Phantasm: Genocide


A fan fiction based on the cult classic movie franchise, Phantasm. This story focus's on a young man named William Shackles as he starts to uncover the mystery of disappearing corpses. William must face off against The Tall Man and his army of other worldly creatures meeting some familiar faces along the way.

Horror / Thriller
The Dragon Tamer
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Chapter 1

The city of Charlottesville, 2017. William Shackles is a twenty-two year old young man who lost both of his parents when he was only nine. Today marks the thirteenth anniversary of the night of the fire that claimed both his parents. It was around the fall season that he pays them a visit at the near-by cemetery. He always lived alone, no wife and no kids. It was a straight walk from his street to the cemetery. The leaves on the trees were brown’s and orange’s, they were so pretty to look at. They were falling off of the branches and onto the street as he walked with his hands tucked in his jacket pockets. It was a brown leather jacket with gold buttons that his dad gave to him for his birthday one year. It was his dad’s jacket back in high school and he always complained it didn’t fit. But his dad kept saying that he would grow into it. As he walked through the gate, there was a pedestal with a plaque on it that read ‘Riverview Cemetery’.

He searched the cemetery for both his parents’ head stones. There under a shady oak tree were the two tombstones next to each other. The names inscripted on the stones were Amber Shackles and Steve Shackles. He knelt down as he pulled out two red roses from under his jacket and placed a rose on each of the graves.

“Hi mom, hi dad. It’s me again. Just checking to see how you two ‘stiffs’ were doing.” He joked trying to hide his pain.

“It’s been a year since I’ve stopped by. Still not married so I couldn’t give you grand children like you wanted. The good news is though I finally got a job. I am working three days a week and it pays good. And grandma’s doing pretty good I guess. She’s still locked up but I still write to her and she writes back. But above all, life is good for me. Still, I miss you both very much.” A small tear begins to shed down his cheek. Just then he hears a noise coming from behind one of the other tombstones. He turns his head to the noise just to get a glimpse of what looked to be a brown piece of cloth. He stands up and walks toward where he saw it.

He looks behind the tombstone but it was gone. He heard it again coming from somewhere else. He turns back and see’s a shadow of a tall man under the tree where his parents tombstones are. He walks and kneels behind a tombstone, observing the tall figure. What he saw next was unlike anything he’s ever seen before. His mom’s coffin begins to rise up from the ground. A black hearse backed up as the back door opened by itself. The coffin then floated into the back of the hearse. William gave off a surprised look on his face like he was watching a magic show. The door closed as the tall man begins to walk toward the driver’s seat. William backs up and runs. A fallen twig snaps under his foot as it gained the tall man’s attention.

He saw William running away. William then trips and falls to the ground as if something caused him to fall. Little men cloaked in brown robes started to chase him. William saw them coming and stands up as he starts running again. He ran for his life with these little dwarf creatures chasing him. The gates to the cemetery somehow closed, blocking William’s path. He turned, frightened as he was surrounded by brown robed dwarves. The tall man approached as his minions stared William down. They were grunting and growling at him. Their deformed burnt faces with those piercing yellow eyes staring into William’s soul.

He looked up at the tall man, frightened of his tall stature. The tall man had what looked like a shiny silver ball in his hand. He grabbed William by the collar as he lifted him up in the air and pinned him to the gate. The tall man then showed William the ball. Blades suddenly popped out of the ball as the tall man stuck the blades into William’s fore-head. When the ball was attached to William’s head, a drill popped out as it started up. It drew closer and closer as it slowly drilled through William’s skull. The slow agonizing pain of a drill going through a live person’s skull was a horrible way to die. Blood spewed out the other end of the ball as the tall man watched his handiwork as he let’s off a smile and laughs raising one eyebrow.

“You’ll join your parents soon enough boy.” He said....

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