The fangs of love


After the brake up of huntress wizard Finns feelings turn to Marcilen but dose she like him back?

Romance / Adventure
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cp:1 The brake up

It was a bright and sunny day Finn was walking in the forest to huntress wizards house because huntress wanted to tell Finn something, Finn was actually kind of nervous about what hw wanted to tell him, but he still wanted to see her because every time he saw her a wave of warmth would go down his body, his heart would start pounding harder then steel. He walked for 3 minutes then he got to huntress wizards house, he went to the front door and knocked, then hw come but she had tears in her eyes, Finn knew something was wrong with huntress.

Finn: What’s wrong?

Hw: Remember the thing I wanted to tell you?

Finn: Yeah why?

Hw: I’m sorry Finn it’s not going to work

Finn: What’s not going to work?

Hw: Us.

Finn whole body lost its warm feeling and the only thing he felt was a mixture of sadness and anger. He hadn’t had a break up in two years with huntress, Finn is now 19, this feeling that Finn had was the same thing that he had when flame princess broke up with him.

Finn: What! What do you mean were not going to work?!

Hw: I mean we can’t date! I’m sorry Finn but I can’t do this!

Finn: Why!?

Hw: Because!

Finn: Because! Wow thanks because really explained a lot! Your braking up with me because!

Hw: Look Finn I’m done with you so deal with it! Just leave me alone and don’t visit me!

She slammed her branch door as hard as she could, in sadness and anger Finn walk down to the treehouse, the treehouse was rebuilt thanks to huntress and pb, as he went to his bedroom he jumped on to his face first, then Jake returned from his date from lady, when Jake got into the kitchen for a drink he heard crying in Finns bedroom, he went up to see if Finn was there and it was.

Jake: Dude what’s wrong?

Finn: I don’t want to talk about it.

Jake: Dude why you down in the dumps? Huntress whodunnit like to see you like this.

Jake made a mistake say huntress in front of Finn, when Finn heard the name huntress he yelled out at Jake.

Finn: We’re not dating anymore!

Jake was in shock when Finn said those words, Jake had never thought of them two braking up, he was so shocked that he gasped deep and his jaw touched the ground, then he started crying.

Jake: I’m sorry dude. I just want you to have a healthy relationship with someone cool.

Jake hugged Finn to make him feel better, then Finn padded his back.

Finn: It’s ok dude I’ll see other people.

Then in a snap Jake had suggestions for Finns new girlfriend, he thought of slime princess, lumpy space Princess, then all of the Princess’s of ooo.

Jake: I’m going to help you dude.

Finn: Thanks man.

Than Finns frown turned into a smile in a blink of an eye.

To be continued...
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