Zane's Nightmare: Yu-Gi-Oh GX Fan Fiction


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The Accident

It was on a clear sunny day, the waves were coming up on the beach, a morning sunlight was shining down on Duel Academy, and everyone was doing their morning routines, Zane Truesdale was on his way to meet up with his girlfriend Tara Yuki, They had planned to meet by the lighthouse and have a Picnic Lunch.

Not knowing that some movers were moving a large heavy crate, and they were having trouble with it, Meanwhile Zane was standing on top of the hill overlooking the lighthouse, until he saw her standing and waiting for him, until the rope that was holding the large heavy crate broke, and the large heavy crate was heading right for Zane.

"Hey You, Watch Out!!", One of the movers said.

But It was too late, Zane got hit by the large Heavy crate, and banged his head on a pole and was knocked out cold.

(Zane's Nightmare Begins).

About an hour later Zane woke up, he got his bearings back, and got up off the ground, He was surprised that he was in an ally, He could hear cars and trucks driving, He started following the sound, until he was at the front of the ally, He was surprised at what he was seeing, It was Domino City, but it was a little different, there were larger buildings everywhere, He saw People walking up and down the sidewalk, He was starting to think what to do next, not knowing that someone was sneaking up behind him.

"Hey, would you move, you're in my way", a voice said behind Zane.

Until Zane looked behind him, He was surprised to see Jaden Yuki, he was a lot different, He was wearing tattered clothes, pants, socks, shoes, He was holding a trash picker and a trash bag in his hands, his brown hair on his head was shaggy too, Zane started to move, until Jaden started picking up the trash that was on the ground.

"Jaden, is that you?", Zane asked.

"Yes It's me", Jaden answered.

"Jaden what happened to you, where's the others?", Zane asked.

"Don't Know, Don't Care", Jaden answered.

Jaden continued walking and picking up trash, while Zane was following him.

"Jaden, what happened to your twin Sister Tara", Zane said until Jaden stopped and looked at him.

"Don't you even mention her name to me", Jaden said.

"Oh, Why?", Zane asked.

"Well, for your information, She's now the New CEO Of Kaiba Corp, after our dad Seto Kaiba was killed in a plane crash, She's now the new CEO for the sake of the rest of the company", Jaden answered.

Zane started sprinting toward Kaiba Corp, He had to find out for himself, He had to find out if His Girlfriend had changed.

About an hour later He arrived at Kaiba Corp, he was standing in a shade of nearby tree, and was catching his breath, He was stunned to see that it had changed, it was a lot taller, after catching his breath, and primping himself, he started walking toward the main entrance building of Kaiba Corp, he walked through the revolving door, and was inside the building.

Zane was stunned at what he was seeing, inside of it was also tall, there were four floors, everyone was dressed in suits and ties, some were in their offices, and some were talking to each-other.

Something caught his attention, He was a water fountain that was in the middle of the building, He started walking closer to it, and was stunned to see a statue of Seto Kaiba that was standing on a pedestal in the middle of the water fountain, he noticed a plaque that was on the outside of the water fountain.

"In Memory of Seto Kaiba".

Zane was still looking at the water fountain, when someone was speaking to him.

"Excuse me, young man, but can I help you?", a voice asked.

Zane looked and was surprised to see a woman in her early 20s, she had blonde hair that was in a ponytail, Sky Blue eyes, and was wearing underwear, bra, pants, shirt, socks, shoes, she was standing behind a desk.

"uh, Yes, I'm looking for someone, I'm looking for Tara Yuki", Zane answered as he walked toward her.

"Oh, you mean Tara Kaiba-Phoenix, don't you", The Blonde Hair Sky Blue Eyed woman said that made Zane did an Anime Fall and got back up.

"Yeah, I'm talking about here, Is she here, may I have a word with her?", Zane asked as she looked at her.

"Do you have an Appointment", The Blonde Hair, Sky Blue Eyed woman answered.

"No, I don't have an appointment, I just need to talk to her", Zane replied.

"Well I'm sorry but Miss Kaiba-Phoenix won't see anyone without an appointment", The Blonde Hair Sky Blue Eyed woman said.

"Oh, I see", Zane said as he started walking back outside Kaib

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