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The story centers on 20 year old Bonnie Bennett, a young, beautiful college girl who finds herself eventually torn between two worlds, Hers and Jungkook who is a centuries old Hybrid. "Always and Forever" - Jeon Jungkook ~ Mature content ~ Please read only if you are an open minded reader

Drama / Romance
Age Rating:

01. New Start

I sighed, staring at the ceiling as the sun begin to rise. Sluggishly reaching for my phone I checked the time seeing what misery is a waited ahead for. I quickly shot up out of bed as I heard the front door slam.

"BONNIEEEEE!!" I hid in the closet as there footsteps began to enclose leaving me no choice but to hold my breathe. Bursting through my room door stood a curvy brunette with luscious curls and sharp blue eyes.

"I'LL GIVE YOU 5 SECONDS TO SHOW YOURSELF". I watched as she began to count down pacing across the room nearly tripping over herself as I began to laugh.

"Ok ok fine, you got me". I threw my hands up in defeat as I pushed the doors open. "Claire It's early you know, what are you doing here anyways?" I began to question her as she sat on my bed looking at me in disbelief.

"Wow..." She gasped. "Well that's one way to greet your bestfriend". I rolled my eyes as I searched through my closet hoping to find something decent to wear.

"Shownu keeps asking about you, you know". I ignored her as I tried to show no interest in finding a away to take my ex back.

"Which is so annoying because he keeps pestering me like a bug, it's like he has nothing better to do with his life". I watched as she began to ramble here and there bashing the bastard that use to downtalk me making me believe I was the most worthless piece of trash ever created,leaving me know choice but to cut her off.

"Ok~". I awkwardly chuckled covering her mouth. "I think that's enough, we should get going now"


The cold breeze slapped me in the face sending chills throughout my body as the brown embroidered college doors swung open.

"Little is Bonnie is all grown up now". He snickered as Claire playfully pushed him leaving him no choice but to peck her on the lips. I scrunched my nose in disgust, "Hey, get a room lovebirds".

"When you start growing maybe we will". They both chuckled as I crossed my arms unimpressed, "5'2 isn't even short"

"When I see you here then you can talk" I watched as Jackson more like jack ass scaled pass his height, He winced in pain as Claire grabbed his ear and began to teach him a lesson.

Now I really felt like a third wheeler more like invisible as they began to play around with each other, completely forgetting I was there as they began to walk off without. I was happy for her as a smile began to plaster across my face while watching them.

"Hey" Completely zoned out I eventually came back to my senses as a familiar figure covered my view. My smile quickly vanished.

"What do you want?" I walked around him as he followed. "Stop following me, can't you see I dont want anything to do with you".

I stopped in my tracks as he did the same a rush of emotions overwhelmed me, sending running tears down my cheek. I watched as Shownu reach for my hand as I quickly moved away from him.

"Stop" I walked away as he watched.


I sat there nearly closing my eyes shut as my ears begin to form into fragile leaves. Our professor's mouth sure moves like a motor.

I watched as two students sent letters to each other across the room.

"That is so middle school" I thought.

Suddenly the atmosphere grew quiet as the door swung open.

"Your late again," the professor sighed in disappointment as he watched the dark haired man make his way to his sit.

I watched as no reply slipped from his lips.

"As I was saying," the proceeded with his lecture as I grew curious.

"Who is that?" I whispered to my friend Jennifer as she turned around to speak. "That's Jungkook he doesn't talk much though, supposedly his parents died in a car accident and he so happened to be the only one to survive. I also heard he's not from around here"

As I was staring he suddenly jerked his head to move his hair; it caught the light and the golden gleam nearly blinded me. His hair itself was like spun gold, each dark thread falling perfectly, weaving together into curls that framed his tanned face. He paused for a moment, tapping his pen quietly on the desk before he continued writing. I watched his hand as he wrote. His fingers were long but strong looking, his fingernails pink and smooth, with half moons near the cuticles. My eyes wandered up his arm, to his strong forearm disapearing into the sleeve of his cross country jacket, pushed up to below his elbow to free his hands. I watched his hand as it moved up to rub some unknown irritant from his back. His nose was straight and acquiline, his lips (his lips!) perfectly formed, parted slightly, his breath, I imagined, moving in and out in steady streams of air. Suddenly, he looked up and I caught a flash of is ocean eyes framed by tangled golden lashes before ducking my head as he began to stare at me.

OMG!!! Please tell me he didnt see me. My hands nervously shook as I tried to stay calm. He might think of me as a creep now.

Jungkook P.O.V

I shot my head up as I felt eyes on me. I watched as the short troll tried to cover her face in embarrassment.

As I began to inhale her terrorising scent caught my attention leaving no choice but to cover my nose.


I watched as he rushed out of the room as the professor began to call out his name leaving the door to slam behind him.

Do I smell?

I literally showered before I left. I awkwardly began to smell my clothes as class went out of session.

"Bonniee~" A figure appeared out of the crowd as the students crowded the walkway.

"Claire do I smell?" She looked at me shockingly as she noticed i wasn't joking around.

"Um no, why?" I looked at her in relief as we began to walk. "No reason at all"

She looked at me as if I was some weird freak. "Anyways, there's a party happening tonight and we're going" I watched as she pounced in glee.

"I'm not going" I spoke to her as if i was as if I had authority. "Aww come one" she pouted as she grabbed onto my shoulders and began to shake me.

"It'll be fun, there'll be hot guyss" She smirked as she continuously poked me in my stomach.

I burst into laughter as I finally gave in. This is going to be one hell of a night.


Hey guys!

Hope you all are enjoying it so far,

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QOTD: What's your favorite book series?

> mine has to be the Chaos Walking Series (highly recommend reading it if you haven't!) (This is excluding Happy potter because obviously that's my ride-or-die)

Anyways, thanks for reading!

Stay Beautiful <3

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