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Stuck with you! DreamNotFound Fanfic


Dream is a famous YouTuber and George is his biggest fan. One day Dream does a give away to meet him in public and of course George wins it. When arriving they get trapped inside a building on the top floor with no way out. George or Dream does not expect to find love as they work together to make their way out of down the building. A quick note I do not ship DreamNotFound this is just a silly little idea I had please respect their sexuality’s.

Romance / Action
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George’s POV

~Present day~
It’s 12:35 pm and I’m already anxious to meet him, I mean I am his super fan and all but it’s scary meeting your idol for the first time. Like how would you feel if you were meeting a guy with no face, a guy who no one would recognise because no one can see his face and we are going to be the one to meet him out of like millions of people.
I say we. There was two people who won the giveaway, me and another guy.
I’m on a plane to Florida today in first class. I know! There is a full on seat-bed thing with a tv at the end, heated blankets, snacks and a charging point! This is the best!!!!
There are three other people here, in first class, some posh looking couple who are probably no stranger to first class and a guy in a white bandana, an orange t-shirt and black Nike hoodie. Something about this guy seems familiar like I seems that I have meet him before. I’m trying to think where have I seen a brown haired guy with brown eyes matching that description.
I have come to a conclusion that he is the other person who has won the giveaway because he has a dream water bottle. A little subtle I guess.
He looks my way and sees that I have been looking at his water bottle.
“Are you hear to see dream too?” He asked
Well I mean it’s pretty obvious that I am, I’m wearing full dream merch from head till toe. A dream cap, a dream shirt, a dream hoodie, dream tracksuit trousers and dream socks that I made myself well designed myself. Although I did bring other clothes I just choose to wear these for the trip because they are comfy.
“Yeah,”I say “to much?” I point to my outfit.
“Errrmmm... Maybe.” The man laughes so I laugh awkwardly back.
“What’s your name?”
“George, what’s yours?”
“Sapnap. Sorry it’s Nick, I’m just so used to saying my streaming name!” Nick laughed again.
“Wait you stream too?”
“Yeah what’s your name?”
“GeorgeNotFound. We should organise a stream together, GeorgeNotFound and Sapnap!”
“Yeah that would be pog.”
I start to get weary so I just drift off and before I know it it’s time to depart...
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