His Sex Doll *A BTS Jimin fanfic*


Meet Y/n, a normal girl, just like everyone else, except she is bewitched. Forced to wait 550 years to find love, although she doesn't know that. Being transformed into an inanimate object she has to save the soul bound to hers by the wizard. How will she save a soul without the control of her body? Somehow she is drawn to two other souls, somehow bound to her as well. Will she fall in love with the soul meant for her, making them true soulmates, or will she choose a different path. Or maybe she doesn't choose at all and just embraces whatever life has in store for her. *BTS *Gang AU *Smut *Violence *Mature content BTS belongs to BTS. Only the storyline is mine.

Romance / Fantasy
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As I rush over the sidewalk, I bump into several people, stumbling forwards, hoping not to really trip and land on my face, I yell apologies to the disgruntled people. I’m almost there, as the lawyer’s office comes into view, I speed up. It’s not everyday you get a call telling you, you’ve inherited an old house from a very distant relative. I run into the office, and almost crash into the reception desk. Completely out of breath, I gasp at the receptionist, “Y/n L/n, I have an appointment like ten minutes ago. Sorry public traffic was a nightmare.” The blonde woman, who obviously loves red, red nails, red lipstick, red high heels. It is all paired with a white pencil skirt and a black blouse. She looks at me coldly, “Mr. Peterson is waiting for you, please follow me”, and she gets up and enters the long hallway to the left.

She walks to the last door and knocks before opening it, "Mr. Peterson, your ten o'clock is here, and I walk in, my breath almost back to normal. I walk towards the desk and shake Mr. Peterson's hand, "welcome Y/n, please have a seat. Coffee? Tea? Water? Anything else?", he asks, "water is fine" I say as I connect my behind with the chair in front of his desk. I slowly look around. The office is almost spartan, the only decoration is a painting hung on the wall behind the lawyer. It's an abstract piece, and I really don't get it. There's a lot of color, but that is the only thing that makes sense. Otherwise there is only furniture, and not much of it. A desk, in total three chairs, a file cabinet and a trash can. When I look behind me, I find the only thing of color, except the painting of course. A potted plant in a red pot, on a small table in the corner. The floor is made of some type of wood, it's really dark. It gives a nice contrast with the light colored furniture.

The blonde woman leaves and Mr. Peterson shifts his attention to the papers in front of him. "Let’s get right into it, shall we?" He asked and I nod, opting to not say anything. I plan to mostly listen at first. If I have questions they will come at the end. "You're Y/n L/n, age 19, living in L.A. California?" he starts and looks at me, I nod again.

The door opens and in comes the blonde woman with a bottle of water and a coffee for Mr. Peterson. She gives me the bottle and promptly leaves again to get back to her work. When the lawyer opens his mouth to continue, there's suddenly a large boom and I'm blinded by a bright light. When I can see again, my mouth drops open.

The lawyer is gone, as is his office. I'm seated, no, I'm shackled to a chair, the room I'm in is super dark and I can barely see a silhouette. He, I think it's a man, is dancing around a big cauldron. My vocal cords have seized up and I can't utter any sound. He throws ingredients into the cauldron and every time the room lights up, so bad I have to close my eyes. I'm scared but intrigued, it looks like magic, you know like Bewitched. Suddenly he turns around and his face is lit up, and a scream leaves my mouth. His whole face is covered in boils. Some are red and look angry, others have a white tip, and the most disturbing ones are oozing puss, green-yellow in color. And the smell that reaches my nose has bile rising in my throat. He starts to talk, but I don't understand a word he says. First of all, the language is different, and second, the dialect is so thick, it just sounds like growls and groans. "What?", I squeak. My voice is unnaturally high because of the fear pumping through my veins. I just want to get out of here, but the way he looks, and the weird vibe hanging here, tells me I'm not home anymore. It even feels like I traveled through time.

He looks angry, and he waves his hand at me while uttering words I've never heard before. My brain gets fuzzy and an unusual high ringing fills my ears. It's the only thing I can hear and tears fill my eyes, it starts to hurt. And then blissful peace, and I gasp in relief, tears rolling down my cheeks, the ringing stopped. "Can you understand me now?", he asked with a gravelly deep voice, and all I can do is nod. No way, how can I understand him now? "Good. I summoned…..", I cut him off, "wait? Summoned? Why am I here? Where is here? When is here?" The questions flow out of me, the fear a little less, if he wanted to hurt me. I didn’t need to understand him, right?

"Like I said, I summoned you here to save me, or more importantly, save my soul. I'm the last of my kind, and I saw my own future, not the immediate one, but one way far into the future, your present, well a little later but that is beside the point. I'll die in two days, so I needed to act now, sorry. I chose you specifically, because you, also would have died in two days, at the exact same time as me, just a couple hundred years apart. This fact alone, has our souls connect on a higher level, had I chosen another person it wouldn't work as well as with you. And besides this way you won't die, just me. I wouldn't call it living exactly, at least not at first, but I'll get to that later. You follow me so far?", he asked, seeing me looking at him stunned, my mouth dropped open on a perfect O.

I kept staring, everything he said jumbled in my head. I have to save his soul, why? I was going to die? How? Why? I’m too young to die, so a part is glad he 'summoned me', it’s all so far fetched, I can't believe him. He must be joking, but how could I be suddenly here? I was sitting on a different chair, a lawyer sat in front of me, behind a desk. All of that is gone, like instantly. So maybe there is some truth to what he says.

"What year is it? How was I going to die? Why do you need saving?" I ask finally, because I need answers. I want out of here, the smell is so bad. I feel deprived of oxygen. He chuckles, "you'll do fine. First it's the year 1467. We're in Korea, souls usually reincarnate in the same country, that's why you are here. I'll die and my soul finds another body to live in, usually the same sex as before, but it can switch, just as the country. It also can take years before it finds a suitable home. But like I said I'm the last wizard, if I die the craft does too. This is my last chance to do something, or my soul is going to go bad. I'm not evil, we're just perceived that way unfortunately. Your soul feels pure, and the time of death is a big factor in my plan. Easy to understand, right?", he asked.

Yes actually, but I'm still on the fence about believing him. And apparently it's clear to see on my face, because he chuckles again. "Don't believe me do you?" I lick my lips, thinking about what I want to say. "It's really difficult to believe. Travel through time, magic. It's a myth. I've never seen any proof", I told him, staring straight at him.

"No of course not. It dies with me. And besides, this is the first time I summoned someone from a different time. Now if you would've gone to that house you supposedly inherited, you would have been murdered. It's all a ruse to lure people in, then killing them and getting away with it."

I'm stunned again, how does he know I inherited a house? But apparently I didn’t inherit a house. Is the lawyer in on it? Suddenly the whole meeting with the lawyer feels creepy to me, and the gross human being in front of me doesn’t. Weird, did he do a spell again.

I chuckle mentally at my own thoughts. Spell, yeah right, but why do I understand him suddenly? “And why the saving? How are you so sure I’m capable of doing that? Or if I even want to.” He looks at me, heaving a deep breath, “all those questions. There’s a reason I don’t hang around other people. Fine, but I’m not going to say anything about the ‘why’ or the ‘how’ of saving my soul. You’ll do it regardless. You don’t have a choice, or would you rather die?. The spell will keep you in limbo, you won’t feel a thing. You’ll wake up once my soul has a new home, and lived for a few years, before meeting him/her. But the spell has its limits, to let you stay in limbo for 500+ years, because my soul will wait very long before choosing someone, it is going to turn you into a doll. You know the ones who look real life like, and feel that way too. That way you don’t need to eat or drink to survive”, he looks proudly at me, like I’m to be happy that he is so considerate.

“But how can I save your soul then if I’m an inanimate object?”, he chuckles at my question. “You get control back eventually. It will grow, depending on the progress of saving. I invented this spell just for this occasion”, he says proudly again.

“Oh yippie, I feel flattered”, I say sarcastically. At that he lets out a loud laugh that sounds more like a bark. Suddenly, he waves his arm again, and this time I’m blasted by a wind that rushes over me with a whoosh. It only lasts a second, and when I look down, I see I’m naked. I glared up at him, “why did you do that?”

He ignores me and steps closer, and looks me up and down, and I wonder, has he ever seen a naked woman? No stop, now is not the time I scold myself. He nods to himself, and I hear him saying softly, barely audible, “yes, yes, very nice, very nice indeed.” Somehow I really feel flattered. “What is the meaning of this?”, I ask again and this time he answers, “you’re going to be a doll, so it has to be believable, lucky I don’t have to alter much.”

He walks away and I can’t see him anymore. He doesn’t have to alter much, what is he going to alter then?

When he comes back, "so do I have your consent? Are you willing to save my soul?" I contemplate the questions. Am I willing? I guess I am, otherwise I'm going to die in two days. I don't want to die. Will I notice the passage of time? I realize I don't care about that. "Yes" I say firmly and loudly. He nods, rubs his hands and then starts to wave his arms, uttering some strange words.

My body freezes, I can’t move anything, not even blinking, and weirdly enough, my eyes don’t water from staying open too long. Wait, is this how it’s going to be, me just seeing what’s in front of me, and hearing everything. He’s breathing quite heavily, the spell must have taken much out of him, or is he ill, and is that the way he is going to die?

He stands in front of me, “I’m sorry I’d to resort to this, I normally wouldn’t even think about doing this, but maybe my kind can come back again when my soul is saved.” I can’t answer him, even though I want to, I’m screaming in my head, but silently. It’s a really weird feeling. He lifts his hands above his head, and starts to utter the strangest sounds and words I’ve ever heard. If I thought the words before were weird, these trump those. When the last word/sound leaves his mouth he slumps to the ground and lays still.

I know he’s not dead, but he sure looks like it. The energy in the room picks up, and flows over my body, changing parts he didn’t find adequate enough. Apparently my chest area was too small. They grow bigger, but not too big. Then something starts to tickle on my neck and moves down my back, and I realize my hair is growing at an alarming rate. The next part of the spell has walls shoot up around me, cocooning me in. No door, no window, just me on a chair, still shackled, naked. Sounds seize to be heard and it feels like I’m deaf. It is pitch black, like I’m blind, and suddenly I realize that I’ve lost all my senses, just before I sink into a dreamless and lifeless sleep.

Author's POV

528 years and two days later

Even though the man was the last wizard, and had himself some great power. Fate and the universe thought it would be fun to play with his plan a bit. Today, at the exact time the wizard died, three boys were born. One became the new home of the wizard's soul. The other two souls we're bound to his soul, and thus to Y/n's. They met for the first time on their sixteenth birthday, becoming the best of friends. One leading the other two down a dark and dangerous path to revenge. Even though fate and the universe bound these three souls together, their past bound them together in different ways.

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