Break Me

Don't Let Your Cracks Show

Jungkook POV

Jungkook POV

“Don’t let your cracks show now. Don’t let your cracks show, now. Don’t let your cracks show, now.” Namjoon muttered over and over. He was doing this again. Letting the anguish and anger take over that happened so long ago.

I walked over to him, placing my hand over his shoulder. He told us that when he gets like this, to let him be. Or, to shove him back into the present if he rambled on too long.

“You’re letting your cracks show, Namjoon.” Hoseok said from behind him. He tossed the black body bag at me so I had to load this piece of shit by myself. I looked back at them as Hoseok placed his hand on Namjoons shoulder, slowly turning him around.

“We can’t have that. We can’t have that. We can’t have that, can we?” He muttered nodding his head.

“Hey focus,” Hobi snapped his fingers in front of his face. “Focus on me.”

His eyes darted around the room, looking at me then to the bag as I started to zip it up.

“I did it again.” He whispered. “I-.”

“Joon, it’s okay. Here, let’s sit you down and take a look at that hand, okay?” Hobi smiled at him.

He sat down at his chair and put his hand on the desk. Hoseok motioned me over once I moved Savin’s body out of the door way.

“Get the alcohol and the bandages out of his closet.” Hoseok said with a hint of sadness in his voice. I nodded back at him and went over to the small closet beside the broken mirror. These things happened once in a while, but now? Every other week he was having an episode. He didn’t want therapy, he didn’t want anyone to make a big fuss over it. When things like this happened, he wanted us to deal with it in the moment and afterwards? Never speak of it again.

I grabbed the small first aid kit and walked over to Hobi who was picking out the glass with a pair of tweezers. Namjoon was stoic, not showing one ounce of the man we saw when we arrived. That was what scared everyone most. That he could just turn the switch off with one phrase and continue on as if he was normal. He was a monster.

And everyone knew not to cross him. Well, I guess not Savin.

We all stayed quiet while Hoseok worked on his hand. He had it all bandaged up and handed me back the case, to put back in the closet. Hoseok stood up and tossed the soiled sterile clothes in the bin next to his desk. “What do you want to do with him?” He said as he pointed to the body. Namjoon looked at his bandaged hand and then sighed.

“I should just drop his body in a barrel of acid and call it a day,” He placed his uninjured hand under his chin. “Just call his family and say he died on the job. Release the body to the mortuary.” He looked back at me and sighed again. “Call Jin and Jimin. Tell them I want a meeting tonight with everyone to discuss the final steps for tomorrow’s raid.”

“Yes, boss.”

Author POV

Namjoon was left alone in his thoughts and he hated it. He needed a distraction and new the exact place to get it. He grabbed his jacket from the back of his chair and made it way out of his office, then stopped in front of his assistants desk. “Cancel all of my meetings for the rest of the afternoon and schedule them for tomorrow, Jisoo.” He said in his curt and formal tone. One that he had much pride in and the one that made women pool at his feet.

“Yes, sir, Mr. Kim. Anything else I can do for you?” Jisoo said as she smiled up at him, hoping that finally he would take notice of her.

“That’s all. Once you have moved everything around, please email me the new appointment times. I have some business I need to take care of and I’ll be out for the rest of the day.”

She took a deep breath and nodded. “I am on it. I hope your business outside of the office goes with out any obstacles. ”

“Oh, it will have the fair share of obstacles, but you know me. Nothing can get in the way of what I want.” He winked at her and walked into the awaiting elevator, leaving Jisoo yearning for way more.

Once he got into his car, a text came in from Jungkook.

The meeting is scheduled for 10:00 tonight.


Where are you going?
Hoseok went back into your office and you were gone.

I’ll be back at the mansion later.

Don’t do this.
Not again.

I’m sorry. I didn’t realize that I worked for you.
Goodbye Jungkook.

Namjoon slammed his phone down into the passenger seat and quickly pulled out of the parking lot, heading straight to the place he had no business to be.

He was letting one of his demons win today and he didn’t care. He had this little thing under control and everything was going to feel great in no time at all.

Across town, Jungkook sat his head down on the coffee table with a loud thud. Taehyung came in with blood from head to toe, turning his bright white shirt a crimson red. He opened the refrigerator and grabbed two beers, placing one of them in front of Jungkook.

Jungkook lifted his head from the table and winced at Taehyungs messy state. “I guess Roman wouldn’t talk, huh?” He chuckled.

“Oh he talked,” Taehyung said as he popped the top on his can. “I still killed him.”

“Feel bad about it?” Jungkook said as he popped the top on his can. Taehyung snorted then Jungkook laughed. “Didn’t think so.” He took a swig of his beer and then sighed. “Namjoon is having another episode. Guess where he is headed.”

“Scoring dope and fucking that whore at the strip club.” Taehyung said as he rolled his eyes. Jungkook nodded and took a swig of his beer. “He is in no shape to be running this gang like that. It’s going to take one person from a rival gang to see him out in the open unprotected and they’ll kill him.”

“He doesn’t care anymore, Taehyung. He killed Savin and went all “Don’t let your cracks show, now” mode and you know how that goes.”

“Shit,” Taehyung muttered. “Does Jin know?”

“Yeah, I know,” Jin said as he dropped his gun on the table. “I’m taking out a hit right now that just so happens to be where he is. Call the others and let’s go finish the job.”

“Who is it?” Taehyung asked with a twinkle in his eye. Seokjin and Taehyung were the snipers of the gang. The got off on inflicting sudden death on those who had a bounty on their head. Taehyung was also the muscle that made the ones the captured talk, but then eventually killed them anyway.

Jungkook was stealthy. He went in and out to received information by impersonating as another gangs member or would kill anyone by walking behind them and snapping their necks.

Hoseok, Yoongi, Jimin done a little of it all. They were all dangerous and everyone and every gang knew it.

Jin chuckled as he pulled out his burner phone.


“Oh shit,” Jungkook said with wide eyes. “Who’s it from?”

“I don’t know. They said to reply back once I got there and they will send me a picture. Apparently this person works there so it’ll be a quick in and out thing. We may have to reschedule that meeting tonight.”

“Let me take a shower and we’ll do it.” Taehyung said while chugging the last of his beer.

Their target was going to turn their world and especially Namjoon's upside down and they didn’t even know it.

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