"HIS FORBIDDEN DOLL" (Kim Taehyung 🔞ff)


"Now tell me doll do you want to meet him"he said while thrusting her roughly and hard. "Tell me huh"he repeated. "Aah! please"she cried due to the pleasure he is giving her. "Please what doll hmmm"he said lustfully looking at her state. "I -I -Aaah I am sorr-rry I won't mee_eet Aa-h him agai-n" She said holding him tightly. "Good because you are only mine only this KIM TAEHYUNG'S DOLL". This story is about girl name y/n who becomes the weakness and obsession of a ruthless stonehearted man KIM TAEHYUNG who wants to protect her at any cost but he hides himself and a big secret from her for 8 years but now he is back and is ready to take what's his but Will Y/n soft and innocent heart will ever accept this heartless man as her fate ?? what secret he was hiding from her? And how far he will go to protect "HIS FORBIDDEN DOLL"? ? Read to find out

Romance / Erotica
Age Rating:

💜Happy Birthday 💜

"And suddenly you just know it's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings"

Author's pov

In Y/n's Bedroom

"Happy birthday my princess"

Yn open her beautiful doll like eyes
And smile Cutely seeing the person in front of her . And hug him tightly.

"Thank you so much Oppa ". She said while kissing his oppa's cheek like a kid.

"Today officially my princess become a big girl " He said while kissing his princess's forehead.

Y/n giggled hearing her oppa's words.

"Oppa loves you so much my princess and wishing you the most beautiful and healthy life " He said.

"I love you too oppa".she said on the edge of crying while looking at her oppa's caring eyes.

" Aish my princess stop crying you know na oppa hates seeing your tears " He said wipping her beautiful tears.

"Wear this and Go and get ready somebody is waiting for you downstairs impatiently".Suga said giving y/n a beautiful box.

" Thank you so much oppa " Y/n said while getting up from her bed and pecking his oppa's cheek last time.

After half and hour

At Suga's Hall

"Hyung where is that cute little creature of yours". A man asked suga.

"I am here ".

The man turn towards to the owner of that beautiful voice and become mesmerized

By seeing the angel standing in front of him

" Oppa see he is calling me creature again" Y/n cutely complain her hyung.

"Aish Jimin".suga said.

"Ok ok. I am sorry my angel ". Jimin said taking y/n in his warm embrace.

Y/n smile and hug him back tightly

"Happy birthday my cute little creature". Jimin said.

"Oppa look he again call me creature".y/n said slightly making her head upwards.

"Ok ok I am sry my angel today you really look breathtaking ". Jimin said again hugging y/n small figure.

"Thank you so much jiminie. Oppa give me this beautiful dress " .

"Hmm really beautiful choice suga hyung" . Jimin said while slowly pecking y/n's bubbly cheeks

Y/n smiles at jimin.

"So hyung what are we going to do on our princess's birthday. " Jimin asked

"Tonight we are going to throw a grand celebration party for my princess" . Suga replied.

"Oppa we don't need to do this we can simply celebrate my birthday . If you guys are with me I don't need anything else". Y/n said cutely.

"My princess seriously become a big girl. But you know na every year we do this " Suga said while ruffling y/n's beautiful hair.

"And this year you turn 18 angel we need to do this ". Jimin said.

"But hyung".

"Happy birthday pabo y/n". Y/n sentence is cut off by another voice

"Thankyou so much

And you are pabo chaerin not me" Y/n said while showing her tongue to her best friend chaerin cutely who hug her and handed her a beautiful gift box.

"Ok my y/nnie".

"Hello Mr min and Mr park " Chaerin said bowing.

"Hello chaerin". Suga simply replied.

"Hello cutie". Jimin said smiling at chaerin.

"So y/n let's go to your room so we can open your gifts". Chaerin said Exictely.

"Yes let's go chaerin". Y/n replied happily.

"Ok oppa and jiminnie we will se you later. Bye ". Y/n said to both of the boys.

"Ok girls ". Jimin replied and suga nodded.

With this both of the girls went to y/n's room .

"Hyung what are you thinking " Jimin asked suga who looked who was in his deep thoughts.

"Hmm...tonight he is coming to the party jimin". Suga replied in a worried tone.

"Seriously hyung but why after so many years " Jimin said in a serious tone.

Suga sighed and replied

" because of what happened 8 years ago".
.. ..

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