That Night


Judy a high school graduate gets a new job to raise money so she could buy a laptop to start writing, she finds a job working at a gas station in the middle of nowhere but little does she know the experience she's about to encounter will change her life

Horror / Thriller
Anthony Richmond
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That night

It was a beautiful Saturday night in texas when I had started my first day at my new job. Four weeks ago I've graduated from high school, At that time I was saving up money to buy a laptop so I can start writing again and I was working as a janitor in only getting paid $7 an hour at my school because my mother couldn't afford to get the laptop for me. I only had $130 in my bank and needed $500 to buy the laptop. My last job wasn't working out for me so I've decided to look for a better one. I was gonna work at a gas station as a cashier from 12:00 pm to 9:30 am in they pay $13 per hour in the middle of nowhere and Yeah, I was having a lot of thoughts about that it was in the middle of fucking nowhere in texas that means a lot of crazy shit could occur, oh well good thing I don't get scared easily.
Anyway, while I was about head out my mother gave me a launch basket in case I get hungry and I kissed her on the cheek.
As I was on the road I plugged my phone onto the car radio and turned on some good old country music, An hour has passed since I left home and while I was singing terribly on this long dark road, I suddenly look at the side of the road in saw a black figure standing there and the crazy thing about that encounter is that there was no figure when the light was pointing at nothing but pure darkness so I'm like ok that's weird.
As I was still driving on the road I've finally arrived at the gas station, I then parked my car and I see the other cashier standing by the door. when I step out of my car the cashier passes me the key in says "good luck you'll need it", The look on his face, looked like he had been thru hell. I've been behind the counter for 3 hours, The time was now 4:50 am in only 5 hours before I could go home and While I was wasting time texting on my phone, the news was going on about a man on the run after killing a wife and husband and that he's in a black truck and right when they something about a black truck one started parking near the pumping station, I put my phone in the back of my pants pocket in wait for the customer to appear. The man finally walked into the store looking around like he trying to make sure there's no one else here which I found was odd also I just remember what the news reporter said about a man and a black truck so I'm saying to myself "Nah can't be". 10 seconds later, the man walked to the counter and asked me with a demanding voice "OPEN THE CASH REGISTER AND GIVE UP THE FUCKING MONEY".
I'm not that easily frightened so I looked at him with a smile on my face in said "Sure, I'll give you that when you shave a needle in ass hole" But then he pulled a 9mm pistol out in said "BITCH GIVE ME THE GODDAM MONEY OR ILL SHOT YOU", I almost pissed myself when he pulled that pistol out and all of sudden the lights began flicking then the whole store went dark. As I stood there shaking like a little frightened girl, The robber said "WTF IS GOING ON BITCH" and as he was yelling The lights at the outside door had turned on back in forth three times and at the fourth time, this black figure showed itself to us.
I remember noticing this figure on the road from home, the robber then said "what the hell is this, wh who the fuck are you" The figure then reveals its red eyes and lets out a scream.
It sounds like millions of people screaming, The robber in I covered our ears to try to block the sound out but didn't work then it reviled its big wings and drifted up the sky. When the figure disappeared the lights turned back on then the robber ran straight to his car and drove off. I was standing there terrified, My heart was racing so fast I couldn't even move a muscle.
3 minutes later I finally build the courage to move so I left the gas station, got into my car, and drove off in full sweat.
The next day, I called the manager in told him I don't think this job is for me and he understood. 1 year had passed, I got the laptop I always wanted and 3 months later I published my first book.
After almost being robbed and seeing whatever the hell that thing was, I encourage you to never try to work at a gas station alone because something could be watching you.


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