Over the Mountains


Persephone is not your average Middle Earth person... she is part elf, part dwarf, part skin changer and part wizard. That makes for very few friends and allies... until she meets the company of Thorin Oakenshield and makes lifelong friends... and maybe... just maybe she will find her soulmate.

Romance / Fantasy
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Hello! This is very important so be sure to read this before continuing! You are probably wondering why the longest of my stories is just 15 chapters long. Well the truth is, the chapters are VERY LONG! My process is that i first post my stories on Quotev when they are in the “ongoing” stage and once I finish the story, I move it to Tumblr (the-jade-cross), Wattpad (Jadecross4ever) and also here. I kept getting nailed for the fact that my chapters were only 1,000 words long so whenever I move completed stories from Quotev to my other writing profiles, I combine every 3-5 chapters to make the chapters longer. If you don’t like long chapters, check out my quotev profile: FairyofHogwarts. Also, I have 7 “firstly” stories that I am currently updating on a weekly basis, one story for each day of the week. I also have 7 “secondary” stories that will take the place of the “firstly” stories once I finish them as well as a couple “thirdly” stories. At the end of this story, I posted the names of my ongoing and preproduction stories so you get an idea of what is to come sometime in the year 2021:) Enjoy!

My name is Persephone Anatello. My first name is pronounced (p-ur-s-eh-f-oh-n-ee) and my last name is pronounced (Anne-uh-tell-oh).

I an 99 years old but I only look like I could be twenty or so. I have deep brown hair and leaf green eyes. I was born alongside by twin brother, Prometa (Pro-m-eh-t-ah) but he died during a war. My mother was a halfbreed: half dwarf half elf. Her mother was an elf and her father was a dwarf. My father…was also halfbreed: half skin changer (on his mother’s side) and half wizard (on his father’s side). In that case, I’m not a half breed but more like a quarter breed. I am part elf, dwarf, skin changer and wizard!

With all of these heritages, I have many powers. From my mother’s side I have developed mostly my style of fighting and my features. I am petite like a dwarf, but not as short as a hobbit, standing about four feet tall at most. That is taller than most hobbits luckily. I don’t possess the dwarves’s rugged figure but rather the slender, graceful and delicate body of an elf, including the ears but they aren’t as pointed as most elves, but they’re pointy none the less.

I have no beard (THANK THE HEAVENS!) but my dark hair (according to my parents) came from the dwarf side. It’s thick and hardy like a dwarves but soft and silky like an elf’s. I have developed the strength, endurance and stubbornness of the dwarves but the agility, gracefulness, patience and good manners as well as fighting style from the elves.

My fighting style is a mixture of all my ancestors so most people think I am a completely rare race myself. Most people call me A Whisperer but before my brother died, he named our ‘race’ Faerie.

The traits that I have inherited from my father is my ability to transform into a wolf. My father’s ancestor was a fox skin changer but I turned out to be a wolf skin changer. most people don’t believe it because I don’t look like most skin changers when I am in human form. I can fool anyone. I’m not as tall nor aggressive and am actually very kind and a good companion when in wolf form. I can transform whenever I wish but sometimes I cannot help it especially if I’m upset, scared or angry.

From my wizard heritage, I have developed the ability to use some magic. I can conjure fire, water, light as well as a levitating spell but sometimes they don’t work especially if something is on my mind, I’m wounded or upset.

As far as features go besides my hair, my parents told me that my green eyes came from my skin changer side for they are the rarest green color ever.

However, they match my rich brown hair perfectly, setting off the copper colors in my hair. Of course however, my hair and eyes change color whenever I am going through transformation from human to wolf, or when I am using my wizard magic. During that time, my eyes turn violet and my hair takes on several shades of purple and pink.This soon developed into the wizards referring to me as the Purple Wizard or the Wizard of the Milky Way.

Having all these talents soon proved my downfall for no dwarves or humans would let me near them. My elven people of Rivendell took me in shortly after my brother was killed in battle and I stayed with them for a good part of my life. After that I went and lived with Gandalf the Gray for a time as well as Radagast on and off. I never lived with men or dwarves but I ran into them occasionally. In terms of skin changers, they were all wiped out before I was born so I never found any of my skin changer people.

By the time I turned 80, I ran away from other people but kept in touch with the elves and wizards. I lived on my own in the wilderness, wandering around and exploring. Before long I knew almost every single corner of the world. I worked as a spy for the wizards and elves and made many friends especially with Arwen, Elrond and Galadrial.

It wasn’t until I was 99 that I received a visit from the Wizard. Gandalf had a mission for me…. but that meant I would have to come out of hiding. Well, better late than never.


“So listen here Sepha,” the wizard said, using Persephone’s nickname. “I’ll be going in with the dwarves. I want you to wait until all the dwarves arrive.”

“How will I know when they’re all here?” Persephone whispered.

The two were hiding in the bushes of the garden, watching the dwarves who were one by one approaching the hobbit hole.

“I’ll let you know when I want you to come in,” Gandalf whispered. “How about that?”

Sepha nodded and sat back in the bushes, “I’ll just stay here then.”

Gandalf nodded and got up, brushing himself off and heading to the door just as a group of dwarves arrived.

Sepha drew out her two swords and began to run her fingers over the elvish runes.

The swords she had fashioned herself but in memory of her mother, she had etched in elvish designs to the blade, as well as styling the sword to look ancient elvish. However, on the other side of the sword that most people didn’t see, she had etched dwarfish designs.

After a while she set the sword back onto the hilts on her back. She messed with the iron wrist brace that she wore on her left wrist. After her brother died, she had decided to hold her race with pride. People always tried guessing which race she was so she decided to make Faerie’s official even though there had only been two…. and only one was still alive. She had fashioned a large metal bracelet type thing that came from below her elbow to her wrist, hugging her arms snugly. Two strips of thin metal ran around her middle finger, connecting the brace.

Etched deep into the brace were designs that she had designed herself, making them ‘Faerie’ designs. most of them were shaped like skin changers with a mixture of dwarf and elf designs intertwined as well as magical designs for their wizard culture. On the underneath where no one but she could see, she etched in her family tree in Khuzdul and around the tree was a wolf, a swirl of magic, a dwarf axe, an elvish arrow and at the top, her brother’s name in elvish.

She was brought out of her thoughts when she heard a knocking beside her. Turning, she saw Gandalf looking at her through a window, winking at her. Time to go inside.

Standing up, she pulled her hood on and pulled her mask over her face, only letting her green eyes show. She put her swords onto her back and put her left hand under her cloak. She didn’t want to flash her Faerie band just yet.

She knocked firmly on the door and it was answered by a little man whom she guessed was Bilbo. he was shorter than her and looked slightly shocked.

“GAAAAANNNNDDAAAALLLLFFFF?????” Bilbo called, looking at the girl uncertainly.

Gandalf arrived within seconds and smiled at Persephone, “Ah there you are my dear. Come on in.”

Sepha stepped inside and soon saw that she was the last person to arrive. There was a host of dwarves standing in the kitchen doorway, all of them crowding to see who had arrived. She glanced over them quickly and caught sight of two young dwarves who looked about her age, both staring in awe. The tallest dwarf was bald and had his arms crossed, considering the girl thoughtfully. However, the dwarf who was obviously a leader had his eyebrows down.

“Who is this Gandalf?” a young dwarf asked quietly.

“Everyone, I would like you to meet the fifteenth member of the company: Persephone Anatello.” Gandalf said. “Persephone, I would like you to meet THorin Oakenshield.”

The leader stepped forward and looked slightly down at the girl. Persephone considered him from beneath her hood, not letting him even see the color of her eyes. He was strikingly handsome with ebony black hair, the brightest blue eyes she had ever seen and firm features.

“We are not taking a woman with us Gandalf,” Thorin snapped.

Persephone rolled her eyes which at once caught the attention of FIli and Kili.

“Uncle, we don’t even know anything about her. She might be a really good fighter.” Kili suggested.

THorin snorted, “She wont even show her face.”

Sighing, Persephone reached up and pulled her hood back, letting her brown hair down and revealing her bright green eyes. Everyone was taken aback by her beautiful eyes but they weren’t prepared when she pulled her mask down.

Fili took a step back in shock and Kili’s jaw dropped open.

“By my beard,” Bofur whispered to Nori, “She’s a bonnie lass!”

An old dwarf, Balin, stepped forward and considered the girl, “How old are you lass?”

Sepha smiled, knowing that they all probably thought she was a human, “99 sir.”

Balin’s eyebrows shot up and Sepha saw Thorin’s eyes widen in surprise.

“I am part dwarf,” she explained. “That’s why I’m short.”

Fili snickered when Kili frowned, not liking the idea of being called short.

“What about fighting?” Dwalin inquired, towering over the girl.

Sepha looked up at the huge intimidating dwarf with no fear in her eyes. This surprised everyone for Dwalin was rather frightening. She smiled. “Swords.”

Dwalin looked at THorin in time to see a faint smile lick across the dwarf’s face. Thorin was especially fond of the sword, even over an axe. That was a good first impression on Sepha’s part.

“I like her,” Fili chirped while Kili still gawked.

Balin nodded, “I think she would be a good asset to the team.”

“Sepha is also a trained healer,” Gandalf pointed out. “She is also extremely talented in navigation and tracking.”

“I’m in,” Dwalin remarked.

All eyes turned to Dwalin in surprise. He was considering the girl with a firm look but a smile on his face. He was nodding slowly.

“Never judge a book by it’s cover. Let’s give her a try.”

All eyes turned to Thorin who was pinching the bridge of his nose. He obviously wasn’t all for it. He sighed.

“Fine. But on a trial basis.”

epha tried to avoid the dwarves at all costs while they lingered around the place, bothering the poor hobbit. She soon found her way into the kitchen where Nori and Ori were putting the dishes away. She could tell they would be there a while so she twirled her fingers, not letting them see her in the shadows.

Suddenly, the dishes began to float and levitate to their cabinets, leaving Ori and Nori stunned. Halfway through, the two let out horrified squeals and rushed from the kitchen. Sepha chuckled to herself, finishing her job and turning.

That was when she realized that two pairs of eyes were staring at her in awe: Fili and Kili.

“That is absolutely brilliant!” Kili gushed. “How did you do that?”

Sepha smiled, “I’m part wizard on my father’s side.”

“but you’re part dwarf too?” Fili inquired, “That is officially the coolest thing I have ever seen!”

Sepha chuckled and pulled her hood over her hair, leaving her mask down, “What are you guys going to do next? It’s a few hours before it’s time for bed.”

The two nodded, “Thorin is calling us into the sitting room. Come on.”

The two grabbed each of her hands and pulled her into the living room. All the dwarves were there and Sepha could see Gandalf sitting in the other room, nearby while Bilbo was in his bedroom, the door open.

Sepha didn’t want to intrude because of the silence in the room, she knew that this was a dwarfish thing. Pulling away from Fili and Kili, she stood in the doorway, arms crossed, partially in the shadows.

She could see the smoke from the pipes make swirls in the air and it smelled sweet to her. Suddenly, the silence was broken by a deep baritone voice singing and Sepha realized in shock that it was THorin!

He was staring into the fire, one arm on the mantle, singing deeply as the other dwarves began to join him.

Far over the misty mountains cold
To dungeons deep and caverns old
We must away ere break of day
To find our long-forgotten goldThe pines were roaring on the height
The winds were moaning in the night
The fire was red, it flaming spread
The trees like torches blazed with light

When they finished, Sepha found herself smiling. One by one, the dwarves said goodnight to each other and headed out of the room, off to find a corner of the room to sleep. Soon, it was only Dwalin, Fili and Kili in the room. Kili was staring at the fire, almost sadly while Fili had an arm around his shoulders. Dwalin had a hand on his shoulder, patting it.

“Kili,” Sepha said, stepping into the dim light, “Are you alright?”

The youngest dwarf nodded, “it’s just…. this is my first time really being away from home and…. I don’t know….”

Sepha smiled and sat down on the other side of Kili. She wrapped her arm around his shoulders and the dwarf laid his head on her shoulder.

“I know what it feels like,” she whispered. “I had to leave my home… when I was young and I felt lost and alone. Even though there were people to care for me, I felt like I didn’t belong.”

“What happened to your parents?” Kili whispered.

Sepha stiffened and Kili sensed it, “You don’t have to tell me if you dont want to.”

“They… were killed in war,” she whispered, “So was my twin brother… Prometa.”

“I’m sorry lass,” Dwalin said, standing by the mantle where Thorin had stood not long ago, “No one that young should lose their loved ones.”

Sepha nodded and stroked Kili’s hair and she felt him shiver, “What do you miss about home the most Kili?”

FIli and Dwalin could tell right away that she was trying to comfort him so they didn’t say anything.

“I miss my mother…. she was a woman…. but she was so strong too! So brave when everyone else was scared or upset. She was the strongest person I know…” Kili whispered.

Sepha smiled and hugged him tighter, “Never feel like you should feel ashamed of missing your mother. It’s the cowards who say that they don’t miss their mothers, or sisters or wives. It’s the strong brave ones who know that we aren’t here to make them seem weak, but to help them be stronger.”

Kili sniffed and sighed, “Can you sing something? My mom always sang when Fili and Kili were scared.”

Fili was about to point out that she hadn’t done that since they were kids but Sepha’s smiled cut him off.

“Sure thing.”

Fili sat forward, watching Sepha and Dwalin considered the young girl. Her face seemed to relax and her features lit up as her angelic, soft voice gently filled the room with a soft sensation that the dwarves had never felt before.

I saw the light fade from the sky
On the wind I heard a sigh
As the snowflakes cover my fallen brothers
I will say this last goodbyeNight is now falling
So ends this day
The road is now calling
And I must away
Over hill and under tree
Through lands where never light has shone
By silver streams that run down to the sea

Under cloud, beneath the stars

Over snow one winter’s morn
I turn at last to paths that lead home
And though where the road then takes me
I cannot tell
We came all this way
But now comes the day
To bid you farewell

Many places I have been
Many sorrows I have seen

But I don’t regret
Nor will I forget
All who took the road with me

Night is now falling

So ends this day
The road is now calling
And I must away
Over hill and under tree
Through lands where never light has shone
By silver streams that run down to the sea

To these memories I will hold

with your blessings I will go

to turn at last to paths that lead home

and though where the road then takes me

I cannot tell

We came all this way

but now comes the day

to bid you farewell

I bid you all a very fond farewell

When she finally finished, Fili’s mouth was practically dangling open, Dwalin was smiling fondly at the girl and Kili was sound asleep, on the verge of snoring. Not looking at Fili or Dwalin, Persephone reached over and slipped from underneath Kili’s head so that he was lying in front of the fire.

“Brisingr,” she whispered, fire shooting from her fingers and making the fire burn brighter.

Dwalin jumped slightly at that but Fili just grinned in awe. As the girl slowly stepped into the kitchen, where she was going to bunk down for the night, Dwalin caught sight of Thorin standing in the doorway. His blue eyes were staring in wonder after Persephone while the rest of him was silent and serious… but calm.

Dwalin smirked and headed past THorin to get some sleep, “She’s a special one,” he whispered as he passed. “I can tell.”

When the dwarf was gone, THorin looked at where Persephone had curled up against the warm stone wall next to the fireplace. He had to admit that even though it wasnt the most comfortable position, sleeping sitting up, her idea of sitting against the hot stones wasn’t a bad idea.

“We’ll see,” Thorin whispered, looking from the girl to his two nephews who were sleeping by the fire.

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