Break Me

Back in Black

Author POV

“Here,” Namjoon said as wiped his nose and then buttoned his shirt. “This is more than enough for your services.”

The smiling girl in front of him took the wad of cash and stuffed it in her bra. “Same time next week, Mr. Kim?”

“Hmm. Maybe.” He took a swig of his water, then slipped a pill into his mouth. “I’ll let you know in a couple of days if I like the effects of the blow and e. Your other services could still use a bit of work, but that is something you’ll have to practice on with your next customer, Yana.”

“Of course, sir.” Yana’s eyes dropped to the floor. “Have a nice night, Mr. Kim.”

Your eyes dart around the room, searching for the man on your list. You don’t know his name, but his description is one that you cant mistake.


Black Hair

Evil eyes

“I dont even know what evil eyes are supposed to look like,” you mutter to yourself.

“Y/N! It’s your time to shine,” Your father says as he pulls you next to the stage. He smiles down at you with love and a bit of urgency in his eyes. “Do you have your gun tucked?”

“I do, Father.” You smile.

“Great. Dont disrobe all the way tonight. When the lights darken, I’ll need you to take the shot. I’m sitting him directly in front of the stage. Shoot and run, do you understand?”

“Yes father.” You nod and make your way up to Tippy, the dancer heading down the stairs before you.

“Knock em dead, sweet pea.” She smirks before walking into the dressing room.

That’s what I plan on doing.

The lights dimmed as you walked behind the stage, standing discreetly behind the curtain of crystal and glass hanging shards.

You weren’t nervous, just ready to get this over with. Although it wasnt the first time you’ve shot someone, this was the first time in a crowded place. Your dad, he was feared. But he was a ghost. No one knew what he looked like, that’s why he got away with being one of the top guys in his business.

Yonan was feared.

Bang Si-Hyuk was just a normal strip club owner.

The music started and your name was announced with cheers following.

“Welcome to the stage, Young Y/N!”

You gripped the pole and held your waist as the water started to fall around you. All you had to do was dance, slide down the pole and once the lights dimmed, you’d take him out. The lights started to brighten as you looked out in the crowd and seen your father handing a man dressed in leather a drink. Your eyes connected and he nodded signaling that was him.

You didn’t know how you were going to do this now. You could feel the small pistol in the middle of your shoulder blades and it all of a sudden felt heavy. Yes, this man looked dangerous, but how in the hell were you supposed to kill someone this damn hot?

Sweet glistened off his forehead, no doubt from having sex with one of the workers here. His eyes, yes the were dark, but something else caught your attention. He looked in pain. Your eyes caught your fathers again once the music started and he nodded once more.

“Do it,” he mouthed to you.

You closed your eyes and then let the music take over.


“Jin, thats....that’s a girl,” Jungkook stuttered as I rolled my eyes.

“No shit. She’s got a gun on her. I saw her father hand it to her. Namjoon is sitting right....there,” I said as I aimed the scope toward him letting him take a look.

“Is she gonna kill him,” Taehyung growled and then I laughed. I took the gun back from Jungkook and pulled out some rope, tape and chloroform.

“No, she’s not. She’s gonna try, but I’m not going to kill her either.”

“And why not,” Yoongi said as he took out his pistol and put the silencer on. “Sure, she’s hot, but nope. She’s not worth living.”

“That’s Bang Shi-hyuk’s daughter. Or as everyone else knows him without a face, Hitman."

Yoongi and Taehyung laughed and Jungkook smiled.

“The old shoot and kidnap. Excellent,” Jimin said as he popped his knuckles. “We’ll be cashing in the 100 billion by tomorrow to get her back.”

“Exactly, Jimin. Once the lights go down and she aims, I’ll put her on her ass.”

“Damn if she isn’t sexy though. Do we have to give her back,” Hoseok said as made his way into the room. “I’ve got men on the floor. Give me the stuff and I’ll knock her out once you shoot.”

“Namjoon will have the final say on what to do with her,” I smirk then aim right at the devil in little to no clothing. “But a little fun never hurt. I’m sure once he figures out what’s happening, he’ll decide.”

“Unless he starts acting crazy again,” Jungkook murmured but I ignored him. Namjoon has experienced more traumatic events in his life than I could have ever imagined. It’s a wonder why he hasn’t committed suicide yet. I know I would. There was only so much that a man could take and if I was him, I would have done it a long time ago.

“Jungkook,” Hoseok growled. “Shut the fuck up and come help me.”

Jungkook muttered an apology and grabbed the duffle bags, then followed Hoseok out of the room.

“The Maknae’s got a point you know. Hoseok told me he had an episode already today. Jin hyung, they’re getting more frequent,” Yoongi said while coming to kneel beside me. “We’ve got to get him help.”

“I’ve tried, Yoongi. I’ve tried for years.”

The lights started to dim and Yoongi chuckled.

“Its show time.”

The girl let the water fall around her as she gripped onto the pole. The music started and the crowd erupted in cat calls and applause.

“She’s popular,” Yoongi sighed. “That’s making it more complicated.”

I grunted at his statement and watched her through the scope. She was hot and definitely working that pole with everything she had. Her hair cascaded around her every time she moved and her ass was just delectable. She jumped onto the pole and spun around it, then locking her ankles at the top to hang upside down. Then I saw her bra hit the floor and then the glint of a pistol.

The lights went out fast as she aimed right at Namjoon’s head. Before she got to make the shot, I pulled the trigger.

Then all hell broke loose.

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