The Lion, the Witch, and the Elph


Some people live for the sake of living... or for the sake of having a good life. Not Rhea. She had one purpose in life: to protect man when they entered the land of Narnia. Friendship, emotions, hatred... affection... love... were never a part of the deal... will Rhea stick to her purpose or will she defy the stars?

Romance / Fantasy
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Hello! This is very important so be sure to read this before continuing! You are probably wondering why the longest of my stories is just 15 chapters long. Well the truth is, the chapters are VERY LONG! My process is that i first post my stories on Quotev when they are in the “ongoing” stage and once I finish the story, I move it to Tumblr (the-jade-cross), Wattpad (Jadecross4ever) and also here. I kept getting nailed for the fact that my chapters were only 1,000 words long so whenever I move completed stories from Quotev to my other writing profiles, I combine every 3-5 chapters to make the chapters longer. If you don’t like long chapters, check out my quotev profile: FairyofHogwarts. Also, I have 7 “firstly” stories that I am currently updating on a weekly basis, one story for each day of the week. I also have 7 “secondary” stories that will take the place of the “firstly” stories once I finish them as well as a couple “thirdly” stories. At the end of this story, I posted the names of my ongoing and preproduction stories so you get an idea of what is to come sometime in the year 2021:) Enjoy!

Some people live because they enjoy life. They look forward to the next day… the next minute. They have something that is keeping them alive whether it is the joy, the fun, the excitement or pleasure of life that keeps them alive. Others live so that they might serve others. Some do not wish to be alive and spend their life trying to end it…. that’s not my story.

I was born, having lost both my parents at childbirth. My father died of a broken heart after my mother died giving birth to me. They were the last of our kind…. besides me… which meant that I am the only living Elph left. Now I know what you might be thinking: oh like an elf. Small, pointy ears, lives forever. That’s not me at all. Elphs are special. We live for eternity until the time is right for us to go… whether we die from some illness, injury or from a broken heart, we all die eventually. We age differently than what you might think. We are not frozen in time like vampires where we are one age for our whole lives…. we age about a year every thousand years. In short, I am basically 15000 years old (15 human years in appearance). Every thousand years, I age a year… which is one reason why I must stay hidden.

You see, my reason to live is not a selfish one… but one built on a promise. The only memory I have of my father and mother are of the day I was born when both asked me to promise them that I would find a reason to live and I would never give up on life.

​​​​​​​It wasn’t until I was 12000 (12) years old that I found a reason to live. I met Polly Plummer and Diggory Kirk when they brought the White Witch into Narnia. I was there the day the lamppost grew and Aslan gave Diggory the apple. Before Diggory left, I promised him that I would protect Narnia against the evil that had entered the world no matter what it took…. and should the White Witch ever be destroyed, I would dedicate my life to saving Narnia from evil and protecting any humans that ever entered Narnia.

I kept the first half of my promise, protecting Narnia against the White Witch. I spent thousands of years bringing Narnians into hiding, protecting them against the Witch, Maugrim and their henchmen. I was always on the run, never in one place for long, ensuring that every corner of the world was at least relatively safe from the witch. I became known as Stardust, the Warrior Elph.

​​​​​​​It wasn’t until three thousand years later that I finally managed to fulfill the rest of the promise I made to Diggory: protecting any humans who stepped foot into Narnia.

I would do anything it took to protect them and ensure that Jadis did not harm them. Little did I know that I had an adventure ahead of me unlike any other I had ever had.

I am the Warrior Elph: Rhea Stardust.

It was a quiet afternoon. The snow was untouched by any prints… not a sound. Rhea sat atop a large pine tree, one of the few trees that still had leaves. After a hundred years of winter, few trees had any leaves left. She sat with her back against the trunk, one foot on the branch and the other dangling down. In one hand she held the three-foot-long handle of her two headed battle axe, lifting it an inch every few seconds and letting it take a chip out of the bark of the tree. She had made sure before she climbed the tree that it wasn’t a talking tree.

She wore her jet black leather outfit. It was a skin tight outfit of black leather pants, a black shirt that concealed everything but about three inches between her belt and the bottom of her shirt, revealing a slit of her stomach. Over that she wore a black leather jacket that fell to her knees and instead of buttons, it was laced like a corset from her mid chest to her waist, the rest hanging loose. Around all of this was a thick black belt. The hood of her coat was up, concealing her hair and most of her face except her full, pink flush lips that were in a crooked smile as she stared below.

Suddenly, her attention was caught by two figures who walked below her. She could barely see them for one of them carried an umbrella that was covered in snow, making it hard for someone above them to see them clearly.

After they had walked a ways off, Rhea recognized one of them as the fawn Tumnus… Hm. And the other…. was a girl. Rhea had to grip her axe handle to keep herself from leaping off the branch. A human? Was it time?

Making sure the two were out of sight, Rhea leapt down, her feet making no sound on the snow. Her feet were so light that they barely left behind a print and with how the snow was falling, her tracks would be covered in a manner of seconds. She glanced down at the prints that the girl and Mr. Tumnus had left behind. Glancing at the direction they had gone, she turned and walked the other direction, following the prints to where they had come from. How in the world did that girl end up in Narnia?

Lucy woke with a start and looked around. Tumnus’s home was dark… and cold. Glancing up she saw a small window up at the high corner. It was getting dim outside.

“I should go,” she whispered to herself.

“It’s too late for that,” a voice said.

Turning her head, Lucy spied Mr. Tumnus in the corner, gripping onto the raining and crying, “I’m such a terrible fawn.”

“Oh no,” Lucy cooed gently, rising up and walking to him, “You’re the nicest fawn I’ve ever met. It couldn’t have been that bad.”

She handed him a handkerchief and he began dabbing his eyes, “It’s not something I have done Lucy Pevensie. It’s something I am doing.”

“What are you doing?” Lucy asked, puzzled.

“I’m kidnapping you,” Tumnus whispered.

Lucy started and let out a soft gasp, taking a step back.

“It was the White Witch. She’s the reason why it’s always winter, always cold. She gave orders that if anyone were to find a human wandering in the woods, we were to turn them over to her.”

“But Mr. Tumnus you wouldn’t,” Lucy whispered. “I thought you were my friend.”

When Mr. Tumnus pulled to a stop by the lamppost, he panted.

“Will you be alright?” Lucy asked, concerned.

Tumnus chuckled softly before drying his eyes.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry,” he whispered, “Here.”

He held out her handkerchief, but Lucy rejected it, “Keep it. You need it more than I do.”

Mr. Tumnus smiles, “NO matter what happens Lucy Pevensie I am glad to have met you. You’ve made me feel warmer than I’ve felt in a hundred years. Now go. Go!”

Lucy spun on her heel and charged off towards the wardrobe. She went tearing through the woods and would have struck coats soon if she hadn’t faceplanted in the snow. She let out a shiver from the cold that the wet snow sent through her body and her clothes.

She felt a hand gently touch hers and she looked up to find herself staring into a pair of gorgeous blue eyes. A large hood fell over her face but as Lucy looked up into her eyes, she saw that the girl’s eyes were shaded by feathery bangs that fell partially over her eyes…. And her hair was as white as snow.

“Who are you?” Lucy asked, not sure whether to be scared or not.

Rhea smiled down at the girl, “I’m Rhea. Don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt you.”

Lucy smiled at her as Rhea pulled her to her feet, “You’re so pretty!”
“Why thank you!” Rhea remarked. “I think you should hurry. Tumnus was right. If the Witch finds out you’re here. Even I won’t be able to protect you for long.”

Lucy nodded and was about to run off when she stopped and turned to look back at Rhea. The strange girl had pulled her hood further over her face, but Lucy could still see her silver white locks and piercing blue eyes… then in a flash, Lucy charged through the wardrobe.

“It’s alright! I’m back! I’m alright!” Lucy cried as she rushed through the hallways.

“SHUT UP!” Edmund hissed. “He’s coming!”

Soon Peter rounded the corner and spied the two kids. Edmund huffed and came out of his spot.

“I don’t think you two have quite got the idea of this game,” Peter pointed out.

“Weren’t you wondering where i was?” Lucy asked, puzzled.

“That’s the point,” Edmund remarked, “That was why he was seeking you.”

Soon Susan came down the hallway, a smile on her face, “Does this mean i win?”

“I don’t think Lucy wants to play anymore,” Peter remarked, sort of let down.

Lucy frowned, “I’ve been gone for hours.”

Lucy stood watching as her siblings inspected the wardrobe, pushing the coats aside, knocking on the back panel.

“Lucy, the only wood in here is the back of the wardrobe,” Susan pointed out.

“One game at a time Lu,” Peter remarked impatiently, “We dont all have your imagination.”

“but I wasnt imagining!” Lucy protested as her siblings walked away.

Susan spun around and frowned at her, “That’s enough Lucy.”

“I wouldnt lie about this!” Lucy protested.

“Well I believe you,” Edmund remarked, smiling.

Lucy frowned, not sure whether to believe him or not, “You do?”

“Yeah course,” Edmund replied. “Didnt i tell you about the football field in the bathroom cupboards?”

“Will you just stop?” Peter hissed at him, “You just want to make everything worse dont you?”
Edmund frowned, “It was just a joke!”

“When will you learn to grow up?” Peter pushed, taking on a disapointed tone.

“SHUT UP!” Edmund yelled, “YOu think you’re dad but you’re not!”
Edmund stormed out with Susan close behind, leaving the youngest and eldest pevensies alone.

“But it really was there,” Lucy whispered.

“Susan’s right Lucy,” PEter pointed out, “That’s enough.”

Lucy turned and looked at the wardobe with a sad look on her face. She walked over and gently pushed the door closed…. when she spied something on her jacket. Reaching down and picking it up, she saw that it was a hair… and long one…. probably twice as long as Susan’s hair… and it was pure white!
“I really did meet her!” Lucy gasped, “She really was real!”


Rhea was perched in a tree again. Since Lucy had left Narnia two days ago, she had been watching the wardrobe entrance none stop. So far, there was no sign of the girl, but she wasn’t giving up. She had spent hundreds of years waiting for the days when she would be able to complete her promise and she wasn’t going to let it go so lightly.

She was gently dragging a sharpening stone over the edge of her axe, sharpening it to razor sharp. She stopped mid sharpen when she spied the petite little brown-haired girl come tumbling out of the wardrobe into the snowy world. Rhea couldn’t stop the huge smile spreading across her face when she saw the girl wrap her nightgown close around her body and trample through the snow towards Mr. Tumnus’s place. Swinging the axe onto her back, Rhea leapt down from the tree and began to silently make her way after Lucy.

When she finally caught up to the girl, she alighted in the snow about five feet in front of the girl. Lucy jumped slightly but the smile on her face turned into a huge grin.

“RHEA!” she squealed, rushing forward to hug the girl.

Rhea smiled happily as she hugged the girl back. Lucy stepped back and looked up at the girl before her eyes widened. Rhea knew why the moment she realized that she no longer had her hood up.

“You’re beautiful!” Lucy whispered.

True enough, Rhea was a true kiss of beauty, but her beauty didn’t come from her body… it came from her goodness. As a child, Aslan had taken her in and raised her in his country. When she got old enough to live on her own in the world of Narnia, he granted her two gifts. The first was to be as light as a feather, strong as a hurricane, fast as a cheetah and as caring as a mother. Last but not least, he granted her beauty beyond anything Narnia had ever seen and the happier, stronger and more caring she got, the more beautiful she became.

Rhea of course was not one to fawn over herself and rather disliked her good looks oftentimes especially when young men and princes from all over Narnia went to great lengths to make her theirs. Of course, not one of them had made Rhea fall in love and not one of them had succeeded in claiming her.

Lucy took a step back and took a good look at the girl before her. Rhea was petite that was for sure, probably just a bit taller than Edmund. She wore dark brown leggings that hugged her slender, long legs nicely and thigh high boots that matched her pants and were laced up the front. She wore a white lacy skirt that was slit down one said, revealing one of her legginged legs. Around her waist hung a dark grey belt that was wound around her waist twice and on her belt hung a staff. The staff was just a straight and slender with two pointed tips like a double headed spear. The two ends were grey, turning to white while the grip was a dark brown. Back to her outfit, she wore a loose lace white shirt that matched her skirt and around her wrists were two brown bracers that hugged her wrists tightly. Over this she wore a corset like vest that brought out her slender figure and perfectly shaped chest. Finally, over all of this she wore a dark grey cloak that hung just around her shoulders and didn’t cover anything else and was clipped on the left shoulder with a silver clip.

On her back was a huge battle axe with a long hilt.

The girl’s pure white hair hung long and flowing down her back to her waist and protruding from her hair were two adorable pointed ears. Her face was perfectly shaped with smooth cheeks, pointed chin, upturned pink lips and adorable button nose. Her lashes were incredibly long and jet black, bringing out the pale green in her eyes.

“That is so sweet of you,” Rhea said sweetly, smiling at the girl. “No one’s told me that… out of kindness.”
Lucy cocked her head to the side, “What do you mean?”

Rhea shook her head, “That’s a story for another time. You had better hurry to Tumnus’s before the Witch finds out you’re here!”

“What about you?” Lucy inquired.

Rhea smiled, “I’ll be out here, making sure no one knows you’re present.”
Lucy nodded in understanding before skipping off.

Twenty minutes later, Lucy was seated with Mr. Tumnus, pleasantly drinking tea and eating sardines.

“Mr. Tumnus,” Lucy started. “Do you know someone by the name of Rhea?”

Tumnus’s head snapped up at that and his eyes widened, “You met The Wanderer?”

Lucy cocked her head to the side, “That’s what she’s called?”

Tumnus nodded and sighed, “I’m so glad you met her. With her watching out for you, you’ll be safe from the White Witch.”

Lucy smiled and nodded, “I ran into her when I was heading back last time and I just met her before I came here. She said that she is watching out for the Witch while I’m here.”
Tumnus nodded and smiled, “That sounds like her.”
Lucy set her cup down, “What do you know about her?”

“Well, I’ve never met her, but she is called the Wanderer because she travels the whole of Narnia… but some call her the protector. She has protected Narnia from the White Witch for hundreds of years. Everyone says that she is searching for her promise.”
“Her promise?”
Tumnus nodded, “Hundreds of years ago when the White Witch first entered Narnia, it is rumored that two human children entered Narnia for the first time. Rhea was just a child then, but she made a promise to the two human children that she would protect any humans that ever-stepped foot in Narnia.”
“Like me!” Lucy squealed, “That is so amazing! What other Humans has she protected?”

Tumnus shook his head, “You are the first. That is why she is so determined to protect you because for the first time in hundreds of years, she has been able to protect a human.”

Lucy’s eyes widened, “She has waited hundreds of years…just to protect a human?”

Tumnus nodded, “That is her greatest wish.”

“So, is she immortal then?” Lucy asked, “Since she lived for hundreds of years?”

Tumnus shifted, “We were actually instructed to never tell anyone about Rhea’s immortality…but I guess I can tell you if you promise not to tell another soul.”

Lucy nodded, “I wont tell anyone!”

“Well, you see… she’s not immortal. She’s an Elph,” Tumnus began, “The last Elf. They are a special race that age very slowly. She ages a year every thousand years. In truth, she is 15000 years old, but she only looks fifteen. Eventually she will die, either by the sword, sickness or something… or she will choose to return to her homeland.”
“Where is that?” Lucy insisted.

“Where we all go when we die. Aslan’s country.”
Lucy was about to ask more when Tumnus jumped, “You had better head back. I forgot the time! We don’t want it getting dark. The Witch’s minions will be out after dark.”
Lucy nodded and skipped off. However, she couldn’t forget the beautiful green eyed, white haired girl she had met.

Meanwhile, with Rhea. The girl was seated in a tree near Tumnus’s house, waiting for Lucy to emerge. However, she got a faint sense that something was up. She felt a chill run up her spine and she knew better than to disregard it. leaping from tree to tree, she began to scour the nearby woods for any signs of trouble. She was almost done, when she heard the familiar jingle of bells…oh no.

Leaping to the ground, she rushed through the woods till she came upon the road…and there, she saw the Witch’s sleigh parked… and there standing beside the sleigh… was a boy. She didn’t have to get a good look at him to know that he must be related to Lucy. Same face features, freckles, nose… oh no.

Scaling a nearby tree with ease, Rhea leapt from the branches to another tree until she was right above the sleigh. She heard Jadis snap something at the boy before changing her tone. Frowning, Rhea gripped her axe in her hand and leapt from the tree.

She landed right between the sleigh and the boy, gripping the axe tightly. The boy jumped in surprise and let out a slight yelp at the girl’s sudden appearance. The dwarf in the sleigh gripped his dagger while Jadis glared. She sat there, gripping her seat in fury. There were two reasons that she didn’t get up and attack the girl and Rhea knew the reasons. The first, was that the last time the two crossed blades was when Jadis was about to turn Rhea’s close friend, Blaze a unicorn, into stone. That fight hadn’t ended well for Jadis for Rhea’s abilities on the battlefield were far beyond anything anyone in Narnia had ever seen. Thanks to Orios and Aslan’s steady training since her childhood. The second reason was that Rhea knew that Jadis was trying to win the boy over and didn’t want him to be frightened of her should she attack Rhea.

“Rhea,” Jadis said through gritted teeth, “Why am I not surprised that you are here?”

Rhea glared, gripping her axe tightly while reaching to her staff, “I was about to say the same about you Jadis. Get out of here before I bruise you like last time.”

Jadis’s eyes flashed in fury but she knew better than to attack Rhea without backup. Her dwarf would do little to help back her up against a fighter like Rhea.

“Go,” She hissed at the dwarf.

With a snap, the sleigh started off and rounded the corner in an instant.

Rhea watched it go and when the jingling had stopped, she relaxed slightly. She hooked her axe onto her back and replaced her staff at her belt. She turned to see that the boy was staring at her, jaw dropped and eyes wide but not in fear.

“Who… are you?” he insisted.

The girl smiled, “Rhea. You must be Lucy’s brother.”
Edmund’s eyebrows shot up, “You know Lucy?”
Rhea nodded, “I met her the last time she was here.”

Before either could say more, Lucy came tearing through the woods, calling her brother’s name.

“OH EDMUND! You got here too! Isnt it wonderful!?”

She hugged her brother, but Edmund pushed her away, slightly disgusted, “Where have you been?”
“With Mr. Tumnus,” Lucy replied, “He’s alright. The White Witch hasn’t done anything to him about helping me.”
“The White Witch?” Edmund asked, confused.

Rhea frowned as the two continued to talk. There was something in Edmund’s eyes that told her that Jadis hadn’t told him her full title…and the worry in his eyes told her that he was afraid.

“Are you alright?” Lucy asked, “You look awful.”
“Well what do you expect?” Edmund snapped, “It’s freezing. How do we get out of here?”

Lucy sighed and took her brother’s hand, “Come on.”
When the two Pevensies reached the wardrobe, Lucy dropped Edmund’s hand and turned to Rhea, “Thank you for finding Edmund!”
Rhea smiled and decided it was best to not dampen Lucy’s mood by telling her how she found Edmund with Jadis. “My pleasure Lucy. Take care you two.”

Lucy nodded and hugged the girl before rushing through the wardrobe. Edmund looked at Rhea long and hard, not angrily… but curious before snapping out of it and disappearing into the wardrobe.

Rhea sighed and gripped her staff, “I should warn Aslan. Something feels off.”


“PETER WAKE UP! PETER WAKE UP! IT” S NARNIA! IT” S REALLY THERE!” Lucy screeched, jumping on her brother.

Peter groaned as he rolled over to look at his sister, “Lucy what are you talking about?”

“NARNIA! It’s all in the wardrobe like I told you!” Lucy cried.

“Oh, you’ve been dreaming Lucy,” Susan sighed, walking into the room.

“But I haven’t!” Lucy squealed, “I saw Mr. Tumnus again! And this time, Edmund went too!”

All eyes snapped to the boy and Edmund looked a little nervous.

“You saw the fawn?” Peter asked.

Edmund slowly shook his head.

“Well,” Lucy remarked, “He didn’t actually go there with me. He… What were you doing Edmund?”

Edmund sighed sarcastically, “I was just playing along.”

“But you met Rhea!” Lucy cried, “I was there! You were talking with her when I found you in the woods! She followed us back to the wardrobe! You met her!”

“Rhea?” Susan and Peter inquired, “Who’s that?”

“The protector of Narnia,” Lucy replied. “I met her the first day I was there! She is the greatest warrior in the whole of Narnia, and she protects the whole world against the Witch. She has white hair and she is always sitting in trees because it gives her a good view! You met her Edmund!”
By then, Lucy was crying and for a moment, Peter and Susan almost wanted to believe her, but Edmund’s next words snapped them out of it.

“I’m sorry Peter, I shouldn’t have encouraged her, but you know how little kids are these days. They just don’t know when to stop pretending.”

Lucy’s face was covered in tears now and she was close to sobs, “BUT RHEA IS REAL! I know she is! She said she would protect us no matter what! She is real!”

With that, she sprinted from the room, leaving behind a smug looking Edmund.

Susan and Peter huffed and rushed after their sister, Peter pushing Edmund aside as they went.

Lucy was tearing through the house when she collided with something soft. Looking up, she found herself looking up into the eyes of the professor.

She hugged the man, crying into his coat. Soon, Susan and Peter appeared behind them and close behind, Mrs. Macready.

“These children are one shenanigan shy from sleeping in the stables…. Professor! I’m sorry, I told them you were not to be disturbed.”

The professor shook his head, “No it’s alright Mrs. Macready I’m sure there’s an explanation. But first I think this one is in need of a little hot chocolate.”

As Mrs. Macready led Lucy off gently, the professor led the two eldest Pevensies to his office. He sat down and began to fill his pipe before speaking.

“You seem to have upset the internal balance of my house keeper.”
“We are sorry sir,” Peter said, trying to look mature, “it wont happen again.”

“It’s our sister sir,” Susan replied, “Lucy.”
“The weeping girl,” The professor remarked.

“It’s nothing,” Peter said, trying to get out of the conversation, “We can handle it.”

“Oh, I can see that,” Diggory smirked.

“She thinks she found a magical land,” Susan explained, “in the upstairs wardrobe.”
Diggory stopped and looked at the girl shocked, “What did you say?”

“The wardrobe upstairs,” Peter repeated, “Lucy thinks she found a forest inside.”
“What was it like?” Diggory insisted.

“Like talking to a lunatic,” Susan replied.

Diggory shook his head, “No not her the forest.”
Peter’s eyes widened, “You’re not saying you believe her?”

“You don’t?” Diggory asked.

Peter and Susan exchanged looks.

“It just sounds ridiculous,” Susan explained. “Talking about fawns and protectors with white hair…”

“WHAT!?” Diggory cried, shocking the two, “Say that again.”

“Lucy said she met a girl with white hair, called herself Rea or something…”

“Rhea,” Diggory whispered.

Peter and Susan froze. How did he know the name?

Diggory sat there, staring off into space, “It’s been so long…even after all these years…. She is still protecting….”

He seemed to snap out of his daze before looking back at the brother and sister, “I suggest you try acting more like a family if you wish to hold a good friendship with your siblings.”

Diggory found Lucy sitting in the kitchen with Mrs. Macready shortly after he had sent Susan and Peter back to bed. The girl was seated at the table with a mug of cocoa, but she wasn’t drinking it. She was staring off into space, tears in her eyes and her face slightly pink from crying.

He sat down across from her and smiled, “So Lucy. Tell me about this forest you found.”
Lucy ducked her head behind her hair, “You wouldn’t believe me.”

“I think I will,” he whispered, “Considering that I knew Rhea once.”

Lucy’s head snapped up, “You…. You…. Know Rhea?”

Diggory smiled and nodded, “I met her when I was a child. She was young then, probably about your age. I thought she was the most beautiful person I had ever met. I had never met someone with such white hair and green eyes.”

Lucy’s face lit up, “You must be the boy she made the promise to!”
“Indeed I am,” Diggory replied, “She promised me that if any human ever returned to Narnia, she would protect them no matter what and she would one day defeat the White witch.”
Lucy smiled, “She’s done it for so long. That’s what Mr. Tumnus said.”

Diggory frowned, “How…. How old is Rhea now?”
Lucy thought, “Tumnus said about… 15000 years… but she looks fifteen.”
Diggory sighed, “It has been thousands of years for her since I left… poor girl.”
Lucy nodded, “She is so pretty though…and amazing. She can jump from tree to tree like a bunny! And she carries her axe like it’s a feather! I just… I wish the others met her. They would love her. I bet Susan would love her!”

Diggory smiled, “I’m sure that one day they will meet her, but I feel that we should let them find that out for themselves.”
Lucy nodded. She slowly got up and wiped her eyes, “Thank you for telling me professor… I’m glad someone believes me.”
“It’s our little secret Lucy,” Diggory whispered.

Lucy smiled and nodded before scurrying off to bed. As she climbed into her covers, she heard Susan rustling in the bed next to her.

“Lucy? That you?”

“Yeah,” Lucy whispered.

“I’m sorry that Edmund was mean. Even if it is ridiculous, he shouldn’t have said those things.”

Lucy didn’t speak but nodded before closing her eyes. Dreaming of Rhea.

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