Lost In Boy With Luv:Taehyung Ver:


Taehyung get’s lost while filming:Boy With Luv: Could you help him get out of a Secret behind it? Well let’s find out!

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:Getting There:

Taehyung’s POV:I woke up with a sudden to eat. I didn’t know why nor I questioned myself. I opened the curtains there it was the sun, a bright yellow and white light! Seems like today is going to be a Challenge! I hope today’s shooting doesn’t make me tired I at least want to get home by tonight. I get my bags and leave the room.Everyone is gathered around the elevator waiting for the next floor. As the elevator opens the door I see RM, We talked for a while then got in the car.After a few hours of being in the car I was excited to see everyone. As soon as we started shooting I had to use the bathroom. But I randomly fell asleep! I woke up I checked my phone it was 2 am in the morning. I knew that I missed filming but I quickly ran to the shooting area. As soon as I was there, there was nothing. I went everywhere no one was their.Then I thought again if ,I fell asleep In the bathroom how could they not notice. I am at the front of the dancing! I quickly thought, maybe this is just a dream and I’m still sleeping but can’t wake up! But the real question is how do I get to get out of my dream? As I turned around I see a white letter with something written in it. I read the letter and it said, “Find the maze and complete the quiz with Namjoon
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