Silent Hill: Town of Nightmares


A fan fiction based on the popular video game franchise developed by Konami, Silent Hill. Trenton Underwood, a university student goes to the town of Silent Hill to uncover it's past and history. But he's about to find out that the town is not such a peaceful place as it once was but a true nightmare.

Horror / Scifi
The Dragon Tamer
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In the foggy streets of a small hillside town called Silent Hill, a woman running, crying for help as if something was chasing her. The streets were paved with blood and the sky was a darkened red. The town wasn’t always like this. It was once a peaceful, quiet little town. But something happened to the town that made it into a living, Hellish nightmare. The woman was wondering the same. What had happened to this town? And whatever was chasing her didn’t seem like a normal human. She hid behind a tree to see if the something was still chasing her.

She looked behind the tree at the town’s landscape. She saw nothing but street, buildings and fog. But as she was leaving her hiding spot, a giant blade came swooshing aside, crashing into the trees trunk which frightened the woman. She started running again. The thing that was chasing her took its massive knife out from the tree trunk. The thing was at least two feet taller than a normal human. It had an apron that was made out of human flesh. Scratches all over its body and it wore a strange pyramid shaped helmet that was painted a darkened red. Its knife was so massive and heavy, it had to drag it behind him making this unsettling heavy screeching sound.

The woman stopped. The road in front of her…. Was cut off. There was no more road for her to go forward. The only way she could go was deep within an alley way she spotted to her left. With the pyramid head monster still chasing her, she had no choice but to go in the dark alley way. She ran and ran through the endless alley. Finally, the alley opened up but she was stopped. A fence with a bloody corpse of some sort of bird looking creature was blocking her way. The creature’s corpse had a wingspan of two meters. It was all bloody and cut up. Its mid-section was exposed, seeing its rib cage.

Its head was a strange shape. Its head was in the shape that of a prehistoric bird with horns but it looked as if it had no face. The pyramid head monster had finally made it to where the woman was. She was sandwiched between pyramid head and the bloody corpse dangling on the fence. She was frightened as pyramid head got closer to her. Standing two feet above her, there was nothing she could do. Pyramid Head then grabbed her by the throat and lifted her up. As she was struggling to get free, Pyramid Head took up his massive blade and sliced her in half. Her eyes were opened, staring at Pyramid Head as she died in his muscular arm. Pyramid Head tossed her half corpse to the ground as his knife was stained, dripping with her rich blood.

The Pyramid Head then turned and faced an unknown figure standing in the shadows. The figure stepped out of the shadows with a strange looking dagger in his hand. The figure, with its golden glow eyes and darkened skin, walked up to the corpse. Pyramid Head stood there and did nothing. Beside Pyramid Head stood a little girl, no older than seven. Long, black hair wearing a blue dress which was dirty and burnt marks on it. The figure knelt before the corpse and plunged his dagger in her chest.

A blonde haired man woke up, gasping for air as if he was drowning.

“Just a dream.” He thought to himself. The man was in a library which was his. A long, sleeveless black trench coat he always wore. A dark red shirt underneath and dark blue jeans. His green eyes stared at the lamp light ore that was shining on his face.

“But…. It couldn’t have been just a dream.” He thought.

“It seemed all too real. That monster, whatever the Hell that was. The woman, I knew that woman, but how do I know her…? And that little girl…. Who is she? Do I know her too? But what of that mysterious man? Too many questions. Hurts my head just thinking about it. Oh well. Maybe a cup of Joe will help take my mind off it.” He got up and walked out of the room. A name plate which lied on his desk read ‘Trenton Underwood’.

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