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"These streetlights will always remind me of you" What happens when an agent and a mafia show interest in each other?Of course they can't be in a relationship,right?But what if Agent 007,Y/N is assigned a mission to catch that mafia,Jeon Jungkook. Will she be able to push aside her feeling towards the Aisa's biggest mafia and succeed in her mission?Read the story and find out!!

Action / Romance
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: Newbie

This book is purely a work of fiction.I don't owe any of the characters in the book except the main character Y/N.Also,this book may seem very similar to another story which is on youtube by dysna fiction.I took the permission of the author to post this here.I also did made some changes,like the wordings,some characters and some scenes.So,yeah,it's not completely copied.Also,these pictures are not owned by me except the edited cover of the book and the picture above.All the credits to their rightful owners.Now,let's start with the story.

Name: "Y/N"

Age: 19

Job: "Part timer at a restaurant"

Family: "Foster family"

Currently: "College student"

Status: "A normal girl with a normal life"
* * *
Author's P.O.V

The rays of the sun entered her room through the empty spaces between her curtains.She stretched her arms and rubbed her sleepy eyes.

"Good Morning" is what she was supposed to say but unfortunately, she had been awake all night.She had been working the whole time.

She looked at the time and it was around 9 a.m.Just as she got up her phone started ringing.She looked towards it which was on the bedside table.

*On the phone*
Y/N: "Hey Irene"

Irene: "Hey, you coming to college today?"


Name: Irene

Age: 20

Job: None

Family: Parents

Currently: college student

Status: single

Rich but not spoiled

* * *

Y/N: "Actually No, got morning shift today"

Irene: " sound tired,did you sleep well last night?"

Y/N: "I didn't sleep. I was busy on a project"

Irene: "Project?You mean the one we got last week? Wow I didn't even touch it"

Y/N: "You will be able to complete it easily.It's just I am a little weak at this stuff"

Irene: "We'll see.Take care of yourself.Eat breakfast and try to get enough sl--"

Y/N: "Yes mother.Goodbye"

Y/N turned her phone off and smiled lightly.She knew Irene always checked up on her as she knew Y/N didn't have anyone.

Y/N brushed the thoughts off her mind which she thought were "unnecessary".She took a quick bath and wore her regular clothes which were a grey top and a pair of black jeans.With her hair being a complete mess she looked into the mirror.

Y/N: "Why do i always look so plain.I should wear something else"

Not realising how preety she already looks she went to her closet and took out a crop top out of it.She changed and hurried outside.

*At the restaurant*

Y/N entered the restaurant unsatisfied.She was walking with her head down until her head banged into a wall,she looked up and realised the it was actually a chest.As she looked up,she saw his face.Now she was embarrassed but could handle it.She acted calm.

The guy for a split second got lost in her eyes. A few minutes passed,he nodded at her. Probably indicating that "it's okay".Looking for one last time at him,Y/N walked towards her changing room.Just then,she saw her friend,Jisoo smiling at her.

Jisoo: "I see what you just did there"

Y/N: "Did I do something?"

Jisoo: "The new guy.You're into him.Aren't you?"
She winked at her.

At first Y/N kept moving her eyes left and right and then finally locked them with Jisoo's.She raised one of her eyebrows.

Y/N: "He is cute but trust me I am not interested."

Jisoo: "He is Jeon Jungkook.He is 5 foot and 9 inches.He is 21 yrs o--"

Y/N: "I said I am not interested"

Jisoo: "Are you sure about that?see?You wore a crop top today And he literally joined yesterday"

Y/N: "Yes I wore a crop and yes it was one day after he just arrived.What else? Have I never worn it be for?.....Honey,you seems to be forgetting that I just joined last week"

Jisoo: "Aren't you rude?Both of you make a good cou--

Before she could say anything else,Y/N glared at her.She shut her mouth.Y/N pulled something out of her pocket and handed it to her.Money.

Jisoo: "Whaaaaat.Are you literally paying me to shut up?"

Y/N: "I borrowed it from you the other day.Did you forget?"

Jisoo: "Oh that there's no need.It was a little amount anyway."

Y/N: "I always give back what I take from someone or else I am not able to sleep at night"
She puts the money in Jisoo's hands.

Senior worker: "Girlss how long are you gonna take?"

One of the senior workers shouted from outside.By this time Y/N already had changed into her uniform.She walked out of the changing room.

Jisoo: "Wow Y/N is so cool(looks at the money) Y/N!! You're on the counter"

Y/N had heard Jisoo shout that she is on the counter today.She walked towards the counter.Guess who else was on the counter.

She looked next to her to see the same hard chested guy in whom she bumped into earlier.She admitted that he is a good looking man.He looked over at her and spoke

Jungkook: "Hey"

Y/N: "Hello,Jungkook"

Jungkook: "You seem to know my name"

Y/N: "Of course.I am your co-worker"

Jungkook: "One day is a short period to know about your co-worker"
He said jokingly.

Y/N: "So are you saying.I looked you up"
She said returning the joke.

Y/N: "Dear newbie,I put a lot of concentration on my work and people related to it"

Jungkook: "It's been a week since you came here .Ms.not-so-newbie"

Y/N: "You know that?It means you looked me up"

She said smiling and managing some menues in her hands.Just as she looked up for an answer,he winked at her.

Jungkook: "What about a proper introduction.Hi,I am Jeon Jungkook from Busan."

Name: Jeon Jungkook

Age: 21 yrs old

Job: part timer at a restaurant

Family: lives in Busan


He is handsome,friendly and a total boyfriend material.

Y/N: "Hey,I am Y/N from here.Seoul."

Before they could continue their conversation,the restaurant started flooding with customers and just oil that the day started.

After Y/N finished her work,she went to a coffee shop.She didn't have dinner nor did she have breakfast.She ordered her favourite coffee.She was tapping her feet as she was waiting for her coffee.After a few minutes she got it.

She was just making her way out when she suddenly started thinking about her co-worker.

Me interested in him?No way.

Just then,she tripped on a chair's feet which made her spill her coffee on a person's shoulder sitting on the chair.She quickly balanced herself.The guy turned around to glare at her.She didn't drop the eye contact.

Another Handsome Man.Gosh what's going on.

She quickly got rid of these thoughts as she had more important things to deal with and one of them was apologising.

Y/N: "I am so sorry.I'll pay for your coat"

???: "Even if you sell this shop you will not be able to pay for this coat"

He said in his deep and husky voice.

She was just taking out some money from her wallet until she heard him say that.She looked at him confused.

Y/N: "Why?How much is it?"

???: "A million dollars.Can you pay me now?"

She was stunned after hearing this.

Is he kidding?

She glanced over his coat.It did look expensive.Even his glasses,shoes and rings looked expensive.Then she looked at the 50$ in her hand.She kept them back in her pocket.She knew that she was in a big trouble.

She always pays people back no matter what.She couldn't sleep or eat even if she had a single penny which belonged to someone else.She couldn't owe so much money to someone.

Y/N: "I am sorry.Can I do something else to make up for it?"

Right after she said that,the young person's eyes started strolled over her body and finally met her eyes.

???:"So you're telling me that you'll do anything to make up for it?"

Y/N: "Yes"

He came closer to her ear and whispered something.

???: "Come with me"

She took a deep breath and looked at the people staring at them.Then,she looked at the eyes of this unknown man.

Y/N: "Alright"

???: "You understand what am I saying right?"

Y/N: "I totally understand"

???:"Then,follow me.I don't like those unnecessary stares on us."

They both entered his limousine.Even this guy's car was luxurious.She sat next to him.She could see some guards outside the car wearing black suits.

Who exactly is he?

Y/N: "Who are you?"

???: "Me? I am Park Jimin"

Name: Park Jimin

Age: 22 yrs old


Family: Unknown

Currently: controlling gang activities

Status: playboy,has a lot of girlfriends

If he hates you he will destroy you.If not then consider yourself lucky.

* * *

Y/N: "Are you a business man?"

Jimin: "Yes dear,crime is my business"

She looked at him with a straight face.He was grinning.She looked away from him and started to look outside the window .Yeah, maybe she got scared.

She looked closely at his waist.He had a gun.He sure was a gang leader.What could she do?Nothing.

Soon the car stopped somewhere and the bodyguards stood outside the car to open the door. Even they had guns tucked in their waists.She got out of the car along with Jimin.He held Gus waist and led her to his apartment which was in a very expensive looking building.

Just as she entered his apartment.She could again see the luxuriousness.There was a bed in the room on which a handcuff was laying.

Y/N: "Handcuffs?"

Jimin: "I have gotten them on and off many times"

Y/N: "Oh right.You are a criminal."

She sighed.

Y/N was holding the handcuffs.Suddenly Jimin back hugged her and put her hair on one side.He inhaled her sent from her bare neck.

Jimin: "Are you sure?Do you want it?"

Y/N: "Yes,I want it"

Y/N could hear the person on the other side of her ear piece laugh.She rolled her eyes which obviously Jimin couldn't see because she was back facing him. Suddenly,a sound was heard in the whole room.


There was silence in the room. Jimin looked at his right hand which was handcuffed to the rod of the bedside table.Now,it was impossible for him to get out of the room.He glared at Y/N.She held her earpiece and started talking.

*on the earpiece*

Y/N: "Send in backup.Mission accomplished."

* * *
Jimin: "Who a-are you?"

Y/N's Real Identity

Name: Agent 007, Y/N

Age: 19 yrs old

Job: works at KIA

Currently: Assain,spy,etc

Status: Single

She is a nightmare dressed like a daydream.

KIA: Korea's Intellegence Agency

Y/N: "I am agent 007 from KIA"

Jimin: "So you're agent 007"

Y/N: "Seems like you know me.I was waiting for this day to get my hands on the leader.After all I was tired of killing those lowlives and pests."

Jimin: "Are you taking about my men?"

A growl was heard in his voice. He advanced towards her.She didn't move back.She just smirked and dug her heel in his right foot.He fell down.

She bent down to his level.

Y/N: "Oh I forgot.You are one of those pests.No different......You thought I was gonna pay you back with my body for your million dollar coat?...You should've known.I don't give a damn about your coat which you got from stealing banks and homes of innocent people"

Y/N got up and Jimin tried to grab his gun from his waist with his free hand.Y/N saw that and again put her heel to work.This time on his hand.

Y/N: "Don't you even try.You have already lost.Now you can do nothing"

Jimin was trying to keep the pain inside.Although they were just regular heels but the pressure with which Y/N dug them in his hand made the heels sharp as a knife.Jimin tried to speak between his breathes.

Jimin: "Y-you will r-regret what you're doing.You d-don't know a-anything"

Y/N: "I don't care.All I know that I got the head of the gang in my hands.If you go down.The whole gang goes down."

Jimin: "You think you achieved what you wanted....You haven't......agh....achieved anything?"

She let go of his hand which was under her heels.It was covered in blood.She didn't care how hurt he was because he was wrong.It was her rule.

The door of the bedroom opened.A lot of other agents came in and took Jimin out.He kept shouting when he was taken out "You will have to pay the price for this!!!"After they all had gone.One man entered the room who was leaning against the wall.

???: "Yes I want it"
He said intimidating Y/N.

Y/N turned around and let out a deep sigh.She knew that her fellow agent is gonna tease her for a long time now.She took off her ear piece.

Y/N: "What do you want,Agent 002.Go away"

The guy's name in the agency was Agent 002 just like how Y/N's name was Agent 007.But when they are not working,they had other identities.That guy's real identity was Kim Taehyung.

Name: Agent 002,Kim Taehyung

Age: 22 yrs old

Job: Works under KIA

Currently: Assain,fighter,etc


He knows the game even before it starts.

* * *
Taehyung: "That's the way to talk to your senior.Isn't it?"

She hated the fact that he is her senior.Y/N was at the 7th rank in the whole agency.There were about 1000s of agents in the agency.She was in the top ten. This guy was at the 2nd rank which is preety high.

Apparently,he was her's and other agents' leader.It wasn't number 1 because he/she was barely seen because he was always on some important missions.

Y/N: "You should be congratulating me instead of boasting about your position"

Taehyung: "Oh yeah.....Congratulations on completing your mission which were you after for so long and you also caught the gang leader of the biggest mafia gang in whole Asia"

He started clapping and smiling but anyone could tell the it was fake.Y/N rolled her eyes and walked out of the room. Taehyung followed her.

They got into a car and Taehyung started driving.Y/N looked like she was thinking really hard about something.

"You have not achieved anything"

Those words that Jimin said to her earlier kept ringing in her mind.Taehyung suddenly applied the breaks which gave off a small jerk.Y/N looked at him.He grinned.She knew that he did it on purpose.

Taehyung: "What are you thinking so hard about,Agent 007?"

Y/N: "Something seems off."

Taehyung looked at her with a confused face.She continued.

Y/N: "I mean the gang leader of the biggest mafia gang was caught just like that?It was so easy.He did not even try to escape.Anyone can escape from handcuffs easily if they have some skills."

Taehyung: "Maybe he didn't have any skills"

Y/N: "Maybe he actually wanted to get caught?I don't know"

Taehyung: "No one knew about this mission except you.You had planned the whole mission.It was so sudden"

Y/N: "Yeah you're right.Maybe I am just overthinking"

* * *
???: "He got caught?"
A man said making his way through the busy streets of Seoul.

"Yes Sir,the guards with him were also caught.He was reportedly at a hotel room with a girl whom he met at a café.We checked the CCTV footage of both the café and the entrance of the hotel but her face was hidden because of the camera angle.Apparently,she is an agent of KIA.Do you want us to look into the matter?or get him out"

The man on the other side of the phone said.

???: "No,don't get him out.He got caught by KIA.Let him rest for a while and as for the don't have to look into it.I am sure he got seduced"

The other man: "So,we are not gonna do anything?"

???: "No.Just focus on the next project."

Who do you think this mysterious person is?
Wait for the next chapter to find out.
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