Ennard x Micheal .A x Glichtrap


This book is based off my AU.

Horror / Romance
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Ennard’s POV

It has been two weeks since me and Eggs stared living together with his family, everyday me and Eggs went to the park with his younger siblings before dark. After that I would sleep in the vents and Eggs would sleep in his bed, my face always felt hot after he got into bed I don’t know why. Then I fell asleep.

Micheal’s POV

I just got into bed and fell asleep. When i woke up I noticed that something/someone was next to me, it was Ennard!! I felt myself getting red, Ennard woke up he was surprised that he was next to me He noticed that I was red all over, I think he was worried for me because he said “Eggs I think your sick get back to bed” The reason I was red was because he was so close to me.


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