Fairy of Hogwarts


Arya Gerasimov hopes that once she enters Hogwarts, it will help her move on from the tragic murder of her twin sister... but she was not prepared to be singled out from the rest, especially by a certain platinum blond haired Slytherin.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

*Warning! I wrote this several years ago so it’s kinda short and cringe worthy! My new Draco Malfoy x OC story: A Malfoy’s Potter will be coming out soon!

“Arya! Ashanya! It’s time to come in girls!” their mother called.

The late evening sun was just beginning to fall behind the trees, sending out a reddish color through the sky. The two red haired girls who sat on the grass behind their house looked up. They had decided it was time that they enjoyed the last few days of summer before they had to platform 9 ¾ to bid farewell to their two eldest siblings, Aiden and Austen who were already enrolled in Hogwarts in their second and first years.

They were beautiful twins, even though they were far different from the rest of their family. Arya and Ashanya Gerasimov came from a rather large family, both parents having blue eyes and bright red hair… and all their kids having similar features… flaming red hair and blue eyes. The only way they could tell the two sisters apart was the fact that Ashanya kept her hair cut shorter.

“Coming!” the two girls shouted.

Reaching over, Arya, the younger of the two sisters, grabbed her kitten, Twinkle from the grass and stood up. She reached down and helped pull her sister (Who was older by five minutes) up, who was holding her own kitten, Star.

“Are you going to miss Aiden when he leaves?” Arya asked.

Ashanya, even though she was only five minutes older than her twin, was almost like the mother of the two: protecting Arya, giving her advice and being the more mature of the two since Arya was still such a wee little child at heart, even though they were barely seven.

“Yeah,” she admitted, “Not as much as Austen though.”

While the twins were as alike as two peas in a pod, one of the greatest differences was who was their favorite big sibling. Holly always went for Austen, their motherly, slightly bossy but lovable big brother while Arya on the other hand, practically adored Aiden. If she wasn’t with Ashanya, Arya was following Aiden around like a puppy. Of course, no one could blame her for Aiden was said to be one of the most handsome young boys ever, having the brightest blue eyes and fire red hair and some really sharp features. However, the reason Arya loved him so much and practically idolized him was because Aiden was always there to save her from bullies.

When Arya and Ashanya were three years old, they began showing signs of something out of the norm so they were taken to Hogwarts. They spent a good part of that year there, bonding with all the staff and the professors. They even began to be called the little mascots of Hogwarts. During their time there though, Arya had gotten lost and had been found by a few kids who found it funny that a three year old little girl was wandering about. Aiden had come to her rescue and from then on, he was her favorite big sibling.

“Austen’s great,” Arya admitted before something caught her eye.

Far off in the distance, she caught sight of what appeared to be a man, but he looked so dark and evil, he couldn’t have been a man. His hair was black, his face twisted… he looked like a snake for his tongue kept sticking out like a snake.

“Ashanya who…” Arya started.

Before either girl could process what was happening, the front door of their house flew open and their parents, Austen and Aiden burst out. Asher was right behind with all the rest of their siblings crowding to see.

“Girls get back!” Mr. Jones yelled, running towards the girls with his wife close behind.

Ashanya and Arya began running towards the house.

“Aiden, Austen, protect the girls!” Mrs. Jones yelled. “Asher, keep the kids inside.”

Grudgedly, Asher held his younger siblings inside while Aiden and Austen rushed down the stairs towards the twins.

“Stay away from them!” Mr. Jones yelled, bringing out his wand.

The stranger just grinned evilly and raised his own, “Oh I’m just after one… to implement a little pain.”

Everything after that seemed to go in slow motion. Austen and Aiden were in mid stride, rushing at full speed with their wands in their hands, rushing to get to their twin sisters. Their mom and dad had skidded to a stop and held up their wands, about to fire protonas charms but the stranger flicked his wand with his hand.

“Avra Kadavra!”

The green light sped from his wand and went straight for a particular red haired little girl who was running alongside her best friend… her twin sister….

Arya didn’t know what happened but the next minute she was on the ground, having tripped. Looking up, she saw Aiden rush to her and help her up, hugging her close to him. She saw her parents chase off the stranger who seemed to disappear in a puff of black smoke… and Austen… was kneeling on the ground, his shoulders shaking. Arya already knew what had happened… she didn’t need to ask.


rya! Time for breakfast dear!“ her mother called from downstairs.

Arya rolled over in bed. In the bedroom that she had to herself. Being the only girl in the family since Ashanya’s death, she was the only one who didn’t have to share a room.

Sitting up, Arya grabbed her brush and began to brush her red hair, yawning deeply. Twinkle came over and curled up on her lap happily, looking up at her owner. Twinkle was a pure grey cat with almost downy hair and big green eyes.

“Morning,” the girl yawned.

She quickly changed into a bright, springy outfit, pink slim jeans with matching pink nail polish and pink earrings. She then grabbed a light creamy satin blouse with matching flats and hurried downstairs.

When she arrived in the kitchen, she wasn’t surprised to find that all her other siblings were already awake and at the kitchen table, except Asher.

It had been five years since Arya’s twin sister Ashanya was murdered in cold blood by a death eater. Since then, the large Gerasimov family had lived in hiding in a country cabin out in the mountains. Arya absolutely loved it, especially since she was allowed to have her own horse and their number of pets (namely cats and owls) was never limited.

Sitting at the head of the table, where their father usually sat was Aiden. Aiden had just recently turned fifteen and was going into his fourth year at Hogwarts. His red hair was spiked up and his blue eyes were unusually blue that morning. He was fair skinned, like all the Gerasimov kids which helped set off his red hair and blue eyes.

Aiden of course, had only gotten more handsome over the years and Austen would come home with all kinds of stories about how girls at Hogwarts were practically swooning over Aiden, though the boy had shown no interest in girls. This personally made Arya happy, since she and Aiden had gotten even closer since Ashanya died and Arya felt better knowing that there wasn’t another girl in Aiden’s life… at least not yet.

Austen had rounded out into quite a handsome boy of fourteen, going into his fourth year at Hogwarts. His eyes had turned out to be more of a grey than a blue like their father’s but he had the full, perfectly shaped lips like their mother, high cheekbones and creamy skin. Of course he inherited the red hair.

“Good morning,” Arya yawned, sitting down next to Axel and Aaron.

“Morning,” her mom chirped, handing her a plate of eggs and bacon, “Eat up. It’s a big day!”

Arya was halfway into her first piece of bacon when she registered what her mom said, “What do you mean?”

She looked at all her siblings to see that Aiden and Austen were trying to not make eye contact with her, but smiling to themselves. Alex and Aaron were grinning ridiculously and all the others were watching Arya constantly.

“What did I do?”

“Oh you didn’t do anything wrong Arya!” Aiden chirped, leaning forward and sliding an envelope towards her, “This arrived by owl mail this morning.”

Arya slowly peered at the letter and nearly jumped out of her chair when she recognized the handwriting. After Ashanya was killed, Arya was sent to Hogwarts to stay with her ‘other family’, better known as the professors at Hogwarts. That way they were able to keep a close eye on the girl, in case the death eater wanted to kill Arya as well but also because they had discovered something about Arya that no one had before… Arya wasn’t going to be a witch or wizard like the rest of her family…. she was a fairy.

Fairies went extinct almost twenty years prior during Voldemort’s reign. He sought to destroy them because they were the witch and wizard’s greatest allies. they were twice as strong, ten times more cunning and a thousand times more powerful than any witch or wizard… this was because they had special powers. The only fairies that anyone knew the name of were: Garret, Paulson and Thompson, having the powers of gravity, lightning and fire. When Arya was brought to Hogwarts for her safety after Holly’s death, Snape was assigned to make sure that no one was tempering with Arya’s brain or her heart.

Snape soon discovered that the girl had elemental powers… but not just one like all the others fairies… but all the elemental powers! No one knew how she was a fairy for it wasn’t a genetic thing but Dumbledore knew right away that Arya was destined to be great.Â

“It’s my acceptance letter!” Arya hooted, “I’m going to go to Hogwarts!!”

“Arya! Don’t forget Twinkle!” Aiden called.

Arya sprinted from her room, across the hall to the small empty room that she and her siblings use as a TV room. There, she found what she was looking for. Her, Axel, Alex, Anthony and Aaron’s cats were all sitting comfortably on the window sill, looking out happily at the warm sunshine.

“Twinkle,” Arya called to her grey cat, “Time to go! We have to go to Diagon Alley!”

Twinkle obediently hurried to Arya and the girl scooped him up. Rushing back to her room, she allowed Twinkle to climb into her peach pink backpack. Arya quickly finished changing, pulling on a peach dress that came to her ankles in the front and slightly longer in the back with strap sleeves and a brown belt. Over that she pulled on a blue jean jacket and cream colored flats.

She quickly grabbed her traveling backpack which held all the clothes she would use on her free days and her pajamas. Aiden had run Arya through all the things she needed to know about packing and traveling to Hogwarts. he suggested Arya use her black backpack with all the adorable pink embroidery flowers for all the things she would need other than the stuff she would find in Diagon Alley. he then had Arya leave her pink backpack free to carry Twinkle and to fill with all her little accessories. The larger accessories were easier to carry like her cauldron. Since Arya had Twinkle, she didn’t have to worry about getting a new pet in Diagon Alley.

Rushing down the stairs, she almost collided with Axel and Anthony

“Oh sorry,” Arya excused, placing her bags on the ground to give the two a farewell hug, “I’m going to miss you two.”

Axel gave her a tearful hug before Anthony gave her one as well, but didn’t say anything.

“I can still write you know,” Arya pointed out, causing Anthony to smile at her. “I’ll tell you two everything that happens while I’m gone!”

“We’ll do that,” Axel told her. “And we’ll have Balthazar do all the mail carrying.”

Arya grinned. Balthazar was technically her owl. After Aiden and Austen returned from Diagon Alley with two owls, their barn was soon full of baby owls all over the place. Of course, their parents couldn’t get rid of them if they wanted to avoid the broken hearts of their kids. Balthazar was a jet black owl and wasn’t exactly fast, but he could fly much longer and further than all the others.

“You do that.”

“Ready to go Arya?” Aiden called from the front door.

“We’re ready to go,” Austen announced, picking up his orange cat Sam from the window sill and putting him in his bag. he then hurried out onto the front porch to put his owl, Roger, into his cage. Asher grudgedly picked up his mix match colored cat Jewels and shoved her into his backpack before heading off to find his owl Firestorm.

The Gerasimov family had made it a rule that you couldn’t take three animals to Hogwarts from home. You could take one pet from home, then get a second pet from Diagon Alley if you wanted. In that case, Arya wasn’t allowed to take Balthazar not only because he was the best mail carrier but also because she wanted to get a pet from Diagon Alley as well. Saying her farewells to Balthazar, Arya headed to the car that was sitting at the end of the drive.

Austen was carefully putting his white owl’s cage into the back of the care while Asher just left his brown owl’s cage near the back. Aiden grabbed Firestorm’s cage and his own which held his armadillo, Bunji. Aiden reached out and took Arya’s bags for her and placed them in the back while Arya climbed into the car next to Austen.

Asher pushed past the two and took the back seat to himself while Aiden climbed in the front seat next to their dad. Then they were off.

About an hour later, Austen gently woke Arya from her nap to reveal that they had arrived in Diagon Alley. Saying their farewells to their dad, they headed off into the Leaky Cauldron before going into Diagon Alley.

Arya had been to the alley before in her childhood but not recently. She felt like a kid in a candy store as she headed through the stores with her siblings. Soon she got her robes, her cauldron and all the little things she needed. Then, she was off to the wand store.

“Listen Arya,” Aiden told her, “Asher and Austen are off to get some potion stuff down the alley. I’m going across the street to get your pet. I’ll meet you outside the potion shop okay?”

Arya nodded and headed indoors. The moment she entered, Ollivander considered the girl a moment before smiling.

“Well if it isnt Arya Gerasimov, the last fairy!” he remarked, hurrying over. “Never though I would see you here! You know fairies don’t need wands but it never hurts to have one on hand.”

Arya puzzled over this as he went searching for few wand options. After trying two that didn’t work, Arya spoke up.

“Excuse me, what do you mean that fairies don’t need wands?”

Ollivander grinned knowingly, “You know how you are able to control the elements? And not just one but all of them? How you can light a candle with your finger or make the water in your cup move? Well no wizard or witch can do that, but you can also conjure spells, charms and jinxes without a wand! A popular spell is Expeliamus but witches and wizards can only do it with a wand. You my dear, don’t need a wand to do that!”

As Ollivander headed off to get another wand, Arya decided to try it out. She considered the man as he headed back with another wand and quickly pointed out him, “Expelliamus!”

Right away, the box shot from Ollivander’s hand and landed right in Arya’s open palm. The man grinned and clapped his hand while Arya stared in wonder.

“Excellent Miss!”

Five minutes later, after Ollivander asked her to try a few other spells like Stupify, Confundus, Reparo and Leviosa, Arya headed out with her wand.

she stopped on the front steps of the shop to slip her wand into her pink bag and she checked to make sure Twinkle was alright. Deciding it was getting crowded in there for the cat, she allowed her out and held the cat in her arms.

Arya headed down the alley, in search of the potion shop when she collided with someone. The books in her bag went spilling all over the place and she dropped Twinkle who let out a squeal. Arya cringed as her knee struck the cobblestones and probably scraped.

“I’m sorry,” Arya apologized, slowly standing up.

As she climbed to her feet, she lifted her eyes and came face to face with a pair of icy grey eyes. The boy before her looked to be about a year or two older than her and taking in the fact that his robes were green, she guessed that this wasn’t his first year at Hogwarts. His platinum blond hair was pushed back and honestly, he wasn’t bad looking.

“Are you a Weasley?” the boy asked without bothering to introduce himself. “I don’t remember any Weasley’s having blue eyes and being so pretty.”

For a second, Arya felt flattered at his description of her being pretty, but realized that he must have thought her to be related to someone and she didn’t like how he spat the name, “No… my name is Arya Gerasimov.”

With that, she stuck out her and to shake his. The boy looked at her hand in surprise, then back at her smiling, pretty face in perplexity. Arya didn’t know what had him confused but finally he reached out and shook her hand.

“I’m Draco… Draco Malfoy.”

Arya smiled, “Cool name.”

This seemed to only confuse Draco even more to the point where he was staring at the girl. Arya didn’t seem to notice and began to pick up her things. She carefully scooped Twinkle up and held her close.

“Draco, who’s this?’ a voice asked.

The two looked up to see two boys heading in Draco’s direction, both of them looking a little on the heavy side.

“I’m Arya,” the girl said, holding her hand out to the two boys.

Instead of the two shaking her hand, they just stared at her in perplexity but the also looked confused as to why she was being so polite.

“This is Crabbe and Goyle,” Draco introduced, “This is Arya Gerasimov.”

“The girl who doesn’t watch where she is going and who is going to get in deep with her brother if she doesn’t hurry,” Arya finished. “I’ve got to go. Nice meeting you!”

With that, she hurried off after giving the three boys a wave which they all returned.

“Ronald Weasley!” Professor Mcgonagal called.

The red haired boy climbed up the stairs and Arya watched him. So he’s a Weasley. She saw why the boy, Draco had thought she was one because she had run into Fred and George Weasley on the train and all of them had red hair. Easy misunderstanding.

“Gryffindor!” Arya jumped. she had zoned out! Now there were only a few students left.

“Luna Lovegood.”

A blond haired girl stepped up and sat down the stool. Minerva set the hat on her head and at once it shouted, “RAVENCLAW!”

Arya smiled. Luna looked like a nice person. Honestly, she had no idea which house she would end up in. Aiden was in Gryffindor and Austen was in Hufflepuff. Asher, who had started a year early was in Slytherin so there was a chance she could end up anywhere.

“Arya Gerasimov!” minerva called.

The girl slowly stepped up and saw that all the professors were smiling at her, even Snape. She smiled back. The professors were like a second family to her. Minerva smiled as she sat down.

“Good luck dear.”

she sat the hat on the girl’s head and the hat began to talk.

“Ah another Gerasimov…. you’re special though. I can sense it. You have the magic and talents of a witch…. but the strength of a wizard… yet…. you are special. You are the last remaining Faerie! Talented in the elements, special to all…. you touch everyone you come near…. you are brave, good for a Gryffindor but too thoughtful and kind to be there. You wouldn’t do well in Slytherin…. you’re too pure for that…. Hufflepuff would do well but you’re also intelligent and not shy…. I would say, RAVENCLAW!”

Arya smiled as the Ravenclaw table went up in cheers. she hopped off the bench and ran over to the table. AT once, Luna held out her hand and Arya shook it.



“Lovely to meet you! I’ve heard so much about you!”

“Like what?” Arya inquired.

“Oh about your talents,” Luna said. “There’s a lot in the library about faeries. Also, the professors all know you.”

Arya smiled. She was going to like this school!

After the feast, Luna and Arya looped arms and headed to the Ravenclaw dormitory with all the other Ravenclaws.

“So your brothers are Aiden and Austen?” the Patil sisters asked.

Arya nodded and the two girls squealed, “They’re so freaking adorable! Especially Austen! Oh he makes your heart melt!”

Arya chuckled and headed into her room. She and Luna shared a room which was nice.

As she was unpacking, an owl landed on her sill and held a message. Taking it, she stroked the bird’s nose and he cooed. Arya unrolled the letter and read it in her head.

Ravenclaw huh? That’s cool! Shame you weren’t put into Slytherin! Ravenclaw is better than Gryffindor though. See you around.


Arya smiled, recognizing the initials as those of Draco. Already she had a close friend in Luna, a pretty good friend in Draco, a friend in Fred and George and in the professors.

She really was going to like Hogwarts.

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