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Bas tera sath ho

Chapter 1

Nandini walk for around 30 minutes ... She works as a receptionist in one small import-export company one branch office and her boss is getting angry on the small thing

She reaches office but she is late today

Boss - hey, you why you come late

N - sir, m sorry due to traffic jam m stuck so

Boss - then no need to come in our office from tomorrow

N - but sir,

Boss - just go you will receive your working days salary in your account

N - sir, but m just late one day please I need this job, please

Boss - just go and we do not need you

She cries and goes outside the office and think about how to tell her family about the job losses and especially to her mother

Someone tap her shoulder she turns and see the person and hug her

N - navya I lost job now what I can do

Nav - relax Nandini you will find a job soon and better one relax

N - but how

Nav - m help you relax

Nandini received a call and she shocks

Another side

Malhotra's industries and companies

Manik office
Manik call Cabir and told him to come inside the cabin

C - yes manik

M - did Aryaman come office today?

C - not yet I don't see him

Anger is shown in manik face

C - what happened manik

M - that bastard cheat my sister

C - what but they love each other na so

M - he trapped my sister and still having an affair with many girls may be in office colleagues also

Cabir nodded in agreement

C - so what you think to do

M - I don't know today morning I got a call from the doctor he told me they do some test of soha and when she faint due to m try to say something about Aryaman affairs to her and test are not good they do some other test also then call me back

He closes his eyes in tension because he only has one sister to whom he can call family and trust

C - ok let me ask his p.a.

Manik nodded

Another side

Nandini received a call from the hospital that her father met with an accident and admit In the hospital

She runs to the hospital to meet her father and inform her younger sister about this on call

Her father worked as an accountant in one small firm

Manik house

Soha try to talk with Aryaman from the morning because today morning he left earlier and not told her anything

She is tense and not eat anything, and feeling dizziness

She and Aryaman married 4 years ago they fall in love with each other and married earlier and they have a 3 years old baby girl also

Aryaman does not pick her call so she thinks to call manik

Manik pick call

M - yes soha r u fine

So - yes bhai fine is Aryaman in the office Bhai. He left early in the morning and not pick my call

M - soha actually

Soha feel her surrounding blur in front of her eyes and she falls in the ground

M - soha r u there hello Soha

He runs out of his cabin and runs out from his office fastly

Whole staff see their boss like this

he sits in his car in a hurry and drives away

Manik house.

One lady see Soha is faint

L - soha my baby soha she taps her cheeks but soha does not wake up.. she calls the servant to take the car out with the help of servants she takes her in the car and reaches hospital and call manik

Manik reaches the hospital fast and asks the receptionist about Soha. she told him room number and he runs to that side.

After manik Nandini reach the same hospital and ask about her father and go to his room

Manik go to the room and see soha is still unconscious

The lady hug manik...

M - Soha

He sits beside her in her unconscious state also she takes Aryaman name

M - did you call Aryaman mom

Mm(Gayathri) - yes I try but he does not pick the call

Manik close eyes and doctor come inside and told them to go out he has to check her

Gayathri sit on visitors chair and pray to God for her daughter health

Manik stand beside her

M - mom is doctor words are right

Mm - no-no manik please not say this nothing happen to our darling she again tries Aryaman number

Another side

Aryaman going to park his car in front of the office

He saw his phone

Arya - ohh sasu maa sasu maa he going to pick it but saw his p.a. come to him so he cut it

Rita - hey

Arya - going somewhere

Ryes to have coffee

Arya - let's go together then

R - sure

He smiles and both go to nearby restaurant

In hospital

Soha open eyes and said she is fine and want to go home manik go to doctor cabin for discharge and know about how's her health

Nandini meet her father and nurse told her to buy some medicine and her father need to stay here for 48 hours his stitches need full care

She nodded and go to hospital pharmacy area she already borrows some money from navya

Nandini mother and sister reach the hospital

N m - what is the need to take him in the private hospital how we pay the bill

N sis - mom please stop

They ask the receptionist about the room and go to the room

N sis - dad how r u now

N father - m fine beta

N m - why you come here it's very expensive

N father - they admit in nearby hospital Reena

Reena - now you are fine na get up we leaving we not are billionaire

N sis - mom, please

Reena hold Nandini father hand make him stand forcefully

He feels pain because stitches are new he needs rest

Nandini sister try to stop her mother but she not listen and take him out of the hospital and go to their house by taxi

Nandini come back with medicine and not find her father there

She sees here there and run in corridor area and collide with manik

M - sorry I don't see you

N - sorry m also

Nandini received a call from her sister that her father is with them so she runs from there

Soha and manik mom see manik with one girl

S - Bhai

M - R u fine na

S - yes, she smiles, who's that girl Bhai do you know her she turns and sees Nandini going figure

M - no sister don't run your brain horses now

The side hug her and their mom smile to see their love

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