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She is 18 the creature is unknown one night an 18 year old girl who lived with her mom went out for a walk it started to rain she was deep in the woods she told her mother that she wouldn't be back for a while because it was raining she found a small little Shack in which was a dining room a sitting room a flight of stairs when she climbed up the stairs she was greeted with a bedroom a bathroom and in the bedroom there was a bed and a closet she thought. That place was abandoned but boy was she wrong

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Chapter one: The Shack

Mary was on a walk in the woods listening to her favorite song

Fallen Angel - Richard Campbell’s Frankenstein

¨ be home around 5!¨ a memory of her mother sounded off in her mind ever since her father disappeared she wasn’t trusted alone her mother said that it was because she was too afraid to let her own daughter go off on her own what a bunch of losers Mary thought it was now raining

Great, now she was going to be late home

¨ might as well text Mother¨ she said pausing the music she was humming the next line for pop up though

¨You accuse me of murder And yet you would with a satisfied conscience Destroy your own creation I should be thy Adam but instead I’ve become the fallen angel¨ she hummed opening up the texting app

~ February 4th 2021~

Mary: hey mother,A little minor setback it’s raining and I’m a little far from home I might be home late

Ellie/ mother: okay just stay safe you’re all I have left after your father disappeared

Mary: love you Mom

Ellie/ mother: love you too sweet pea

~ back on with more story~

she put away the phone trying to cover herself from the rain, finally she found a small tattered cloak lying on the ground she put it over her shoulders it was too big but at least it provided her sufficient shelter from outside rain for now, she walks down the path still trying to get her steps in, when a bolt of lightning illuminated the woods and which there was a shack

¨ I guess I could stay in here for a while¨ Mary said opening the door and forgetting this shut it behind her it looked abandoned but it has supplies, a table made from actual wood two chairs facing opposite of each other they also are made from real wood, she went into her room with a soft sofa, right next to it was a book she was afraid to look at it

there was a hearth In which there was a fire roaring and crackling, quietly she made her way upstairs, she founded a bathroom it was in perfect working order then she went to the bedroom it was modest although the bed was really big, and so was the closet

¨ I’m only going to stay here until the rain clears up¨ she said out loud taking out a picture of her girlfriend Rosemary, such a beautiful girl, lived around here

hours went by no sign of the rain clearing up when all of a sudden she heard footsteps coming from the floor below.

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