"A BTS fanfiction-"

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Chapter 1

// I woke up in an unfamiliar room, small but cozy //
Y/N: Omo!!!?! Did I get kidnapped.....
// I ran towards the door and started banging on it//
Y/N: Yah!!!!!!!!?! freaking kidnappers, open this door...
//I kept banging on, until I heard a loud noise//
???: Yah!!?!! You idiot!! first at least twist the door knob....
// I twisted the door knob and to my surprise it was actually open I opened the door only to meet a handsome young man with a grumpy face //Y/N: Omo!!!??! I thought my kidnappers might be some old ugly looking dogs.. but you are super handsome...Mr. ???
???: Oh I am Min yoongi but call me SUGA, okay??
Y/N: (slightly salute) got it......Mr. Grumpy
SUGA:(looking at me with a "WTF" face)
Y/N: Umm... Who else is home...??
// With that I came down the stairs//
Y/N: Omo??!? I am definitely gonna contact the interior designer of thi-
SUGA: Yah!!!?! Come back....
// I started running until I hit a large rock and stumble back on my butt//
Y/N: Ooowwww!!! My precious ass...
SUGA: Thank god... Jungkook you caught her..
Y/N: ( I stood up hurriedly) Omg! so you are the one who kidnapped me??
Jungkook: Yup!! (Kinda proud) Don't be scared I wo-
Y/N: Omo!!! I didn't even knew such handsome people exist....(staring at all the six young men, in which five of them carry a WTF face and the smallest one having a horrified face)
Jungkook: Are you serious you are just hitting on your kidnappers...??!?
Y/N: (shocked) oooo.... Was I ??
// Suddenly 5 more men...(handsome men to be precise) came to us //
Y/N: Wait (exited) you are jungkook and SUGA, you have kidnapped me "illegally" and you are a group of 7... Are you guys BTS... Umm.. I mean the biggest Mafia group???
Jungkook: I am sure we are and you don't need to be afraid of us we won't hurt yo-
Y/N: Omo jungkook aka the biggest Mafia boss I need a selfie I am your biggest fan...
//I don't know why but all of them were looking at me shocked//
3 weeks
Jimin POV
//well I guess you guessed that we had kidnapped a crazy girl, but to our surprise none of us regrets it//
Y/N: Chim oppa can you give me a piggy back ride to the dinning (puppy eyes) PWETTY PWEASE...
//Ugh this girl//
Jimin: Okay Princess come on...
Yeah you guys might have already understood that she is soo hella cute for us to handle that the five of cold men have created a little soft and warm corner for this little angel and... Yeah you heard correct...five namjoon hyung is on a mission and jungkook always ignores her, but she never tried to run away she said she loves us and wants to stay here with us until we don't have a problem//
(We were half the stairs and saw Taehyung standing beside us Y/N became so exited she jumped on Taehyung saying-)
Y/N: Tae oppa, I love you soo... Much!!??!!
(With that both of them rolled down the stairs with each other in their arms and landed down with Tae hovering above Y/N and I could see a burning gaze throwing daggers towards them, to be precise Jungkook's glare...)
Y/N: Oww...(tearing up) Oppa I sprained my ankle (sniff)it hurts (sniff)
Taehyung: Hey Hey Hey!! Angel don't cry (with that he picked her up and kept her on the sofa)
// BTW Taehyung is the closest to Y/N he cares for her just as his little sister... His real sister was born with a deficiency and so that's why he tries to find his sister in Y/N he is supper protctive over her//
(He applied an ointment on her foot and said)
Taehyung: Be careful angel...
Y/N: Showwy I was jusht...
Taehyung: Opppa is angry...!!!
(She went up to his face and kissed his cheek and said)
Y/N: Now I know you are not angry so... piggy back ride to the dinning room???
Taehyung: Ofcourse empress Y/N...
( And they left laughing) but someone was witnessing this all with a cold gaze... And that someone was Jungkook he huffed and stomped to the dinning... I don't know but I am having this negative thoughts from the morning)
Y/N: Jin Oppa!! what is for dinner??
Jin: Check for yourself cupcake...
Y/N: Oh.My.God oppa Kimchi fried rice my fav. I love you oppa (kisses jins cheek)
Jin: I love you too princess...
SUGA: Hello! Started eating before me??
Y/N: No oppa, Ofcourse not! BTW I got to know you were injured yesterday (worried) are you Okay??hmm??
SUGA: (Smiles) yes princess Oppa is fine (kisses her firehead)
Y/N: Come oppa, lets eat and were is hobi oppa
Jimin: oh he went out on a date...
Y/N: Cool let's eat...
While eating
Y/N: So Mr. Mafia boss when am i gonna get a sel-
(And thats it jungkook lost it again)
Jungkook: How can someone be so dumb!!!?!! are you mad or mentally retarded,huh??!? you are kiddnaped by 7 Mafia's and you feel it like a joke???!??!?!
(He slammed his hand on the table, Y/N flinched with the sudden sound and stood up)
Taehyung: Jungkook calm down you are scaring he
Jungkook: Shut up!!?! No.One.Will.Come.
In.Between.Us.Today. (he took out his phone and played a video)
Jungkook: I can Ruin your daughter in a snap of fingers and even sell her to a hungry beast...
Y/F/N: Kill her, go on ruin her or even use her as a toy, she is not my daughter...I hated her from her birth but had to take care of her as her stupid mother named all her property on her name... So, do whatever you want I don't care (with that he walked away)
//Y/N's hand went to her mouth and millions of tears left her eyes, taehyung went to her to hug her but she stepped back and said falling to her knees//
Y/N: P-please Mr. Jeon please d-dont harm m-m-me, I b-beg y-you, I-i will d-do what-whatever you s-say b-but, please (fell on her knees) d-don't h-h-hurt me I will never d-disturb y-you and n-not e-even talk to you...(still sob ing)
//Taehyung took a step closer to her but she flinched and move back//
Taehyung: Angel, what are you doi- are you scared of me?? Huh??(he moved a step closer but she ran to her room...

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