Interactive Eevee creepypasta


My partner Eevee turns out to be very creepy and scary.

Thriller / Horror
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Chapter 1

December 31, 2020
Today was the day, my Birthday and New year's eve. I'm am now 15 and am happy about that. Now since my grandmother did not know what i wanted for my birthday she took me to the store to buy my own gift, i know cool right? anyways, I was in the toy aisle, i know what your thinking..what is a 15 year old doing in the toy aisle?, well i'll tell you. You see there's this Interactive pokemon thing that i thought would be perfect, cause i love pokemon. I wanted to test it out to see if it was a keep or pass, well i saw it right next to the pokemon cards. But there was two different ones, an Eevee and a Pikachu, i thought (Hey maybe i get the Eevee and Neal can have the Pikachu). Why i chose Eevee?, because i found her/him incredibly adorable and normal i guess, i mean it kinda looks like a Fox mixed with a rabbit but it was still cute. So i took both of them, paid for them, and took them home. A few minutes later after i texted a few of my friends i started to wrap the Pikachu in wrapping paper to give as a gift to my friend Neal. After i was done i thought for a moment, battling if he would like it or not, then i finally decided to just give it to him and since i didn't give him a present earlier before school ended i decided i'll give it to him when High school was back in session.
*Few minutes later*
I started to grab my Eevee out the bag and look at it for a few seconds, then i grabbed my scissors and began to cut the tape. After it fully opened it i took the Eevee out, i rotated it liking how it was made and all...then i found a "On" switch. After i flipped the switch it moved and made a adorable sound, It's ears switched and it's head moved from left to right, "Eevee!" the pokemon said almost like it was happy that it was finally turned on. I read the directions and memorized some of the information. I started to rub it's head twice, "Eevee,eevee,ve,ve,ve!" it excitedly talked, "How cute" i said in awe. Then i spoke to the microphone that was placed in the center of it's chest, "Hi eevee" i said smiling, "Ve?(Huh?) Eevee!" it replied wagging it's tail and moving it's head. I put it down and it reacted again, i then turned on music and it moved and made sounds. "Neat" i said happily and surprised. I talked to it more and She replied with more moving and cute sounds, i think this one's a keeper.
*few minutes later*
If you didn't know my names Jayda, sorry i didn't introduce earlier. "Eevee,eevee!" she reacted without me saying anything or me touching her head which i thought was the only way she would respond. "Ve?(Huh?)" she responded again once the room was quiet, "Hey eevee, what's wrong?" i asked her,"Eevee!" she replied. I then started to rub her head and she went wild, and when i say wild she went WILD, she started moving her head up and down,left to right and making the same sound for like 5 minutes, i tried to get her to calm down by rubbing her head but she kept making noise. "Is she broken?" i asked myself trying to figure out what's going on...then i heard a voice coming from the mic..a women's voice?. "Voice recognization complete" the voice said, "What the fuck?" i quietly said without shouting it, i was now concerned, confused, and scared at the same time. "Eevee? who was that voice?" i asked her,"Ve?,Voice recognization complete" it said again. "Oh my God, is someone recording me?" i said quietly, i quickly grabbed the directions but found no warning of a voice or recording. "That was weird" i said not that terrified anymore, but i flipped the switch on the Eevee to "Off" and layed it down. An hour later it turned back on, "Ve! eevee!" it said, i jumped and got startled and a bit scared, (is it supposed to do that?) i thought in my head, i shook it off and said "Don't worry eevee i'll play with you more later ok" and turned it back off.

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