sound of whistling trees…..why couldn’t he read their minds?

His eyes played on the man who was looking at him through the window. He was frustrated that he didn’t know what the man was thinking when a smile appeared on the man’s face and he turned, driving off. Edward felt annoyed. After not being able to read the man’s mind, he didn’t know if that smile was nice, mean, knowing or curious…. and it annoyed him.

“Edward!” Alice shouted just as Emmett clopped him on the head.

“Yeah?” he asked.

“You zoned you,” Jasper remarked, “We were calling you and screaming our thoughts at you. What’s up?

Edward shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t, “Nothing…. it’s nothing….”


The Cullen family split up to go to their separate classes. This ended in Emmett and Alice going to one classroom while Jasper, Edward and Rose headed to Chemistry. Edward had taken Biology the year before so to make sure no one was suspicious, he had taken Chemistry.

Rose and Jasper entered the room ahead of him but Edward froze the moment he closed the door behind him. The room was swimming with a scent that completely blew Edward away. It wasn’t the smell of blood that usually met his nose. That scent was still there but it was drowned out by a soft, forest scent. It was soft and gentle like flowers and the breeze, not hard and firm like cedar wood and smoke.

Edward tried to not make it look like he was sniffing the air but he couldn’t help it. He glanced at Jasper and Rose to see that they had also smelt it for their minds were swimming with it. Rose, however, having the strongest smelling of them all was the first to notice where the scent was coming from.

Edward moved his eyes to the front of the room where two unmistakably familiar teens were seated. It was the younger of the two boys and the eldest girl. The boy was smiling, whispering something to his sister who was beaming at what he said and trying to stifle a laugh.

Not realizing that he had been standing in the doorway for some time, Edward made his way over and sat down across the aisle from the two, a row back so he could watch the back of their heads without anyone noticing.

As he sat down, he tried to figure out what they were thinking but it was like there was a sound machine in their heads. He settled on the boy but all he heard was a soft purring, guttural purring sound like that of a large mammal… but the girl….all he could read was what sounded like a gentle wind chime somewhere in the distance…. the sound of trees waving in the wind…birds singing….squirrels chattering….why couldn’t he read her thoughts?

“Hello Edward,” a sickening voice said from his left.

Edward barely had to turn to know that the voice belonged to none other than Bella Swan. There was a time not long ago when Edward had found her attractive and her blood scent had almost intoxicated him. However, after getting to know her a bit and dating her for awhile, he soon discovered that Bella was nowhere near the person he needed in his life.

Edward had sensed almost every boy in Forks’ obsession with Bella but after Bella discovered his secret, met his family and they managed to protect her from James. However, after a while, Edward started to realize that there was something about Bella that just screamed at him to stop. There had been a time where he had admitted to loving Bella but then when Bella began asking weird questions about his virginity, dating past and so on, he started to realize that Bella didnt love him for who he was… but what he was. He was a man, attractive and intoxicating and she wanted him… and that was something Edward didnt want. if he ever found someone to love, he wanted her to love him back…. not covet him.

“Hey,” he remarked, turning his eyes back on the new kids.

Bella sat down next to him and after drawing out her school books, she pressed her thigh against his jeans in the hopes of getting his attention. Edward just scooted further away which earned a glare from the girl next to him.

When he had broken up with Bella, she had at first thought he was joking but after all the Cullens began to help Edward avoid Bella at school, she got the hint and began to hate all the Cullens after that, especially Alice who would give Edward a heads up whenever Bella would try to confront him.

Rose of course was the happiest when Edward broke up with Bella because she had hated Bella from the start.

Bella seemed to sense that Edward’s attention wasn’t on her at all and made it her mission to find out what his mind was on. it wasn’t long before she realized that Edward was watching the two new students for whenever the girl got up from her desk to walk over and talk to her eldest brother who sat on the other side of the room, Edward’s golden eyes followed her.

“WHat’s got your pants in a twist?” Bella asked, placing her hand on his knee under the desk, “New kids annoying you?”

Edward shook his head and roughly pushed Bella’s hand off his knee, “They intrigue me is all.”

Bella rolled her eyes. When the new kids had pulled into the school, just like every other girl, she had drooled over the two eldest boys who of course were the cutest things ever. Bella even admitted to Jessica that both came within matching Edward for looks.

Even though this wasn’t fair to her ex boyfriend, Edward could care less about who Bella was interested in now. Even hearing all the male thoughts (minus Emmett’s) in the classroom raving about Bella didnt affect him in the slightest. On the contrary, he was glad that most of the boys were still raving about Bella because he had a new problem.

When some more boys entered the classroom, Edward recognized them as boys who had tried flirting with Bella her first year. Now, he held no loathing to them…. until he heard that their thoughts weren’t on Bella….but on the new girl. Now, a cold hand clutched Edward’s heart and he felt a deep fury. He had been angry when he had liked Bella and boys had thought about her….but this was nowhere near the same…. it was ten times worse and it was just two boys, not the whole school!

“I dont know why. They annoy me!” Bella remarked. She was glad that Edward couldn’t hear her thoughts because at present, she was thinking about how her term ‘they’ was really mean to be ‘her’ because the girl was the only one who annoyed her while the boys of course intrigued her, “I ran into the girl in the hallway and she was chatting with those two boys who are apparently her brothers. They were raving about their mom having another baby. I mean, it was cute how her brothers were really excited but it made me sick how the girl seemed so excited.”

“What’s wrong with her mom having a baby?” Edward asked, “her family is obviously very into large healthy families.”

“I know that,” Bella snapped, “But then they started discussing names! Then her eldest brother asked what she would name the baby if it was hers and they began talking about how when they’re married, they’ll want to have a lot of kids too!”

“What is wrong with that?” Edward asked, still not seeing why that made Bella upset. In fact, it made him smile inside.

Bella rolled her eyes, “It’s one thing to have a guy interesting in having kids because that’s normal. Most guys want to have a kid of their own when they’re married. But for girls, it’s just sick!”

“Why is it sick?” Edward asked in a soft voice, still having his eyes on the new girl, “I would think it’s the other way around. Most girls nowadays don’t want kids or they just want to pleasure themselves and get pleasure if they are married or dating.” He said giving her a pointed look.

“Because when you have kids, you’re no longer the way you were before! Don’t you notice how different women who haven’t had kids are compared to women who have had kids?”

Edward shrugged, “They don’t look as happy.”

“Whatever,” Bella remarked rolling her eyes, “There’s no way I’m having children. I would never be the same.”

Edward looked up long enough to spy the oldest new boy toss a perfect paper airplane to his sister who caught it deftly and unfolded it. Even though Edward couldn’t hear her thoughts, he could see what was on the paper and it was a name suggestion: Renesmee Faith Vicasi or Roderick Quincy Vicasi?

Edward saw the girl turn and smile at her brother, her face showing one of agreement before she whispered it to her brother who sat next to her who seemed intrigued by the names as well. However, as their teacher came in and started class, Edward’s mind drifted to the names on the paper. Vicasi…. their last name was Vicasi.


Edward stood next to the jeep, leaning against the hood with his hands in his hoodie pockets and his hood up, shadowing his face. Rose and Emmett were already in the car and Jasper had gone back to locate Alice who always found a reason to get distracted.

“I’ll wager anything that those kids aren’t humans,” Rose remarked, “No human is that beautiful… well maybe one in a million but every single one of those kids is gorgeous, even the little ones.”

“Maybe their mother is one of those one in a million beauties,” Emmett suggested, “If they were vampires then we would know it. Besides, none of them had red, golden or even brown eyes. They almost all had blue.”

“And they cannot be dogs,” Edward hissed, spitting out the term for werewolves, “Their smell would be overwhelming.”

“That’s just the thing!” Rose cried, “They’re beautiful enough to be vampires but they’re almost human. However, they’re the complete opposite of werewolves! They’re beautiful, fair and they smell amazing but not in the blood thirst kind of way!”

Emmett nodded, “I barely noticed their blood scent and even though it smelt great, they just had a natural scent around them that just seemed to sooth me.”

Rose pointed her finger at Emmett and smiled, glad that he agreed with her. However, Edward’s mind had wandered to the figures that had appeared at the top steps of the school.

The Vicasi teens were all standing beside each other and Edward found himself mesmerized. The seven teens stood side by side with their shoulders almost touching, oldest to youngest. They looked like the perfect family with their matching shining eyes and perfect features and perfect hair. Edward noticed for the first time that the boys and the girls all matched. The boys wore dark blue jeans, blue sneakers and white t-shirts underneath unzipped leather jackets. The girls wore black skinny jeans, black ankle boots with a slight heel, pretty white blouses that gave the impression of breeze and spring.

“Yo Edward,” Emmett said, clapping his brother on the back of the head, “Stop staring or you’ll start drooling.”

Rose snickered as Alice and Jasper approached. Alice looked like she was about to bounce out of her skin with excitement while Jasper had a contented smile on his face.

“What’s your deal?” Rose inquired.

“Alice stopped by the library,” Jasper explained, “we didn’t have much time but we researched the Vicasi family. And guess what we saw before we had to leave?”


Jasper didn’t reply but looking over his shoulder, he jabbed his thumb at the figure who had appeared in the parking lot. All eyes turned and recognized the figure as the dark haired, blue eyed Mr. Vicasi. He strode towards the kids who all rushed over and hugged their dad who beamed at them.

As the kids began sprinting to their family van which was parked nearby the Cullens’ Edward’s eyes settled on the eldest girl. They were too far away for him to be able to hear their conversation but the girl seemed intrigued and curious while her father took on a rather surprised, but not entirely surprised look. He said something and smirked at his daughter before the girl skipped off towards the car.

Edward’s eyes were trained on the girl when suddenly he felt his heart surge when the girl stumbled on the last step and went hurling towards the curb. Edward didn’t know what came over him but he sprinted across the parking lot at vampire speed and caught the girl, using one arm to grab her waist and the other to wrap around her shoulders.

He held his arm on her waist till she managed to find her feet. Edward noticed with interest that the girl seemed light and almost bouncy on her feet like a young deer. She didn’t walk heavy like some girls or click her feet but softly and almost on her toes like a ballet dancer.

“Thanks,” the girl said as she stood up.

Edward watched the girl with wide eyes as she pushed her red hair out of her eyes and looked up at him. The sun reflected on her mix-matched eyes and Edward felt his breathing hitch.

“You’re welcome,” he whispered.

He felt a strong…almost too strong of a hand on his shoulder and turned to see Mr. Vicasi standing there, considering the boy with a smile on his face.

“Thanks for catching my daughter young man. You’re rather fast.”

The man held out his hand and Edward shook it, suddenly feeling his heart freeze at how cold Mr. Vicasi’s hand was….and how strong his grip was. Edward never noticed if someone had a strong grip because of his enhanced strength….but this man’s strength was at least equal to his.

“What’s your name lad?”

“Edward sir,” Edward replied, “Edward Cullen.”

Mr. Vicasi’s eyes widened a moment before he composed himself, “Cullen huh? Isnt your dad a doctor?”

Edward nodded, “That’s right sir.”

The man smiled and nodded, “Pleasure to meet you. Thank you again for coming to Kamber’s aid.”

‘Kamber’ Edward thought. So that was her name.

The girl smiled sweetly at him as he looked at her in wonder. He reminded her of an anime character from those shows that Alice would watch day and night. Her smile was perfect, her face perfectly shaped with a small pointed chin, perfect nose and fair face. Her eyes were big and alluring, making her seem even more beautiful and innocent.

“See you around,” the girl chirped before skipping off after her father.

Edward watched them go and would have stood there till they drove out of the parking lot but Jasper appeared at his side and dragged him back to the jeep at a human pace. Once they were inside, Edward peered out the window to see that the large family Vicasi van was passing in front of them as they exited the lot.

Just as they passed, Edward focused his eyes on Mr. Vicasi and he could have sworn that the man looked at him out of the corner of his eye and smiled….

“What were you thinking?” Rose hissed, “You’re lucky that no one noticed that you completely crossed the whole parking lot! Didn’t you learn anything from when you did that with Bella?”

Everyone noted how Rose spat out Bella’s name but ignored it.

“I’m sorry,” Edward whispered, “I just…did it. I didn’t even think about it.”

Rose flared, “Didn’t think about it!? You’re lucky that I like the family so much or I would hav your head for almost blowing our cover!”

“Easy Rose,” Emmett remarked, “Lucky for all of us, Mr. Vicasi and Kamber were polite and just seemed to think that he was fast.”

Edward had to admit he was surprised that neither seemed shocked, but what he didn’t understand was what the deal was with Mr. Vicasi. He wasn’t a vampire because his eyes were blue….but his hand was so cold….and his grip incredibly strong like a vampire’s….but he couldn’t read his mind…it was like the man wasn’t thinking of anything!

“Edward?” Alice asked, “You zoned out. WHat’s wrong?”

Edward shook his head, “Just thinking of something….it’s nothing.”

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