Break Me


He's broken. And taking life like he has for the last ten years. You were broken. Left all alone to fend for yourself. When you come to face to face with Namjoon, a twisted tale of love, hate and violence fills his past, present and future. "Just break me. DO IT!" You cried. "I have nothing left to live for so just fucking kill me."

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The Start of a Monster

“Eomma? Appa?” He said as he entered the house. Something wasn’t right. He knew that when he walked up and spotted the front door slightly ajar. It was Ten PM; he had just gotten off work at the part time job his father got for him at the hotel he owned. He was nearing his senior year at school, so his father wanted him to have some structure or at least something to fall back on if college didn’t work out for him.

So that’s why he was late. Every day from the time he got out of school until 9:30 he’d be at his father’s hotel, doing odds and ends, just getting the feel of how to run a five stare hotel. He enjoyed it and he knew that it made his father happy that he loved it as much as him.

So when his father sent a text message about him getting home as soon as possible, he thought it would be about how good of a job he was doing; but when he fully entered the foyer of their home, the overwhelming feeling of dread it him.

The door was slightly ajar and things were scattered all about. His mother’s favorite white roses were tossed on the floor and the vase shattered. He tip toed around the broken glass surveying all of the damage from one end of the foyer into the dining room.

That’s when he spotted the blood.

He instantly felt the vomit rise in his throat, but he quickly pushed it down. His heart rate quickened and he felt light headed.

“Eomma! Appa!” He yelled out in a panic. He followed the blood trail through the kitchen and up the side staircase that took him into the back end of the main hall upstairs. He ran quickly, but was careful not to step in the blood. When he got to his parents door, a bloody handprint was as clear as day on the white wood. He nudged the door open and screamed.

The white carpet and white wooden floors of his parents room were painted crimson. The cream colored walls had a darker blood spatter against them as if someone had been shot. He grabbed his phone from his coat pocket and dialed 911 with his trembling fingers.

The smell of rust hit him and made him sick. When the operator answered, he was on the verge of throwing up and passing out.

“Hello? What is your emergency?”

The words caught in his throat, but he managed to form some sort of a sentence.

“There’s blood. Everywhere.” He cried out. “I can’t find my parent’s. ”

“I’m tracing your call and sending the authorities and an ambulance to your location. Can you tell me where you are?”

“I-I,” he froze when he finally seen a pair of bloody feet sticking out of the doorway to the bathroom. “Eomma!”

He dropped the phone and ran to her, screaming her name. He pushed the door open and when he seen her body, he screamed and cried at the top of his lungs.


Her body was mangled and contorted in an inhuman way. She was bludgeoned. If he didn’t recognize the small silver anklet on her ankle, he would have never known that this was his mother. And beside her, was the love of her life. The man that she had been married to for twenty years.

His father.

“No,” he wailed out and dropped to his knees. He didn’t understand who could do this to them. He didn’t know why. And something in him that night broke.

That night, a teenage boy died inside.

And what was born after?

Well, my dear reader.

It was the start of a monster.

Present Day

“That’s all,” he said as he pinched the bridge of his nose. The smoke from his cigarette wafted in the air, making it seem like he was on fire. Like he was the devil. “You know, Kiro, I want results. These results you delivered to me today are inadequate considering you are someone of such high standard.”

He took one final hit and then pressed it into the diamond ash tray on his desk. He looked back up at the man in front of him and grimaced. He was a man of high praise, but he hadn’t seen any of that lately; And frankly? It was pissing him off.

“Yes, sir,” Kiro stuttered out. “If I could have just some more time, I can get you the results you require. It’s very hard considering the situation that we are in.”

He looked up at Kiro, a grim line formed on his lips. “I see.”

He stood up and buttoned his suit jacket and then walked up to Kiro, who was clearly intimidated by the power of him. “Have I not been patient, Kiro? Have I not been lenient with you considering how many people praise your work and loyalty?”

“Yes, sir. You have.”

He nodded and then pressed the intercom button on his desk. “Send him in.” He said without a trace of any emotion. He looked back at Kiro with a blank stare before reaching into the hidden slot on his desk. He took out a pistol and a silencer, quickly putting them together with ease.

Kiro gulped and took a step back, eyes wide with fear. “Look, sir, I p-promise I-”

He cut Kiro off with a glare before composing himself, hiding the gun behind his back. “Step to the side, Kiro. Now.”

Kiro shook with fear, but obeyed his boss. He knew his time was up, but he could never be prepared for the events that happened next.

A knock sounded at the door and Kiro’s whole body trembled.

“Kiro, let me ask you something. The money and the hacking- it all went missing right?”

Kiro nodded fast. “Yes sir and I-”

“While you were keeping this all to yourself, I found the problem myself.” He turned his attention to the door. “Come in.” He deadpanned.

In walked in one of his most trusted employees. Or so he thought. But after the struggles Kiro faced and money being skimmed off of every operation over the last couple of months, he done some digging on his own. Savin, his most trusted employee, was the snake. He took the money and split it among several other organizations, several that could take down everything he’s built in the last ten years.

He didn’t care at that point. A snake was a snake and had to be taken care of accordingly.

“Hey boss. You needed me?” Savin said. By his demeanor, he had no clue that his time on earth was done.

“I did,” he breathed out. “You see, Savin, I’ve been good to you, right?”

“Yes you have,” he smiled. “You have been very kind and generous.”

“As much as I love the compliment, you are nothing but a lying cheating son of a bitch that has now met the end of your time here.” He raised the gun from behind his back and aimed it at his head. Savin’s eyes widened in horror, but before he could speak, the last words he heard were, “see you in hell, old friend.”

The bullet went straight through his forehead, causing his body to immediately fall to the ground. Kiro jumped back in shock and fell over the leather chair behind him. He looked over at his boss and paled. “Sir-”

“Go get Jungkook and Hoseok. They’ll know what to do.” He said as he slumped into his chair behind his desk, staring at the life less body of someone who was considered a friend. “Kiro, don’t disappoint me again and do not cross me. If I can kill a friend for his deception, then I can certainly kill you.”

Kiro gulped and nodded, quickly leaving and stepping over the body.

He was alone now and he knew that was going to be his destiny in life. One out of the seven he trusted with his life stabbed him in the back and he couldn’t take it anymore.

He abruptly stood up and marched over to the floor to ceiling mirror and stood at the man in front of him. “Don’t let your cracks show, now.” He grimaced. He balled up his fist and punched through the mirror, sending shards everywhere. Glass embedded into his knuckles, but he didnt yell because the pain. He welcomed it; it made him still feel alive.

He looked down at his hand, slowly opening and closing it. The blood dripped on the white wood beneath them and he laughed. “Don’t let your cracks show, now.”

“Don’t let your cracks show now.”

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