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Uncover my Love (K.TH)


This is a continuation of 'Obsessed with Ms. Otaku'

Romance / Drama
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Ch 1: Skin to Skin

This chapter contains sexual content, if you’re underage or not comfortable with these topics I suggest not reading it!

******* ---> I’ll be putting these when the smut scenes start and end, so it’s easier for those who don’t want to read it. To skip through it.

″W-Wait″ Once again I pushed his chest a bit making him break the kiss as I looked away. We were both seated on his bed and there was no doubt where this was going to.

″Should I sto-″

″No, it’s just...I need to breathe″ This whole time my face has been feeling hot as if I was suffering from a fever.

Taehyung seems completely relaxed. Well I mean I figured since he has done this multiple times already.

My face was turned to the side and both of my hands resting against his chest as I tried to control my breathing. It didn’t take long before I felt his breath fanning the side of my neck leaving a long and warm kiss.

″Do you really wanna do this?″ His question came in a low tone making a small shiver send through my body.

″It has no meaning for me if I’m the only one wanting to do it. I don’t want to force yo-″

″Will you stop saying that. This whole time you keep on asking if you should stop and if I’m sure if I wanna do this. If I didn’t then.....I WOULDN’T BE SITTING HERE RIGHT NOW!″ Oh shit, I’m just so nervous and now I’m yelling.

Finally, my eyes locked with Taehyung, and instead of seeing a hurt expression on his face because of my behavior he actually smiled. Followed by a chuckle before hugging me tightly.

The feeling of his bare chest rubbing against me was still something I wasn’t used to.

″Actually hearing you yell that at me makes me really happy″ He muttered against my skin before pulling away from the hug to look at me properly.

″Then I’m saying this now okay. I’m not going to stop″ And there goes my heart again!



I felt my breath hitch at the feeling of his fingers running on my back, unclasping my bra. As I laid comfortable on the bed I dugged my head even deeper into his pillow inhaling Taehyung his sent that has soken into it. My legs were resting over his thighs on each side of his waist, as he was placed between my legs looking down at me. Noticing how right now I was stripped down till my underwear made it hard for me to even look at him.

How can people do these embarrassing things?!

The feelings of his bulge rubbing against me was making me even more nervous.

I’m really going to do it......with TAEHYUNG!!

My back arched in response feeling his lips placing gentle kisses around my left breast.

″W-Wait...″ Once again I panicked being introduced to this unknown pleasure, but instead of letting me push him lightly away like the times before. He actually took a hold of my hand before I was able to push him away. Not daring to look at him I just focused on the side once again feeling his hand guide mine to the back of his head, allowing me to hold onto it.

My whole body was reacting constantly because of his touches. His hands slightly massaging my sides, his hips grinding slowly against mine, and most of all his tongue and lips pleasuring my sensitive chest.

Before I knew it I felt myself holding tightly onto the back of his head while my other hand swung up to my mouth covering it with the back of my hand.

I wanna moan, but I don’t make such embarrassing sounds!

My eyes widened feeling that hand instantly getting pulled away, but I still remained my gaze on the side of the room.

I don’t think I’ll be able to ever look at him in this situation.

″You should let it out. I wanna know how I make you feel and what you do and don’t like.″ I felt his hand that pulled mine away slowly intertwining fingers before placing it down at the side of my head.

″Stop talking like that...″ I muttered softly only to feel his lips gently kiss the sweet spot under my ear.

″Like what?″

″With that deep voice of yours! Stop it″ Once again I found myself scolding him due to embarrassment.

″Y/N″ I didn’t react to his calling feeling him kiss my collarbone followed by a trail up to my chin.

″Let me kiss you.″ His words worked like magic as my face automatically turned facing him with closed eyes. Feeling his teeth sink into my lips and his bulge pressing more against me caused a moan to escape my mouth allowing his tongue to enter.

Taehyung is so good at kissing it’s unfair.


″Does it hurt?″

″N-No it just....feels weird″ I can’t believe we are actually doing this. His fingers are so long it’s reaching deeper than I thought.

″You know you have been hiding your face in the pillow this whole time. Won’t you look at me?″

″It’s.....embarrassing″ A loud moan escaped my body as I clenched the pillow tightly feeling my body shudder.

What was that just now? The spot he hit....it felt like electricity spreading out to my whole body....in a pleasant way.

After noticing my reaction he kept on hitting that spot over and over again. It was hard for me to even focus on what was going on or think straight. Right now...I was just being overwhelmed with pleasure.

I felt a tight knot appearing in my lower stomach causing me to shift underneath him.

″W-Wait...Stop. I think I’m gon-″ Taehyung completely ignored my words, repeating his actions while leaving kiss marks over my neck. I stopped midway through my sentence feeling myself hitting climax. My whole body started to shudder as I let out a sigh of exhaustion.

″Did it feel good?″ Taehyung jumped into my vision making sure I wasn’t able to look at the side anymore.

″Y-Yeah..″ Hearing my reply he showed me a bright smile before attaching his lips to my forehead.

″Is it okay if I put it in now?″


Since when did he have condoms laying around here?

Once again my face automatically turned to the side knowing that right now he was getting himself ready.

Ah, my heart is beating so fast I’m nervous. What if it’s going to hurt badly! What if I’m going to faint due to the pain, or if I start crying! That’s just embarrassing.

Wait.....Aiko said it also depends on the size....maybe he isn’t really big down there....

Peeking a bit won’t hurt..

″I’m re-″

″Oh, heck no!″ I instantly propped myself on my elbow looking directly at Taehyung his face.

″That’s not gonna fit! You’re way too bi-″

″What the heck are you grinning so proudly about!″ He is huge! Is that even gonna fit? There is no way. I’m really gonna die.

″Cause you’re complimenting me″ He replied with a happy smile formed from cheek to cheek. His hand took a hold of my left leg lifting it upward resting it against his chest and shoulder.

This position is making my heart ready to jump out of my chest.

″Don’t worry″ His lips spoke against my ankle before placing a sweet fluttery kiss.

″Imma be super gentle″ AS IF!


I had a pillow over my chest allowing me to dig my nails deeply into it feeling my lower body starting to hurt.

″Focus on your breathing okay″ Taehyung instructed while I just nodded obediently trying to surpass the pain.

″Is it all in?″ I questioned under my paining breath. Taehyung slightly leaned over and I could feel him entering deeper. His hand stroked my hair while placing a kiss on my head.

″Not yet. I’m letting you adjust for a moment″ Gosh him being so caring really is bad for my heart.

He slightly pulled away so he was able to look at my face. His warm fingers cupped my face as he looked at me with so much love. The gaze he was holding right now...made me feel like the most loved person on earth right now.

″Y/N..Right now. I’m really happy″ He smiled before leaning in to kiss my head once more.

″Me too″ Even though I’m in pain. Being skin to skin like this with him....Feels amazing.

″I’m gonna put it in till the base″ Once again he instructed his every move making me nod. His hands took a firm hold on my waist trying to keep my body in place as it arched upward due to his actions.

Gosh, this hurts so bad!

Right now I was at a point where my eyes were starting to get teary. Looking at Taehyung his expression I noticed that he was feeling uncomfortable himself.

″So tight...″ His low voice muttered softly.

″You can just move already″

″Are you su-″


Every thrust was able to make me cry out from the pain. I was careful not to bite my own tongue trying to surpass the pain I was feeling, but gradually it all started to feel better. The pain got mixed with pleasure and eventually.....it all faded away.

″Are you okay?″ I slightly chuckled hearing him once again ask this question.

″Yeah, It feels good″ I was quick to hide my face behind the pillow hearing myself say something like that.

Within an instant, the pillow got pulled away before my eyes while Taehyung his lips crashed into mine. My hands swung around his neck landing on his back as I pulled him closer. There was no mistaking it. Right now.....we were both really in the need to touch each other.

Feeling him lean in more allowed me to place the heel of my feet against his shoulder blade giving him more access as he started to thrust deeper. Both of us broke the kiss catching our breaths. He made sure to keep our bodies close while his hand, held firmly onto my waist thrusting faster and deeper.

″I’m close″ His lips muttered against my stomach making me nod as I sank my head into the pillow.

″Me too″


″Y/N I’m really sorry! Please forgive me! Don’t be mad″ I quickly threw a pillow at his face before hiding back under the sheets feeling my body ache all over.

I am supposed to meet a client today!

″I told you to stop!″ I yelled out hearing his knees drop to the floor. Right now it was the next morning and Taehyung was about to head out to visit his parents.

″I know...Sorry, it’s just....You looked so sexy I couldn’t stop myself.″

″What kind of reason is that!″ I peeked my head out of the sheet glaring at him with all I got.

″Next time you touch me, I’m going to kill you″ I’m declaring war.

Last night after our first round I felt tired and in pain. It was my first time so obviously, it was a lot to take on my body, but instead of letting me rest. Taehyung actually proceeded and we ended up doing it 3 more times. I kept telling him to stop but at the same time, I was just overwhelmed with pleasure.

BUT Right now my body is so sore that I can’t even move a muscle. I’m supposed to meet a client later today, what the heck am I going to do!

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